This Is SO Realistic, I forget That It Is A Game! - War of Rights Massive Event Gameplay -

This Is SO Realistic, I forget That It Is A Game! – War of Rights Massive Event Gameplay

Pixelated Apollo
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  1. Where is your side arm you need that for charging in.

  2. Really fun game but my favorite historical period is the Revolutionary War. If they made that game that would be perfect!

  3. Having experience playing these types of games, the whizz of the bullets flying past you gives pts lolXD still I can’t help but clench up when ever I hear that zzzzzzzzzeum

  4. How is this game not banned? Especially on YouTube??? With the rebel flag and everything????? I mena…this guy, on his OWN CHANNEL, was fighting for slavery to exist.

  5. 10 years from now, they will find people who played this game, and if you EVER played for the South confederates, you WILL be fired from your job and never hired again. You WILL be cancelled for LIFE.

  6. "Everybody calm your tits"….Was that a common expression back then?

  7. Does it feature Col. Joshua Chamberlain’s defense of little round top? That’d be fun to play out the final bayonet charge as featured in the Gettysburg movie. Might not be that much fun for the rebs though, unless you have a damn good team.

  8. Tried playing this game but it was way too slow paced for me. I guess it's because I grew up with games like BF2 or COD2 where kill count/farming was everything but I feel like you run around with your unit in this game and maybe get 1-2 kills every 10-15 minutes.. Just boring. Granted I have not played in 2 years so I'm sure it's better now.

  9. who are the republicans, i'm on their side right now :-}

  10. These modern games are so much into graphics and wanna make the games alive, but not as much playable like the old games from my childhood.

  11. Why is the 1st Minnesota fighting for the Confederates??

  12. Spent way to much time talking about that wallet 🤦🏻‍♂️

  13. And then all the players will somehow be running around with the equivalent to the BF1 “helriegel”….
    Somehow there’ll be a civil war fully automatic service rifle for everyone to get

  14. you think I'm paying $150 for a metal rfid wallet you done lost it. Bought on for $8 seven years ago….still going strong

  15. This game better than battlefield communication and this needs to come to console

  16. This really needs to come out on console…. I don't know what PC will run this and I don't have the time or patience to build my own.

  17. it’s so immersive that when you lose you get a southern accent

  18. We need more numbers in Reenactments IRL, I hope players start contacting local regiments

  19. "When in doubt, fire out" wasn't that bad of a quote.

  20. 139 players playing 30 min ago,,,,, too bad it died

  21. Hey, I was the one invited him Knights of Appolo I would LOVE to do another one with him SMASH my comment like button and Ill try my best to get another video, LONG LIVE THE UNION AND 1st MINNESOTA!

  22. Does the game tell the truth about how northern Democrats wanted slavery or is this this a PBS/CNN type game?

  23. His outfit was someone in the artillery regiment but was playing as a infantryman

  24. Love the game but there is no way in hell I would pay over a 100$ for a wallet.

  25. Why would you want to be a beta northerner?

  26. Is the his game still active are is it dead as I'm really interested

  27. Dude I'm about to download this game so I can fight for muh state's rights

  28. Ps2 had an amazing civil war game and I've yet to see a good reenactment game until now

  29. Please no more commentary Jesus Christ!

  30. wish you can return to this game, its gotten a whole lot better

  31. I had to give you a 'thumbs down' dislike for your shameless promotion of a video game that conditions the small human brain to go numb when violent content is downloaded into it from addictive technology. You are part of the problem not the solution. Humanity is a race of short-lived, intellectually stunted, genetically compromised, emotionally unstable, disease ridden, ethically challenged, morally ambivalent, irrationally fearful, non-critically thinking, unquestioningly obedient to authority, bi-pedal hybrid beings whose sole purpose for existing seems……pointless. That so many of us CHOOSE to play games that simulate the mass murder of our own kind and the utter destruction of our world says all anyone needs to know about us. Our entire history as far back as anyone can remember is a sad story of near constant conflict and war mongering. When we are not at war we're thinking about or preparing to go to war. We select the absolute worst among us as representatives on the national and world stages. These 2 party political puppets of the wealthy ruling elite are paid handsomely to screw over their constituents, taxing them into a life of constant financial debt, keeping us divided and weak by promoting discord on social issues, and maintaining a status quo that will inevitably lead to more suffering, more death and more destruction. Ordinarily in circumstances such as these I would appeal to your sense of decency but if you are into promoting violent and addictive technology and gaming, that would be a waste of time. Humanity is circling the drain here, a condition that is clear to everyone everywhere. World War III may actually happen in my lifetime and if it does I will bear witness to yet another pointless and violent purge of our civilization. There is no God to intervene and save us from ourselves, we are on our own today as we have always been. Religion is a scam perpetrated on the weak-minded, acting as a buffer between the wealthy ruling elite and the ignorant masses they loathe and fear. Religion urges us to 'forgive' our oppressors rather than rise up against them. Stop pushing death and destruction as if it were a 'blue light special' at K-Mart and try, really try to get out and enjoy the beauty of nature before its bombed into oblivion.

  32. After five minutes of listening to TNA this and TNA that, it finally dawned on me why that name.

  33. Why can’t they have civil war games on ps5 and Xbox 🙁

  34. were you a confederate? cause i saw a bunch of rebel flags and blue uniforms lol i didnt know what was goin on

  35. gonna get a ban for thumbnails making peeps think this game is better than it is

  36. more stupidity. you are just a mob running around. not a damn one of you have been in the military or know anything about tactics

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