This Amazing NEW Vietnam War RTS Has INCREDIBLE Features ALL RTS GAMES NEED | Leave No Man Behind -

This Amazing NEW Vietnam War RTS Has INCREDIBLE Features ALL RTS GAMES NEED | Leave No Man Behind

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  1. This looks really well made but i just cant help feeling it is bringing back a few sensitive fairly recent memories. I dont see many paying customers in SE Asia. Napalm, really? The Vietnam war really seems to stand out from other war games as being very cruel to a sensitive people that loved their country.

  2. Can you play as the heroes the Vietnamese. I read a great book "Bare feet Iron Will".

  3. Disappointed by the lack of airstirkes and artillery lol

  4. would the developers be adding in the tree jumpers?

  5. "They didn;t expect this, they're burning nicely" wtf lol

  6. The gameplay speed is as fast as Combat Mission's, very detailed animation but not yet polished, icons are kinda hard to see and the UI looks like Men of War. Would love to see a true sight mechanic along with elevation, and defense building. Add radio effects for the voices and hope voice acting improves.

  7. Hopefully the sound files are moddable. Hearing "Brothers in arms" and "Serve our country" could get pretty tedious. It might work in WWII, but doesn't really fit Vietnam.

  8. If ever a game needed a different voice actor, it’s this one. It sounds like the 20-year-old devs had a buddy stop by on the way to the bar to say a few commands. It really prevents immersion. All this work to create a game and they screw up the easiest part. Re-record the audio, game devs, and patch the game.

  9. some how its not the jungle i imagine it would be….i live in the tropical climate..i am sure thats not the kind of jungle in Vietnam..

  10. 25€ on steam for a Beta Looking game… And all comments there say it is not finished, even the positive ones 🙂
    I just hope they paid you enough Raptor for making this Video. Thanks a lot for showing it to us though! I just wish that there was a studio that merge Cepheus Protocol mechanics with Vietnam theme. That game is lightyears away from this one and still sucks because of AI problems.

  11. As soon as you said "Sudden Strike" I was paying attention. What an under rated gem that was.

  12. Thanks for covering this new game. One slight correction, the Air Cav battle depicted in “We were Soldiers Once…” is pronounced “Eya Drang” not La Drang.

  13. Okay, now make a game like this, but with AoE2 graphics.

  14. One of my favorite wars of all time. Fighting commies is well worth it. Up the Enclave.

  15. Very cool game Eaptor. I actually was following this game in my STEAM account, now I think I'd like to get it. 🙂 Thanks to you and your great demo/play of it. Hope you'll do more on this. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  16. Its awsome to see such a diffrent game

  17. These games would be so much better if you could play as the Vietcong, instead of having to be the baddies all the time. It’s like having to be Russia in a game about the Ukraine war

  18. Certainly has war pegged real well by being plodding and boring. So realistic!

  19. Big giant fire, "we got A man wounded" lol. I thought the whole platoon was dead.

  20. Omg Sudden Strike, I had completely forgotten about that game.

  21. Scan is probly for spider wholes and tunnels.
    Seems you can see the terrain elevation. maybe take advantage of this terrain while maneuvering troops and attacking.

  22. The game looks great but the gameplay could have been a little better. Seems more like a android game or offline play.

  23. This reminds me of the old Empire Earth. I did a lot of airborne assaults in that game. I would send 25-30 helicopter transports to drop hundreds of machine gunners, bazookas, stingers and mortarmen into the field. Sometimes I used the tactic to secure a newly found resource, but when I found a vulnerable enemy town center or a small capitol I would swoop in, drop my soldiers, let them murder everyone and destroy everything and then leave before any response could be mounted. Good times, good times

  24. I'd love to be able to build a full out base/airbase or FOB, and AI have attack you in waves or however the AI feels

  25. If you max out your volume, you'll definitely hear Vietnamese voices within the forest near your base!

  26. Sending in your HQ before sending in a combat platoon seems really smart

  27. if you cant play as vietnamese and kill yankees its no fun.

  28. awsome thanks for making me aware of this game.i love RTS games.

  29. Bout to check this out how much is it?

  30. Its trash becose the fighting is poor made and evrything is in open area no cover, what is the fun on this game.

  31. They have something here but it still needs work. Animations, voice acting, and UI can be improved upon. Hopefully, they can add modding support.

  32. Looks like a fun game and some, Refreshing mechanics but that voice acting is got to be the most lack of luster I’ve heard from a war themed game.

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