The WORST Total War Game Is a CASH GRAB! -

The WORST Total War Game Is a CASH GRAB!

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I love the total war games, as i say many times. But this just really was a miss, a big miss from what makes total war great.

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  1. 5:20 a good trade if they also allowed us to say "You really got a nice HEAD right on your shoulders" while trying to court a lady and "I'm gonna break your KNEES, nice and slow" when fighting against a lord.

  2. I have to admit this not a really good game. However, u can actually unlock everything for free, if you manage you kingdom well and … If you are patient. It took me five months, yes I know but among these bad android game, this one is not so bad

  3. This isn’t new, I played this on steam a while ago

  4. For releasing Rome Total War on phones I forgive CA for this disaster of a game.

  5. This game was Full of PAY2WIN mobile Bullshit

  6. I completely agree, why is this game even apart of total war's line of games, its nothing like total war

  7. I thought you were going to talk about total war arena

  8. As far as actual IOS games go this game isn’t too bad

  9. Uh, maybe I'm crazy here. Just dont buy it? It's a garbo game, all FTP games are garbo.

  10. Why does youtube characterize this video as pertaining to TW: Three kingdoms? TW: 3K might be their only hope these days.

  11. i wish this was the biggest shit CA ever produced. with the exception of warhammer titles, which made the franchise seem fresh, with amazing battles, and surprise surprise, not broken to the core, every other title they have released since empire, is UTTER SHITE (shogun 2 almost felt great but the battles were/are plagued by the same problems their latest engine has). Sadly, after medieval 2, they started focusing on campaign while the battles , the actual main feature of the total war games, were rubbish. Sure the graphics and ballet pirouetes look nice, but they play horribly. We even reached the point that they release reskined versions of previous "games" for new ones. And what is worse, is that you can't play another game that has the battle features of total war. Sure some titles tried, king's crusade, King Arthur the RPG ect. but they all kinda botched it hard. Fuck sega, fuck them up their asses. Cunts, the lot of them. rant mode off.

  12. Total War is the best stragedy franchise on PC?

  13. It's f2p mobile game. You know the formula already.

  14. i like the game…its not because its "total war" that it has to be like the other,I think its a good game for what it does,a mobile game about gestion and a battle "flavor"

  15. People still play this? No wonder how they became bold enough to sell Rome 2 for a third time.

  16. Total War: Arena was even more of a cashgrab

  17. No, just NO. I do not play games on my phone. Now Medieval 3 please and American Civil War or the time period from 1840-1905.

  18. Mount and blade bannerlord dlc. bandit voiceover pack

  19. Am I the only one that liked this game? I've actually really liked it. The terrain modification feature is a marvelous thing, it made me put a hexagon web in Paint and plan out my whole realm to be symmetric and aesthetic. And after that, I could still have an OP army and climb to the highest ranks. This game really fulfilled my creativity as well as competitiveness.

    BTW, you can unlock most things in the first week (except for the best units, you're going to need a bit more for that), you just need to learn how to play effectively. If I wasn't busy with other things, I could've made a guide!

  20. So relieved I thought this was going to be about Three Kingdoms for a moment.

  21. watch it still cash in millions because of the clash of clans syndrome

  22. When a f2p game is a cashgrab wait what????

  23. I played that game in mobile and it was shitty as trash

  24. I played that game in mobile and it was shitty as trash

  25. I played that game in mobile and it was shitty as trash

  26. Lmao fucking manchild. Don't play the game if u don't like it. Or better, grow up

  27. Mobile “gaming” is the worst thing that ever happened to gaming, next to EA

  28. It's not "Total War" though. It's "Total War Battles". NEVER TOUCH THESE. You should also check "Total War Battles: SHOGUN". It's disgusting, consider the name similarity to "Total War: Shogun".

  29. The reason I don't like it is because it's not offline

  30. Ok look I like your videos but you cinda acted like a fun boy in this 1 ……. . ….

  31. Total War:: Three Kingdoms has a DLC before the game is even released. The moment they had done that, I realized I wouldn't be buying the game.

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