This Civil War Game is Way too Immersive... -

This Civil War Game is Way too Immersive…

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Gameplay from a Civil War Game called War of Rights…

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  1. No joke this game is more immersive than just about any other game

  2. This is going to turn out just like Holdfast. I can't wait!

  3. I feel bad for that officer. Probably inexperienced and unprepared for so many idiots at Drill. It was obvious when he didn't understand the need for proper preparatory and execution commands. Company, at the ready, take aim, fire, is generally what I do. All keybinded buttons, so it's simple to teach.

  4. its like one of those retarded gmod rp servers

  5. Ths game is not actually for everybody. They need to have a good diciplines.

  6. the guy who was training y'all is cute, he's pateint too 💀

  7. I got the wrong ad, I got a battlefield 5 ad

  8. luckily it's early access. Right? Right, guys…?

  9. This game runs like ass but it's kinda fun.

  10. That instructor has the patience of a saint

  11. This game is so relentlessly gay. A bunch of men crossing their long shinny barrels.

  12. Stuffing your round into your weapon…classic

  13. They should make a call of duty based on the Wild West like if you agree!

  14. guess, ill have to whore out the sister again to afford the ''hards' to play this game

  15. During the civil war, there really was no aiming Per se. the platoon leader would actually yell, ready, level, fire, because the sights were almost useless. With no rifling in the barrels and firing lead balls, made the long arms very inaccurate. Some useless info

  16. That instructor has short term memory loss. Can you hear me now? This is called a volley fire. Right when you hear fire. When I say 3 2 1 fire, ready? Okay fire. Can you hear me?

  17. Holy crap. This needs to be a VR game.

  18. Civil war in a nutshell: northern politicians say hey we're gonna turn this country into a corporation for profit and our assets (property) will be the citizens which we will also incorporate, southern states said "uhh, I don't think so" war began, South was winning, North said I'll free slaves in southern states to cripple southern economy since we're about to make slaves of everyone anyway, it worked, now orcs run the shire folks

  19. "He's teaching us how to walk, I already know how to do this?"

    Welcome to basic training in real life too

  20. You really didn't know which side was which?

  21. That poor Officer.!
    Milsims are unfortunatly plagued by ADHD children that can't sit still for longer then a few seconds at most.
    He was very patient and i'm sure had to reassure himself many times that they are just hyperactive morons.

  22. It's a proud moment for anyone when they graduate idiot camp

  23. You sure are lucky he was passionate or any other trainers would have shot you the second you said I don't have a good mic let alone hit him. Fucking trolls ruin it for everyone.

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