This Vietnam War Game is Super Creepy -

This Vietnam War Game is Super Creepy

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The VC strike in Shellshock 2, an old game which needs a modern, better remake. It hits the right vibes with the horror aspects but falls apart in other aspects (apparently).


  1. I actually beat this game when I was way younger.

  2. Nam is very different with Arthur Morgan this games is freaky as shit

  3. I remember everyone shitting on this game back when it came out. It wasn't like the first Shellshock at all but I got enjoyment out of it. The M60 in this game was sooo good and I'll never forget the first time I got to choose to either finish my opponent off by smashing his head in with my gun or blow his head apart point blank.

  4. Yeah, this game was basically a Nam themed Dementium. A solid enough game on its own, but a nightmare of a story. 8/10, would play again if I can find a working copy of it

  5. Never played this one but I really enjoyed the 1st game

  6. Wtf this is the silliest game ever? Plus the gameplay is shit wtf are you people talking about? Whole game is ass lol

  7. Is that fucking Roger Clark!?!!? Arthur Morgan in Vietnam bro…

  8. is there any way to download this game at all? havent found anything so far and Id love to play it

  9. You guys might have thought it was fucked up him killing that wounded Marine but it happened more than you know. Him crying out could have got them all got!!

  10. This game feels like if COD made BO2 in WWII with the game shifting into zombie cannon. It feels like real Vietnam turning into a hell hole from another dimension from the atmosphere. How they could make something decently accurate feeling that turns into a horror game is really interesting writing.

  11. You couldn't give me the playlist game

  12. This was one of my favourite games from that era, the atmosphere, dismemberment, vietnam and the dark tone was awesome. I was surprised when I seen YT videos saying it was one of the worst games.

  13. we need an actual vietnam war game, not this. WW2 is way over done.

  14. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is also amazing, though its more of a tactical shooter instead of a story mode game

  15. Thefirst shellshock game was pretty bad mechanically. SS 2 was panned on release.

  16. This game is in my collection. It's absolute trash.

  17. They don't make video games like they used to a super compelling story

  18. I love how the enemies scream in your face emotionless with their dead eyes during those "wrestling" sequences LOL

  19. i been trying to remember what this game was called for so long. its been bothering me for years

  20. if i remember correctly, this game was banned (at least temporarily or edited down) in Australia

  21. I remember playing this game when i was 5, no wonder i am a psychopath

  22. Solid game but I always liked Shellshock Nam 67’ on the ps2 more.


  24. The Woke-ists made Vietnam games impossible to market..

    Give it a couple of years and we can make one again.

  25. 11:00
    NPC: bangs on door
    Player: bursts 7 high-velocity rifle rounds through door
    NPC: knocks again, completely unconcerned
    NPC: roasts another NPC doing the same shit

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