These NEW Unit Challenges Are IMPOSSIBLE in Stick War 3 -

These NEW Unit Challenges Are IMPOSSIBLE in Stick War 3

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We’re back to Stick War 3 gameplay, and today there’s been some BIG updates for new challenges, daily missions, and new units! We’re going to be using the riprider and juggerknights to their fullest!

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  1. I love stick war 3 and love when you play it, it is so much fun to play.

  2. Hi baron happy ne year even it passed but still your one of my favourite YouTubers

  3. Baron SEE the setings in stick war 3 they show You how control the miners, plus when you clic a unit You can control it to attack, hold, or man the fort, also if You click the number ontop of the unit You Will comand all the units to man the fort, hold or attack

  4. God of God and put our kings in the murder

  5. Before: Rippriders are 500 Gold and 100 Crystals earlier
    After: 600 gold and 100 crystals +300 hp +splash damage

  6. Lavish is the statue
    Lavish, the leader of the miners

  7. That was the statue of the leader of the miners he is also known as Lavish he will be coming to SW3 very soon along with the catapult giant from SE

  8. Day 129 of asking baron to play guns up again

    (Also the servers for guns up will be shut down in April 2023)

  9. i love it keep it up with the best vids ever!

  10. miner the hero alpha sigma ty animations says:

    I like when baron play stick war 3 he's all ways thinks how to do it and make his army stronger when units attack he knows the tratergi

  11. The statue in death match is lavish leader of the miners

  12. Also stick wars lagacy has a update with a new skin a skin that is futuristic

  13. That's Lavish leader of the miner's but his a statue

  14. Baron, will you play stick war multiplayer.

  15. You should play "age of warfare 2" Roblox

  16. To make good builds you need :
    depending on what you have you need to think how much eco you want how many miners on mana how many on gold
    ranged units and tank units and support everything mostly needs to work well with eachother . In the first match all those miner upgrade spell and salvagers smithy were not needed . That would be giant/magikill spam levels of eco. Second match the spell same thing , its deathmatch so not that great and deads not a great idea when you got a good tank in juggs and a decent tank in ripprider . Third match deads again not needed , here many things could be seen as good like toxic totallity so everything has poison or miner spell/upgrade to get more giants.
    In every build you want a range unit , a good tank (giants dont count because they cost too much to get early so if you want giants you still need to bring another tank) , support depends on the build but :
    salvagers smithy is mostly used for weak unit spam , units that you know will die in big numbers , just because you will lose units does not mean its good to bring
    Tower spawns are good because bonus units , they can help distract and tank just enough to mean something
    For most think this does this , do i have a unit this helps ? yes but this also helps so which 1 can i go without because i think i can handle the situation without its help better then without the other.
    Generals are always good. Even without user control they are all strong and help , most make building units faster and some user their ability on their own ( xiphos used to use his leap now he either cant or is very rare , archis uses his ability pretty often but of course not as well as a player)

    Just some basic things to know : chaos units cure poison and can regen but if they have the toxic upgrade they cant get poisoned by acid rain ( they still get poisoned by attacks from enemies with poison ) ( also why chaos miners are a little better because they mine faster from rage and cant die from poison if anyone uses acid rain)
    Just because something is good does not mean its always good .When making a build or change in 1 look at everything and think how its going to go with/without it
    The challenges tell you what you fight , and you can try it and if you lose you can make a build to deal with it .If you lose think about what you faced and what could do well against it


  17. Baron: lose in gold rush in round 1.

    Also Baron: still using poison perk, unit, and spell againts them but enemy have meric…

  18. Baron thinks that damage is the attack speed of the units and not the damage of the unit

  19. I have jugerkinght in stick war 3 with my brother he is my alllies

  20. If you wanna know my name is sinistersnipe

  21. Can you try out my map on tabs it’s call 1WAR

  22. Baron new skin in stick war legacy voltanic skin 😮😮😮😮😮😮

  23. There is something new in stick war legacy watch your bake

  24. you were low on gold cause u had too many crystal miners.

  25. Congratulations on reaching the millions I last watched you when you had a couple hundred thousand subs I decided to check see how your doing to see my childhood favorite youtuber

  26. Baron the statue at the backround is the majestic lavish

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