This Amazing NEW Vietnam War RTS Has INCREDIBLE Features ALL RTS GAMES NEED | Leave No Man Behind -

This Amazing NEW Vietnam War RTS Has INCREDIBLE Features ALL RTS GAMES NEED | Leave No Man Behind

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  1. The terrain looks all wrong and extremely generic.
    Also I wish you could play as the good guys.
    Still looks pretty good though.

  2. Tell them the soft and timid tutorial voice needs to be changed. There is no command in his voice, and he sounds like he took a xanax. The other voices are decent to good.

  3. in every movie, and every game, whenever you see a helicopter they play the generic huey helicopter 2 blade chop sound even when the helicopter shown sounds completely different. This is the first time ive seen someone NOT use the generic huey sound when they actually should have.

  4. mwah….i am not impressed by the game…
    I either am a single person shooter gamers or a larger strategical game player…
    These tactical games always disappoint me…
    yeah nice trees, but proper jungle…and no proper FREEDOM to manage yr game assets..

  5. As an old school Sudden Strike fan this game is right up my alley.

  6. That's not vietnam.. Nam. Had so many tree you couldn't see the ground.

  7. You should play the game a bit before reviewing it

  8. Looks good. I'd dive in if i wasn't gearing up for WOTLK

  9. Now they need to make this game for console like Halo wars was you command and send your own troops into battle and you have to spend money to get trips ready to fight

  10. I wonder if you'll call in an air strike and you click where you want it but it misses by a few hundred yards sometimes

  11. I know it's just a game, but helping the Americans win in Vietnam seems deeply unethical, given their participation in some of the worst war crimes imaginable during that conflict. If there was ever a righteous victory in warfare, it surely belongs to the Vietnamese and Hi Chi Minh. I'd rather play as those guys.

  12. im getting major jurassic world vibes. like the same lighting and graphic style. wishlisted! cant wait to try this!

  13. That voice acting is top notch lmao.

    But then again it is an indie studio making it's way in the unforgiving field of game development, respect

  14. Man that voice acting leaves a lot to be desired.

  15. I just stumbled across your channel and I am going to be checking out more of it.


  16. voice acting is AIDS in this game REEeEEEeeEEEeeEEeeEEEEE

  17. I am disappointed, no reply to questions from the Dev at all… I had hope for this game. 😔

  18. where is the npc girl that says GI too beaucoup, 5 dolla me luv you long time.

  19. The propeller plane is a Douglas A-1 Skyraider, used as a ground attacker in the Vietnam War.

  20. You like turn-based or campaign games better that RTS when you reach a certain age.

  21. I found "Leave No One Behind" in the Steam store. I found "No Man Left Behind" no place … no google results except for a 2006 board game.

  22. Clearing jungle trees with TNT instead of just cutting em down with chainsaws/axes…. Go America!! 😅

  23. ah yes, vietnam is fully covered in vegetation of temperate climate

  24. OMG, 4 minutes in, and I already decided to buy this game. Liked and subbed.

  25. the detail in that tree clearing explosion got me right then im buying this game

  26. Honestly this looks amazing also Raptor seems to be a chill guy definitely is getting subscribed. (Just realized I type comments like a robot.)

  27. Is this worth $25-$30? Looks decent but, I heard it crashes all the time and there is NO save option. Once you start a mission you have to play it all the way through or you have to start over and seeing how it crashes a lot people are saying they've had to restart 5, 8, 10 times just to waste a few hours on trying to complete a mission. Seems like the game needs work. Is this accurate?

  28. see if you can call in a medivac for wounded.

  29. Not as good as Platoon on Amiga 500

  30. I'm 30 seconds in and this terrain is NOT EVEN CLOSE to Vietnam. On that alone, I should be OUT.

  31. It seems sorta like a more live time close combat game without as much of the strat……… does have potential however all my rts mates probably wont play this or play in multiplayer. (I love the slow tactical rts games but prefer more traditional style ones like the old SC / dark reign / c&c / Homeworld / sup com etc etc ) If this game has a really good single player campaign I can see myself playing it for sure….just not for multiplayer.

  32. I am the Lorax and I speak for the trees, but this time it's all in Vietnamese

  33. Vietnam…haha…the NIXON Clusterfuck…make sure to have enough body-bags^^

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