The WORST Total War Game Is a CASH GRAB! -

The WORST Total War Game Is a CASH GRAB!

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I love the total war games, as i say many times. But this just really was a miss, a big miss from what makes total war great.

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  1. "Mobile games are bad…" commercial for some mobile game starts/interrupts showing crap and pay for shit..

  2. When you realise recycling Mount and Blade info is not working out.

  3. Total was is long dead. You may like the later gamea but they sure as hell arent total war. I enjoyed shogun and especialy fots but the last real total war game was medieval 2 or empire (yes i know empire blablabla and i partially agree but it was still a clear total war game even if it had serious issues, i enjoyed it alot but i am not blind to its issues). I miss total war incredibly much but even of i desperately wish for a new one it does not make the current games into somwthing they are not. This is not even mentioning the greedy cashgraby nature of them, that is a whole other can of worms.

  4. In my option Shogun 2 was the last good game after that it started a decline in mechanics how does something that was an amazing mechanic in shotgun fail so terrible in Rome they are dumbing it down expecually what warhammer did with settelments though luckily the sequel fixed it I would be perfectly happy if they released medieval 2 total war with new graphics and navel battles

  5. I mean its not a total war game its a total war battles game and as far as mobile games go its pretty decent

  6. Blames dev for cash grab in a 13 minute video with 5 interruptions for ads

  7. Why do they even bother wasting money and dev time on these turds? I suppose some fuckers playing them.

  8. Total war is known for its diplomacy alright

  9. You need to talk clearer and slow down I didn’t hear half of what you said in this video because you just jammed a bunch of words together at certain parts of the video


  11. I love how an advertisement showed up when u said mobile games are bad XD

  12. Ifs it’s free to play I don’t care if there are micro transactions, when there are micro transactions in a game I payed for has micro transactions is when I get mad.

  13. I am perfectly fine with CA making cash grabbing mobile games. Milk those plebs to death, I don't care, but only as long as the PC releases remain top quality( or at least close to).

  14. Seems there will be times that you dont progress and everthing halt , that they bait you into spending money. Happened to me twice i wont spend like that again. Full of baits to progress fast , but they slow your progression, so youll lose your patients and spend on micro transacti9ns.

  15. How can it be a cash grab if it’s free to play?🤔

  16. I hope they make Medieval after three kingdoms. Then another Rome.

  17. W8 im pretty sure i played this game on pc whe they were still testing the mobile version, the pc version came first

  18. Played many games on playstore, but no games is good as the REAL total war.

  19. I started watching the video with the gameplay and I thought "that is a long advertising for a mobile game.." until I finally got the sad new.. that is a TW game? Just cant believe it

  20. "best strategy games"
    Paradox: "am I a joke to you?"

  21. I actually liked the art work, but it should be converted into one time purchase and should be sped up, battles should be made real time. And we have got our selves a small pocketable cute total war. It's the worst mobile game i have ever plsyed. Square enix too makes mobile games but they make them so well. In app purchases are just an option and not a necessity.

  22. It's almost as bad as having like 17 ads interrupting your video. J/k. Well, mostly.

  23. You do realise that this game is very old and its a mobile game?
    How can a free game be a cash grab?
    The prices are on par with every other mobile game.
    Really don't get the point of this video.

  24. Is the game free or does it cost money?

  25. This is actually a Mcdonalds advertisement

  26. More like selling cockroach street food and putting them in McDonald's casing.

  27. Realistic attitude adjustment: ALL games are made to make money for the company that made it/distributed it. This is no secret.

    So calling any game a 'cash grab' is at best a non sequitur, and at worst utter foolishness.

    Get over yourself.

  28. So you talk crap about this cash grab but then say you can't WAIT to show us total war 3 kingdoms in order to get views… total war has gone downhill.. always been my favourite game.

  29. It's a mobile game, it's an unwritten requirement to have microtransactions.

  30. It's a mobile game bud of course its going to be shit.

  31. Nerdcubed used to be my fav youtuber , but he no longer is as funny as he was sadly. didn't suit me so i stopped watching his videos

  32. Total war arena was pretty fun and got shutdown…sad!

  33. When this game was released several years ago I played it on my iPhone and actually felt it was good. Even today, the game seems to still have high approval in app store. You can't judge the game according to PC standard, this is a mobile game! These are totally two different platforms. If you don't like mobile game, just don't play it. Yes, so maybe they shouldn't have ported the game to PC at the first place then.

  34. It feels wrong to love the things of the world , thus it would be wrong.

  35. I completely agree with the conclusion, that the game it self has nothing to do with Total War as a whole and just got the name slapped on it to ease the fingers in locking in the micro transaction (60 pounds = micro = irony ).

    The only thing I just can't stand is the last statement about "mobile will never be as good as PC or Console gaming". Yes this is the Internet and I don't like an Opinion … and I'm not even sorry about this … so sorry it's not meant to be harsh. But my thought about this is, that the current mobile gaming world is just a spawn of evil cash-grab from probably the earliest products on … or corrupted flash-games, but that's all speculation anyway.

    Still the market i mostly compare with mobile is handheld gaming. Because I grew up with a good mix of PC, Console and Handheld gaming i always thought about all of them as equal, but in many cases totally different in appeal. And I don't see why this shouldn't be possible with mobile games … heck if you can play Rome Total War on the I-phone it's as a platform as viable as all the others …

    And there comes a turn … I hate RTS games on consoles … even pack to C&C tiberium wars, I couldn't really get into the console version, when I could play the PC version as well. But that's fine, other games I prefer on the console over the PC.

    So there are types of games better on certain types of platform … why shouldn't this apply to mobile too? I don't like Pokemon GO for a couple of reasons but you just can't deny the short but awesome effect it had on people interacting with each other … getting out of the home. It's not called "mobile" for no reason.

    There are so many freaking things you can use on a smartphone and the technology will get even better, the range of use even greater … 3D scanner just to name one. The ease of connection, but also the creation of small local networks … what type of games could we make that don't force you to be online? But share with others around you? Interactive puzzels, jump and runs, dungeon crawler. Maybe Tamagotchi with local battles or turn based strategy like Fire Emblem with terrain dependent on the local region you play in? I'm not necessarily want to point at augmented reality but similar to Pokemon GO games that adjust their features by the world around you. There is so much potential and that's just from my limited "old-school" view …

    As I want to point out … to say the mobile platform as a whole couldn't be as entertaining and valuable like the PC or any Console isn't a problem of the platform … it's a huge problem of the initial and current focus of the Industry to flood the market with "cheap" but "pretty" but "pointless" games.

    Don't hate the mobile … hate the cash-grab.

  36. We need to get the word put games that do good on PC will do bad on mobile phones stop ruining games

  37. We need to start supporting smaller studios that are actually pushing out strategy games that are like the total war franchise. Obviously nothing can replace the great history that is Total War and how fun those games are, but man Creative Assembly has just continually taking it's fanbase for granted with terrible day 1 releases, rampant DLC, and lackluster concurrent releases. The only way CA will ever start making great polished games again is if we show them we aren't happy with them as customers.

  38. It's not a surprise that if people keep feeding the beast by pre-ordering their sub-standard garbage then it'll keep on spewing forth shite for the fanboyz to lap up.

  39. Best strategy? I dont think so, just for battles!

  40. I remember getting this on my phone. It was fine and I did really well but everything got ruined by like a flood or something it was so stupid!

  41. I played this on day one…and a day is about as long as I played it…

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