This Vietnam War Game is Super Creepy -

This Vietnam War Game is Super Creepy

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The VC strike in Shellshock 2, an old game which needs a modern, better remake. It hits the right vibes with the horror aspects but falls apart in other aspects (apparently).


  1. again, the player is a terminator, but in this game, even too armored😵

  2. Normal people- aim
    This guy- hip fire will do

  3. Interesting. Lol that Sargent guy is the guy who voiced Arthur MORGAN

  4. Met an ex CIA guy who was in Cambodia… Safe to say the black pajamas and all were accurate…

  5. Reminds of manhunt a little bit.

  6. I remember the boddies nailed to the walls with machetes and their legs cut off

  7. Holy shit i dont even know what this is yet, and the beginning was SO Grab the AK lol…those baby cries make it so creepy.

  8. Dude this game was so before it’s time. The animations and scenes are so realistic. The low hud makes it feel like tarkov just in vietnam, and low poly lol

  9. Tried to get into it but it felt so piss poor maybe a good remaster would bring in the attention it deserves

  10. Looks like just another Zombie game. Also, the hand gun grip is crap. Find someone with legit hand gun skills to see how a experienced gun handler holds a hand gun. Geezzz… Get it right!

  11. Needs a non liberal aaa studio to polish this puppy up.

  12. I remember both this snd the first shellshock game both masterful storytelling and but in very different ways

  13. I loved the first game a lot more. I thought this one sucked ass.

  14. Conflict Vietnam was the last one I played..PC game they put on a Xbox

  15. This in UE5 would be a great opportunity

  16. Shellshock Nam ‘67 was wayyy better than blood trails, but zombies were the new big thing when this game was being developed and I respect their decision to step into something like this. Interesting game, played through it a bunch. Not bad. 7/10

  17. @ 9:00 into the game, & haven't picked up an assault rifle yet!! SERIOUSLY!!.. 🤨

  18. As janky and rough as this game was, it's opening level is some of the most visceral scenery and atmosphere I've ever experienced in a game. That more central living area like apartments and the baby crying along with the women screaming is ingrained in my mind from when I originally played this game in high school when it was new THAT now after many years of not even thinking about the game. That section gave me flashbacks and got my skin to crawl.

    With all the modern and highly accessible engines available for even a solo dev, it could be rather simple to remake this game and scrub all the bad gameplay mechanics, but keep the core tone and theme of the game just improved. This game would be far more easy to remake in Unreal Engine than say a fan or small dev team trying to remake Area 51 Blacksite. Another game with lots of potential that was plagued with so many janky and underwhelming other parts. Rebellion really dropped the ball on this sequel in everything but the atmosphere and theme. As the rest of the game feels like and looks like a game four-five years behind 2009. How Rebellion fucked so bad on the game overall I'll never understand, but everything else about it has been imprinted in my mind, whether I think about the game or not. I most certainly deserves a remake or a game that is similar to it.

    It is a shame none have tried, yet.

  19. Damn Arthur Morgan kinda sounds like Griffin

  20. The soldiers look almost alike good thing the game make them shout first.

  21. Is this being played through RCPS3 or whatever the emulator is called?

  22. First Vietnam depiction I've seen that is not green.

  23. rising storm 2 vietnam the best ptsd simulator

  24. rising storm 2 vietnam the best ptsd simulator

  25. This game is shit, play original Shellshock Nam '67

  26. El primer episodio es malísimo pero me encantan los entornos aterradores de la fortaleza francesa

  27. Shellshock1 was insane …once u became the rambo clone it was nutz,u could litterally crawl n knife every enemy in silence..and the weird temple mission & suicide sappers ,also the overun base at the end..was crazy good game,was 3rd person tho,so when boobytraps got you you saw your legs or head..reach for the sky in a spray of gore lol

  28. Question is why this game got such unfavorable reviews?

  29. Graphics not bad but texturing and modeling and animation maybe

  30. ive played this awhile ago when i was young i was terrified

  31. I remember so many people hating on this game, watching the gameplay myself now, I really love the atmosphere of this game and you can really tell they focused on it the most (since graphics and gunplay are apparently bad)

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