This Nuclear War Simulator is SCARY DETAILED! -

This Nuclear War Simulator is SCARY DETAILED!

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  1. When you retaliate, it makes no sense to do a 'counter-force' attack. Your opponent's silos and airbases are already empty, so why waste your warheads on them?

  2. After watching this I think we can do it. We should go for it.

  3. In the first scenario in your video, hundreds of millions of people would be affected by radiation and it would shorten the lifespans of all generations alive at the time

  4. Hi there, read the Douay-Rheims Bible
    everyday for world peace & conversion.
    Don’t worry, that will not happen.
    Because God listen to his faithful
    ones prayers.

    Wisdom Chapter 19(DRB)
    19:1. But as to the wicked,
    even to the end there came
    upon them wrath without mercy. For
    he knew before also what they
    would do:

  5. Why youtubers not mentioning that USA have no Hypersonic Missile and no Capabilities to intercept Hypersonic Missiles?.. If you are making a Simulation, try to put the reality. If real Nuclear War [WWIII] happens, USA will never survive if Russia use their Hypersonic Nuclear Arsenal. Russia can Intercept 50-80% of all USA best Missiles, but USA cannot intercept even a single Nuclear Hypersonic Missile of Russia. You should put that in your mind.

  6. Reminds me of the 1983 movie WarGames.
    Yeah I'm old.

  7. I do like looking at stuff like this; but I wonder how did they get this info

  8. Tg is teragrams, or one trillion grams. One trillion grams is one billion kilograms is one million metric tons. 40.8 Tg of soot means 40,800,000 metric tons of soot. But seriously, consider how much one gram of soot is. Then imagine 40.8 trillion more of that.

  9. As soon as a nuke is launched Russia would detect it. Would detect within a minute. Same with the US. Even in 1995 a rocket was launched to take data from the norther lights and Russia detected it

  10. I hope that the German government will soon decide to ban all nuclear weapons stationed by the USA from our country. The term "Nuclear Shield" is simply misleading, because nuclear weapons cannot protect a country from anything, they only make it a target.

  11. ah yes, the cold war if it was an actual nuclear war

  12. "Leaving this world isn't as scary as it sounds."

  13. Would be cool if you actually told us what this tool is. It's not in the description or anything.

  14. > Not actually a game.
    > On steam for $30.
    ….uuummmmhhhhhhuuuuummmmm. Interesting.

  15. Nuclear winter is sort of a myth. Like Nuclear war could affect the climate in a very minor way but its not actually going to cause a very long world wide winter. We kind of learned from when the Iraqi army blew up all those Kuwaiti oil fields a bunch of scientists were saying it could cause world wide winter. Didnt happen.

  16. When the Third World becomes the new First World.

  17. The Russians didn't target the Nevada Triangle, Area51?

  18. I think I would live I didn’t get nukes i don’t think

  19. "Were not going to make it, are we…..People I mean"

    ~John Connor

  20. The woman in the basement is hella dead. The heat, shockwave, and quakes should have her tenderized.

  21. Nice fantasy, it's like we live in an alternate universe where anti air rockets do not exist, as if EMP won't be used, as if mosCOW isn't just a few miles outside NATO borders, while Washington is thousands of miles away (HUGE advantage), meaning they will be erased way before they try to launch their antique nuclear bombs who may or may not work, and at that point we can focus on the rockets trajectories in peace without worrying about any russian conventional military threat, the only reason why russia isn't totally flattened is because US and Europe hope that the russian people will revolt and save themselves and become useful participants in the world economy again, as of right now they are being held hostage by a gang criminal and his decades of propaganda brainwashing, but if nuclear war does happen and push comes to shove they will have to be sacrificed, unfortunately.

  22. World governments like to play chess and all civilizations/people are the fodder. Who’s to say that the loser isn’t going to just flip the chessboard? Einstein said it best, and I’m paraphrasing here, “WW3 will be fought with nuclear energy; WW4 will be fought with sticks and stones”.

  23. I live in Minnesota. My prep for all out nuclear war is just the pizza in my freezer, a fat bowl, and a handgun… 😂 im going out my way. F Russia.

  24. This with hoi4 would be good. Like a backround mod.

  25. That MAD simulation was clearly super flawed. Russia would launch their nukes MUCH sooner, not after all of the US nukes had hit. And then their counterattack 90% of their nukes hit one single confined area in the middle of the US, which just doesn't make sense. Next Russia then somehow pulls of sending a lot bombers into canada (somehow totally unopposed) and fires a bunch of missiles at the US. Meanwhile the US has almost no airplanes at all to counter those Russian bombers (???). What the actual frog is going on in this malfunctioning simulator?

  26. 👌👉Avisó atualisaaa simulador y añadan Starchip de spacex 300 megaton o 400 megaton el coete alargados qué ultradamud vio en sus visiones👈

  27. can you show what 70% 0f Russian nuclear , or around 4000 warheads spread from Alaska down to the whole western, southern and Eastern coast of the continental US would look like and will any life can survive under such nuclear strike?

  28. What would the physical effects checkmark show?

  29. Kind of crazy this came across the recommended. Oof.
    Who knew. Ooo the system did.

  30. Sounds like Peter Griffin
    When he said Nooo! 😂

  31. Hi, always pray for conversion.
    No nuclear war.

    Job 36(DRB)
    36:19. Lay down thy greatness without
    tribulation, and all the mighty of

  32. What is scary is that if it ever did happen (God help us), from Russia to the USA, it would take about 25 to 30 minutes before the end of life, and I am currently living in the UK; 20 minutes is all I have to hold my family tight before the great flash.

  33. Except that the radiation fallout is inaccurate. The algorithms entered for nuclear fallout in this game, is based on the old style manufacturing method of making nuclear based weapons. Todays weapons are cleaner and disperse a significantly less amount of radiation (of all types).

  34. Most Russian submarines wouldn't have had the time to fire their ICBM's if ICBM war broke out. USA submarines were trailing Russian subs throughout the cold war undetected due to eliminating superfluous noise, and design of new propulsion. The USA had the Soviet Union's sub routines down to a literal science, and the USA submarines were on constant standby to destroy any Soviet Sub that appeared to have hostile intent. Despite a few close calls, no Soviet subs were pre-emtivly destroyed by the USA submariners. Many years later, Soviet submarines didn't know they have been tracked until late in the cold war (1979-1990) when the Robert Hanssen sold intelligence to the Soviet Union, (revealing the submarine tech and maneuvers over time). Airpower would have been the Soviets best chance to destroy infastructure before the 1980's.

  35. Do you think you would survive a nuclear attack?

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