This may FINALLY be the Jedi Star Wars VR game we DESERVED! -

This may FINALLY be the Jedi Star Wars VR game we DESERVED!

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This very well could turn out to be the best Jedi Star Wars VR game and the one we’ve always wanted! Star Wars Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast is a Star War VR fan remaster that is currently in the early stages of development. You can find out more in Patreon here –

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  1. so why was there a random bible verse shown in the middle of the video?

  2. Imagine if young Star Wars fans from the late 70s and 80s traveled to today’s Time and played this, their minds would be so blown away.

  3. This looks absolutely amazing! Up until now my interest in VR has been very minimal. I'd get a VR setup just to play this.

  4. Oh when I first heard about this, I thought it was a remake of Dark Forces 2

  5. Disney doesn't have lightsabers they have lightbats. It looks like a cheap knock off.

  6. The shadows are missing. Hope that future versions will have this fixed. I doubt that i could play like that, even if the story was great… The immersion breaking factor is just too high.

  7. How come no one in the starwars universe thought to dual wield a blaster with a lightsaber. There should be a count to how many laser bullets are left since you can pick up the stormtroopers blasters. Also with how scared Jabba was of those thermal detonators I'd expect the explosion to be bigger and do large enough damage to completely demolish a whole room at least.

  8. You should try the outer rim mod on blade and sorcery

  9. I plaid this game on my original xbox I killed it. Great game.

  10. I’ve been saying this for a long time. If Disney would reboot the Jedi knight series in vr it would be huge

  11. How are fans able to make games as hobbys better than AAA companies that do it for a living?

  12. Honestly vr is just to much for me like actually looking around and moving your head it’s just crazy weird

  13. Listen bro we already have blade and sorcery outer rim

  14. IDK if this is out yet, but probably not but I imagine it needs a base game? It's currently on sale on Steam!!

  15. I was so happy until you said it’s on pcvr

  16. In the show the Mandalorian, Luke is the same age as he is in the Jedi Outcast video game. So everything Kyle Katarn did happened approximately around the same time as the events in the Mandalorian were happening.

  17. It amazes me how people think we are gonna be in some ready player one simulation anytime soon. Companies are spending millions and so far they are so far off.

  18. I personally need new starkiller games or force unleashed remakes. He may not be cannon anymore but he has the greatest abilities we are able to use on any force user.

  19. its so sad that some private persons can make a great star wars game and a multi billion dollar company isnt able to

  20. Needs the dismemberment mod, other than that…. Perfect

  21. Why don't they just make Star Wars Battlefront vr

  22. Does it work with Oculus Quest 2? Thank you!

  23. Yildirim Arda Akbas - Classical Music says:

    You know Blade & Sorcery outer rim exists right?

  24. Are you using a pc and streaming it to the quest 2 or is this solely on the quest?

  25. CAT FATHER. Trianglehead productions. says:

    damn it its things like this that make me want a pc.

  26. This is awesome!!
    Also ps – I enjoy/appreciate the intermittent scriptures throughout the video 🙂

  27. Bro you killed R2 what's wrong with you man LOL

  28. That first Stormtrooper is an absolute vet. Who stands with their back to a door? A moron. Who stands with their back to a door and ALSO can't hear the sound of the door opening? Veteran Stormtrooper there xD

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