This Amazing NEW Vietnam War RTS Has INCREDIBLE Features ALL RTS GAMES NEED | Leave No Man Behind -

This Amazing NEW Vietnam War RTS Has INCREDIBLE Features ALL RTS GAMES NEED | Leave No Man Behind

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  1. not enough trees, vietnam's jungles are full of trees!

  2. Realistically, it seems like they just have to work on polishing a bit. Have leaves/bushes and trees react correctly to helicopters, maybe make the jump outs (from the helicopters) a smoother animation, animate personnel inside the helicopters to begin with so they don't randomly appear when jumping out. Obviously from there, work on more maps, missions, modes, and additions to the game. It is very promising though at the very least.

  3. They said you cant save and continue the game

  4. All the negative comments on steam are all like 'I have ADD and a crap computer so this game sucks'. 🤣🤣

  5. Usa got their ass kicked in Vietnam.Thanks for reminding me

  6. Would only buy if I could play as the Vietnamese.

  7. This has potential but one sticking point that keeps it out of the realm of being a professional release is the really poor dialog scripting and clearly amateur voice acting. All the dialog is spoken by the same person and the constant overlapping is an annoyance. My guess is that also explains why there’s no period correct music – the dev group doesn’t have the budget to license it.

  8. Vietnam really doesn't work for a top down RTS. You can't actually have a jungle setting because it blocks the view. Fail.

  9. I'm a marine and I walk through the trees,
    and for whatever reason,
    they all speak vietnamese

  10. Vegetation does not look real, I have been there in the jungle.

  11. Keep me posted bro I love rts games.

  12. nothing says America more than re-enacting the My Lai massacre

  13. 6:11 Not "La Drang". It's "Ia Drang". Mel Gibson did a great movie, We Were Soldiers, about the first major battle of the Vietnam War in the Ia Drang valley.

  14. looking at reviews on steam…some pretty bad ones there, some pretty recent too..more recent than this video. NO save feature?? buggy?

  15. Honestly this game has a lot of potential. I would love to see more base upgrades, for example setting up tents, watch towers and even sentry patrol units. Being able to take a piece of land and turning it into a full scale military base would be fuckin awesome. Keep up the good works gents

  16. Sure the nam war known for the tall pine trees and short grass terrain…

  17. I’d like to see an RTS game set during the Korean War, because it’s largely forgotten despite being the first to see helicopters being used in roles other than recon and it was the first and only conflict of the Cold War where the US openly fought with a Warsaw Pact nation (assuming China was part of the pact)

  18. Too bad that America lost this war & it’s funny how u gonna invaded a country that don’t have any air support or bombs & beat the Americans with good ak47s best automatic rifles ever made 😭😂😌🕶🤏🏾

  19. Glad I subscribed to your channel. I think I'm going to purchase Leave No one behind. The price is right and watching you play confirmed my buying decision. Thankyou.

  20. Yeeesh, the second level is LZ X-ray and LZ Albany looms behind it. That's the battle from We Were Soldiers

  21. 23aug22,Game multi crashes on the 1st intro mission(no lie,sorry to say,i bought it because ive been waiting for viet era rts for years)devs have indefinatly activily abandond this version to work on the vr version for an undisclosed amount of time,so they refuse to aknowledge any queeries or attempt to update the 100s of people suffering the 1st mission crash issues…shame..could of been the most amazing rts(in my opinion) of this decade😥 just wasted&abandend..

  22. They definitely need voice actors with actual American accents.

  23. will you be able to do chemical warfare war crimes like the US did to vietnam?

  24. Man nohomo but you have a good broadcasting voice. Could definitely commentate a baseball game lol. Good video though!

  25. You mean I can finally live my napalm dream all day. All say yay.

  26. Lovely another game that console players are deprived of ,so sick of this ignorance in the gaming industry there is literally no legitimate excuse it's so disgraceful ffs

  27. modern military like this game please. not warno not regiments etc a modern warfare strategy game that lets you build a base

  28. They have to bring this game on ps4 would be awesome

  29. Vietnamese are the good guy in this war, they fight for freedom

    The US fight to help the French enslaving the Vietnamese and get them back in line for production

    There is a reason why the USA do not teach the Vietnam war in school for over 50 years

    It's a secret war that they don't want the world to know

    It's very ugly

  30. If Vietcong does not highlight in red. He may never win the game

  31. Are any of the devs veterans? Sure feels like it. It be cool if you could rename soldiers, vehicles, and FOBS etc.. Also, can you set up an LZ closer to wounded at captured enemy village? Thanx Raptor for showing me this. 👍🖖

  32. First 30 secs – that's not a jungle, that looks like an American forest. Jungles are dense, so foliage heavy, you can't see shit through them. 😆

  33. Using dynamite to destroy trees isn’t conventional 😂😂

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