This New FPS is set during the Russia-Ukraine Conflict... -

This New FPS is set during the Russia-Ukraine Conflict…

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Glory to the Heroes is a new Military FPS set during the current Russia-Ukraine conflict and is bringing a Single Player Campagin alongside Multiplayer PVP. What are your thoughts?
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  1. Would be sad if the office of them gets a "hello" from a Russian rocket 😂

  2. Why we had games take place in Afghanistan while we were still there

  3. There isn't much to balance for russian side. Their conscripts are sent to war with little to no training, running across open fields for Ukrainian snipers to pick them off. Like meat to the grinder

  4. There is a war going on and they are making a video game about it ? These people are sick . I hear some in Ukraine are making it . That doesn't make it any better. Entertainment off of people dying on both sides because people rejected peace and didn't listen . Of course Ukraine would do this because everything is a fudging show like the counter offensives promo .Smh . This war could have been avoided but right now the war needs to end with talks that benefit Russia and Ukraine . But not the U.S. , the West NATO and their money hungry puppets in Kiev because they brought about this conflict since 2014 and are only making things worse . To hell with NATO . We will never have peace as long as it is around . This is too soon . Media about wars happen after the war is over .

  5. Hopefully they show the side of the seperatists or Russians

  6. yeah lets play as litteral fucking nazis. good job in mindwashing. this game is brought to you by the cia and victoria "fuck the eu" nuland.

  7. I kinda hate that they using Unreal Marketplace assets.

  8. Most likelu it will it be a power fantasy of stomping the Russians lol

  9. I personally don’t have a problem with bringing in modern conflicts but I can see why some people do

  10. Hope this doesnt get the media treatment that Six Days In Fallujah had to go through and they go no filter its about time games teaches us about the horrors of war without actually nearly dying experiencing it like SDIF devs had so many problems with the media and cancel culture but they are finally releasing it

  11. I am okay with the game being made if the campaign isn't one huge Ukrainian propaganda of them thinking they are winning a war..when multiple cities have been wiped from the face of Ukraine forever.Also why can't we play as Russian in the game?

  12. Love the ruzzian supporters crying in the comments.

  13. Can you play on the side of the Donetsk Republic militia forces and Lugansk/Luhansk Republic militia forces. I hope you will be able to.

  14. So they only add one side? Sounds like there just trying to play it off as Ukraine good Russia bad when both sides are some of the most corrupt nations on earth.

  15. If this isn’t allowed, anything about ww2 shouldn’t be either

  16. In my opinion, I believe this game tackles this topic too early, considering the ongoing war and the significant number of casualties. The political implications behind this topic are still extremely sensitive. I understand that some people might argue, "Putting politics aside, this game looks very good!" However, politics are intertwined with everything, regardless of how entertaining the game may be. It cannot overlook the sensitivity of the political situation.

    On the other hand, this game could potentially be a successful venture, similar to anti-war movies about World War II. It could serve as a message to the world about the horrors of war. If this game accomplishes that, it might become a major hit. However, if it mishandles the subject matter, it could be seen as propaganda.

  17. meh more ukrainian propaganda. ill wait for a neutral party to create a game of this conflict.

  18. It’s gonna be heavily biased. Im favour of the Ukrainian side. Which is bad considering the history of this conflict. Russia needs to release a game to make it fair

  19. Just glad it’s being developed by people from Ukrain and not some Swedish or some shit mf

  20. Thats cool and all but when does it release? Maybe I missed it so I apologize if mentioned.

  21. So you can’t play as the Russians ?

  22. Frankly its too soon to make games on the Ukraine – Russian conflict

  23. I wouldn't call this game controversial, I'd call it propaganda. If this was made by a developer in say, Japan or Columbia, controversial. But it's made by Ukrainians, I'll guarantee it is going to be VERY pro Ukrainian because they want to get people in addition to purchasing their product, donating money and wanting to fill in boots. I don't say this with venom like "how dare you get people wanting to support you in your war!", it just is what it is

  24. Its just a bunch of people that either have no clue what the 1st Amendment is (or are in countries where it does not apply), or they want to restrict the 1st Amendment to suit their needs only (where applicable in the world).

    Simply put, its never too soon, its creative license and when its done right its good stuff, when its done wrong people will dislike it and it will fail.

  25. Well… I might as well pretend to be offended. Its the right thing to do, I guess.

  26. looks like star wars lol but i like the idea tho.

  27. Its a good thing theure ukrianian team so they get a pass for making this game and wont get cancelled due to how sensitive people are

  28. I can't wait to see the horror ensuing among the other Russian players as I equip a Wagner patch and start friendly firing.

  29. Holy shit There is destruction?!
    Sign me the fuck on

  30. idk, this feels too battlefield-y for a real life war that's happening right now and affecting countless lives. I don't know if it feels too soon, but then again, can I say? It's not like I'm ukrainian, maybe they would like more light to be shed on the war or something. But I kinda feel like a game like this, about a real life war, should be more like six days in Fallujah or something (By this i just mean more grounded)

  31. The vehicle I’m really excited for is the bmw 6 series with the mg mounted on the trunk

  32. This big fry dude jealous he ain’t made a game. Lol. Hating on operation doorstop. Shit where’s your game at dude. Lol. And its free

  33. When are they going to make a game that isnt anti russian propaganda ?

  34. Let's get real they needed our weapons and resources in real life. & we in America needed a new war game :). Good game. Definitely interested in it. Good graphics and I was wondering if they would make an Iraq war one.

  35. they cant be revealing where the Ukraine forces spawn in 💀💀

  36. Nato is supporting ukraine by giving them millions of dollars to kill Russians why can't ukraine make a game to support ukraine more

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