This Amazing NEW Vietnam War RTS Has INCREDIBLE Features ALL RTS GAMES NEED | Leave No Man Behind -

This Amazing NEW Vietnam War RTS Has INCREDIBLE Features ALL RTS GAMES NEED | Leave No Man Behind

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  1. This looks great!. Just 2 remarks: the choppers look completely empty when they land, but then unload lots of stuff/people. And 2: when the choppers take off again, they do sao way to fast.

  2. saw a comment on steam that says he is mad that you made this game look so good. guess that tell you plenty of things but mainly you make good content

  3. Definitely a unique game to see nowadays I hope you play some more Raptor looking forward to it

  4. If they could get permission to use the 60's Vietnam era music it would do a lot to establish the mood.

  5. could you imagine if total war took up this design and made a vietnam or even a ww1 game! i would be so happy!

  6. This reminds me of playing Command and Conquer when I was a teenager.

  7. Didn’t have any budget for people do do voiceovers 😂

  8. It amazing how much Vietnam looks like Vermont lol

  9. Dang that voice acting is almost like it'd be better if it wasn't there ol bill gates the s1

  10. Fun fact narrator sergeant Bill Gates is also HQ

  11. enemy "cloaking" is called camouflage, it's French…not Star Trek. The units 1, 2, 3 are Platoons. 1 should find and fix the enemy, 2 should flank and fuc the enemy, 3 should be held in reserve to fratricide with the enemy.

  12. Lol u forgot that the helicopter has to land in the LZ ? Love these type of videos btw

  13. I somehow stumbled upon your Wargame videos about a month ago, and have been stuck on your channel ever since. I don’t watch much YouTube, but when I do, it’s more than likely your channel. Keep up the great work man!

  14. Pronounced EYE Drang (Ia Drang) valley. Made famous by the movie We were soldiers. Mel Gibson played Lt. Col Hal Moore.

  15. Ba ba ba brothers in arms…serve our Counrty, Roger that.

  16. The military symbology is accurate as well this looks like a well made game

  17. This is a good start. I'd like to see a few more strategies used by the enemy as they had historically like denser jungle (which necessitated napalm and Agent Orange), complete networks of tunnels (not spottable by air), decoy villages, man traps that take out half a platoon, night-time harassment of your troops by the enemy or insects (necessitating DDT) making soldiers 50% effective, etc. It might make the game seem unfair but it would be closer to what it was like.

  18. can't wait for the covered up war crimes dlc

  19. Looks amazing, great potential. If it had a skirmish mode (like red alert) i would buy it without hesitation.

  20. where is my generals on the damn frostbite engine?

  21. this game looks like the company of heros vietnam version

  22. I skim through this whole video hoping that Fortunate Son plays…. we need mods naow.

  23. did you play through Syrian Warfare (like many things they call it Russian propaganda :D) I think its pretty good, sticking to real events (aka propaganda)

  24. 5 minutes in, why would you build your HQ right on your LZ 😂😂

  25. Someday games will get so realistic that people will play for half an hour, then hear someone say 'Vietnam', and will grab that someone's shoulders; then yell: "YOU WEREN"T THERE MAAN!, I WAS IN NAAAM "

  26. What is a good modern day command and conquer? I would really like to play some WW2 like the good ol C&C games but with more updated abilities and graphics.

  27. Unfortunately the combat looks a bit janky and stiff but otherwise looks interesting.

  28. Do you remember age of empires the PC game that's a bit old, they could make the game in that way and add marines, ARVN, ANZAC etc

  29. Really poor game. Haven't noticed any more gameplay past the first mission?

  30. Finally Vietnam game!!! I will be checking this out asap

  31. I believe it’s pronounced “I” drang, it’s a very famous valley during the Vietnam war. We Were Soldiers took place there

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