THIS IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. Ubisoft Star Wars Open World Game Leaks -

THIS IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. Ubisoft Star Wars Open World Game Leaks

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THIS IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. Ubisoft Star Wars Open World Game Leaks


  1. That tweet probably meant we’ll get a release date & trailer. They consider that huge. Very excited for Survivor, but never gave a rats @$$ about Hunters.

  2. making whole star wars galaxy explorable shouldn't be that hard because they can make it without unknown regions which is the major part of the galaxy i think making fully explorable coruscant would be more difficult than game with even unknown regions explorable

  3. idk but sounds like lightsaber mod for starfield to me

  4. "Best Star Wars community on Youtube" that's a bold claim my friend, Genaration Tech and the Killer dolphins might have something to say about that, not to mention Thor Skywalker and Naboo.

  5. Hope no MMO nonsense but a real single player experience.🙏

  6. Meh I'm not interested in those Disney star wars games without lore connections depth world building ect

  7. Keep in mind that Ubisoft is also the people who made farcry so yeahhh

  8. 😄 Brilliant intro; my hopes & dreams were pre-dashed from so much over-promising and under-delivering. But, when something does come out, I'm in. P.S.: excellent selection of game footage👍👍

  9. Development on this title is actually much more the 3 years if you where paying attention.

  10. It’s gonna be woke with auto Saber combat. Guaranteed trash.

  11. If the open-world game would be anything like Star Wars Galaxies (preCU) it will be amazing. As that game was prob the best MMO to date and only died due to the CU. When Jedis would go 1v10 and still win. Your BH party would go and gank a Jedi and they would lose xp. The massive PVP it had from guilds going to war with each other. To build your own city in whatever area. Galaxies was ahead of their time and if they can make something to mimic today's world it would be amazing. To having people form a line to get a buff from Doctors. Re-make Galaxies!

  12. I'm mentally prepared for it being bad, can't trust the hype these days I mean just look how excited everyone was about saints row and Gotham knights

  13. Eclipse and KOTOR I thought was getting clip ???

  14. Expect it 2055 at the most. Remember Beyond Good and Evil 2 ? Witch had the same mechanics

  15. Bro this is true. We all know it's true because its true

  16. Amd bro if the deve says it's this year than it's this year u don't know how long they've been working on this game and they probably have separate teams don't say it's not happening when u don't know

  17. I hope they spent more years to perfect it like what they did with knights of the old republic.

    If they add these systems and worlds, it’s hard to accomplish for just a couple years. Maybe they will add 12 planets. I would be happy with 12 big maps to adventure out! But we will have to see what choices Ubisoft makes for this.

  18. Basically star citizen with the starwars universe. A game this complex would take at least 5 years no matter how much money you throw at it.

  19. Ubisoft and good do not belong in the same sentence.

  20. I reckon they'll use a lot of stuff from Beyond Good and Evil 2.

  21. massive huge open world mmo sequal to stawars galaxies sandbox in a star citizen type world in star wars universe in unreal 5.1 omg i cant wait with guilds all the profession systems ect im so excited our star wars dream are comeing true😁

  22. A remake of xw v tf would be my pick. Too much to ask I’d imagine, but I live in hope.

  23. That is exactly the type of Star Wars game I've been wanting for years. I like Ubisoft. I have fun playing their games. I like the way they build their progression systems. But my issue with them is I just don't believe they can deliver a great, deep & compelling story. Far Cry 5 had a good story, not great. Far Cry 6 was a lot of fun, story wasn't bad. I thought 5 was better. I enjoyed Watch Dogs 2 but again, just an average to good level story. I know they killed it back in the day with the original Assassins Creed games but it seems to me they are more about delivering a fun, engaging , addictive type experience these days rather than center their games around a great narrative like GOW, TLOU or HZD.

  24. I wish SW B2 was more like the 2015 BF. I love the first game it got a better vibe idk. AND HELL YEAH IM HYPED FOR THE UBI game

  25. 2 games a year will not be good

    They will probably not update their old games 🤦

  26. What are you talking about? Ubi makes terrible open world games…

  27. Great another Ubisoft go to the ? Point and click adventure game. Just like the last thousand and a half open world games they put out

  28. I cannot wait for this bug open world full of empty space. Really looking forward to do the same attack over and over, I'm gonna spend soooo much money on their in game real money stores because there will be soooo much loot on soooo many planets

  29. Will we see KOTOR between then and now or is that far down the road like 2030

  30. It will need to be good to be even half as good as swg.

  31. You're correct. It is too good to be true. Ubisoft is going to choke on its aspirations.

  32. if the open world star wars doesn't have a third person option i might be a little disappointed.

  33. There is no way this sees the light of day. Beyond Good and Evil 2 was supposed to be very similar to this, aaaaand.. Yeah, about that.

  34. Could somebody please teach the player in the video how to throw a grenade!!?? 🤣🤣

  35. Can Ubisoft focus on one game at a time instead of being the definition of ADHD

  36. Anyone ever heard of Star Citizen in these comments, I mean nothing is going to be as big as SC when its close to being released officially, though 10 years now in production….having PTSD even hearing about this game, this will just be another GTA wannabe or a prolonged failure, lets only hope Ubisoft does it right, but I dont see it

  37. You never know tho. It could actually release this year. You say otherwise but you gotta keep an open mind. They may choose to give us this open world Star Wars game this year

  38. This has me worried…. I dont want a Star Wars No Mans Sky. A bunch of empty planets

  39. I don't wanna only play as a stupid jedi, I wanna play as a Clone or storm Trooper or bounty hunter or smuggler

  40. You do realize the same team working on avatar is not the same team working on the star wars game?

  41. Open world Mandalorian game with story based mission sets like fighting for the empire , rebuilding mandalore or just good old bounty hunting would be a cool game .

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