This Amazing NEW Vietnam War RTS Has INCREDIBLE Features ALL RTS GAMES NEED | Leave No Man Behind -

This Amazing NEW Vietnam War RTS Has INCREDIBLE Features ALL RTS GAMES NEED | Leave No Man Behind

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  1. Have you even tried the 2nd mission for this, it's insanely hard, I can't work out how ya suppose to do it

  2. As a family man, I sometimes don’t have time to play any games. Thank you for uploading videos, they are just as satisfying as playing them 👍🏽

  3. What happened to rts games having base building?

  4. Hi Bro… I'm your big fan, I like all your play game.. good game. . nhưng bối cảnh đỗ bộ vào rừng Việt Nam là lập căn cứ dễ vậy sao không một kháng cự bởi phòng không, hay lực lượng đặc công và biệt kích, rừng Việt Nam là một ác mộng cho lính Mỹ… Những thứ đáng sợ nhất cho lính Mỹ là ở trong rừng lính Mỹ thường diễn tả việc đáng sợ ở đây là "khi bụi cây biết nói" :):):)

  5. You have to leave your troops in the captured bases by those boxes until the blue ring runs out

  6. This looks Incredible ❤️ I would buy a PC just for this

  7. they used to drop bombs to create safe LZs while they also used armored skid steers and they commissioned 2 tree crushers

  8. i love the smell of napalm in the morning

  9. I would like to play this game is it on steam does anybody know

  10. Its a shame youre never putting links to whatever youre plating in the description or in the comments.

  11. Try using the engineers to clear a LZ close to a battlefield and try to land a Huey if you can control them for medivac. It would at least make sense. I’m really interested in this!

  12. My only real light criticism is I think they need to try to get Hueys to drop troops all at the same time and only one at a time if the area is too small to fit more than one.

  13. Want more of this seems great!
    Want to play it

  14. I hope this comes to console, cause man it looks fun as hell.

  15. I think what it is with the resource boxes is maybe the helicopters can pick them up, or load some of them to take back to the HQ? Taking a guess since the helicopters have to option to load/pick up

  16. Hi. Is this Leave ne man behind or Leave No One Behind: la Drang. Still like the RTS Genre.

  17. I've always wanted an RTS like this where you could take direct control of a squad in FPS (RTS+FPS a'la Savage, Savage2 would be SIIICK in the dense jungles here)

  18. Thank you so much!! 😊🔥 We hope that all of you will also enjoy playing the game. See you on battlefield! 😎

  19. I think this is called "Leave No One Behind: la Drang". Correct?

  20. I do like the that RTS Devs are branching out and looking at different eras, theaters, and play styles/mechanics. I think it was you that did a "let's play" with "Invasion Machine". Another unique RTS. I would put that in the same class; A highly interesting game with a need for more solid/timely development. (not abandoned at all.. just grrr.. LOL, There are so many small Devs out there. Some have similar concepts or could benefit each other greatly. I wish they would all help each other out.

  21. lol pronounced 'eye' Drang. Glad you featured this. Dialogue is a bit cheesy but gameplay Looks refreshing. Going to follow this. Thanks!

  22. Working in an HHC has ruined me; for the first whole 3 minutes of the video I couldn't focus on what the gameplay might be like because this is not S1's job.

  23. Look very promising. Thanks for the little preview. Appreciated


  24. Added to my wishlist and going to monitor it. I hope the devs keep it up.

  25. love the game but youtube doesnt like it because 1080p looks like 280p lol

  26. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like there is any trench/defense building, which is a huge missed opportunity in my opinion. Could have really gone all out in this category and it would have really made a difference. Hopefully they add that and maybe even the airbase concept you mentioned

  27. I would love more of this, have you considered space engineers or anything of its likeness?

  28. this game have good potencial 🤓cool video Raptor💯

  29. I always thought more games should get into the Vietnam era for rts and action games even alternate history so much potential in my opinion

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