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Funniest moment from the 1983 movie “WarGames”!


  1. Hilarious! My dad was commenting on my raw Brussel sprout salad and said “this reminds me of this scene from a movie about this man eating raw corn” and he started laughing. Then I remembered watching this movie recently and showed him this video. He died!! Thanks for sharing!! 😂😂😂

  2. I had forgotten all about those mustard colored Century 21 uniforms.

  3. Everytime I eat corn I act out this scene

  4. That looks like corn-oil margarine to me. The 1980s- a time when high-fiber, low-fat, low-cholesterol and aerobics reigned supreme! Watch the Jane Fonda workout tapes, they're great!

  5. Even as a kid I wondered why her dialogue sounded so different when they were eating corn. Sounds dubbed.

  6. Gordon Ramsay when he was in his younger years. It's bleeping raw!!!

  7. Could we cook the corn and take pills. LMAO great clip☺️☺️☺️

  8. The only scene I like better is when Anthony slams a shovel into his aunt's noggin in Psycho 2.

  9. When I was in college during the late 80s, my roommate once told me this was the scene that inspired him to go into engineering.

  10. "Could we take the pills and cook the corn?"

  11. Ewww, I HATE raw corn! Most people boil corn cobs.

  12. This fool didn’t realize the corn was raw until he took a bite? Usually cooked corn is really hot…

  13. 80s movie parents were always just cardboard props floating around in the background with no personality or purpose, and you could tell that the makers of "War Games" were aware of that, and so tried to make the few scenes with the parents memorable and comedic. That's one of the things I loved about this movie. Just these randomly weird scenes inserted in out of nowhere. This scene is one of the funniest "80s parents scenes" of all time. "Could….could we have pills, and cook the corn??" 🤣

  14. If its raw then how does the butter melt?

  15. I love this movie so much. It’s free right now on YouTube with adds.

  16. If the corn is raw, then why is the butter melting when spread on the corn ?

  17. wife: "anyway, it doesn't matter, we're just bit players in this movie."

  18. Who in the hell butters bread, runs their corn across it and doesn't even realize the butter didn't melt? Gee, dad, genius much???

  19. You can't eat soggy butterbread, tf who cares about the corn that's good butterbread ruined!

  20. I've eaten raw corn and it doesn't taste all that different from cooked.

  21. That raw corn left him so bitter he ended up introducing us to Clayton Bigsby to get even…..

  22. 53 years old and I never knew you could butter corn using Wonder bread. Goodbye awkward knife!

  23. I learned how to butter corn because of this scene.

  24. "Could we have pills, and cook the corn?" That was one of my favorite funny movie lines.

  25. Since I saw this on home video in the 80s to present day, I butter my corn the same way and always say the corn is raw even though it’s not

  26. I remember being in the theatre with my friend, and when he and everybody else realized why he was putting so much butter on his bread, the whole theatre let out a simultaneous, "Oh, a-ha, yes" followed by some gentle laughter.

  27. Using bread to butter corn like that was something I didn't think of until the movie.
    My parents gave me the odd-eye when I tried that at the dinner table. Wins for me that my parents had cooked the corn and the butter melted.
    Later on, I noticed that my bread was toasted prior to the buttering.

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