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Titanfall 2 – The War Games Gameplay Trailer

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New devastating moves complement new battlegrounds in this new content for Titanfall 2, The War Games.

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  1. I saw that Ogre model in the Wargames intro, this sooooo confirms Ramm

  2. Really makes me wonder what sick execution they'll make for A-Wall

  3. Now that's a bad ass GAME!!!!…. Got me sweating 😨

  4. This looks awesome, looking forward to buy Titanfall 2 after I finish my exams.

    Also, it would be amazing if we could get Rise back, it was my favourite map of all Titanfall.

  5. They didn't even bother mentioning the biggest part of this update. You can now carry three weapons; Primary, Secondary, and Anti-Titan. I think that's a huge balance shift.

  6. All people care about is free stuff, no matter bad it is, if all this was paid for, People would complain.

  7. what he did to those 5 pilots are illegal in 5 states

  8. even if you don't like this stuff you can't complain because it's all free dlc

  9. These guys ruining tf2 by releasing in origin and along with battlefield 1

  10. TF2 is a great game, def deserved to sell a few mill. But, the one thing that made me get bored of playing was the lack of guns and perks. It had a shit load of cosmetic stuff that i'm not interested in at all.

  11. Well all I see on the trailer is everyone runing arround with 1HP and getting one-shot by everything arround them.

  12. Is it titanfall or call of duty black ops?

  13. I loved the first game.A dam site better than same old bloody boring C.O.D.For me,the main selling point of this game was the fact any new Comer to this game had a good chance of getting kills.Eventhou I'm 50 years old now, and I'm not as fast as I used to be,(back when I first started at age of 5 ,1972).If you spend your gaming time on other games, TF1/2 does not punish you . however C.O.D ect most certainly does.Its a shame TF2 was a big flop.

  14. so the original Titanfall is officially dead?

  15. For anyone curious to pick this game up, while its true it doesn't have the biggest playerbase, unlike other shooters it doesn't have skill based matchmaking. So you actually end up finding a full lobby faster then games like Overwatch and Siege. You probably will get your ass kicked in the beginning because of this but if you stick with it, you'll have alot of fun with the multiplayer and parkour playground of a campaign.

  16. When the hell is playing a TTF2 match so full of fast paced combat?

  17. easily one of the best shooters on the market

  18. the war game map is awesome and the traffic map sucks every noob using awall and cloaked pilots with their g2 how are we gonna enjoy such a map ? don't know what u guyz were thinking worst map ever traffic

  19. Why did so many doomed titans go so agressive

  20. Time to kick on Titanfall 2 this week. The only FPS that has ever kept me coming back.

  21. how many playes this game still have on xbox one, is it worth to buy it ?

  22. And best of all it's free. This is most definitely my favorite triple game of 2016. What an amazing sequel but highly underrated.

  23. I played war games and I can assure you that anything you see, is for real

  24. the games good and easy to pick up while being hard to master. i love this game mainly because im pretty sure all my deaths are my fought and not rage quit because of instant kills like in cod. still want a new weapon though except add to more instead of just one. i would want more skill based weapon not line of sight. that and trap grenades, grenades that capture moving pilots and locks them in place like a bear trap or stasis field.

  25. Gets in Titan

    Hops out straight away


  26. This is for people who have actually beat the campaign so if u read this…. SPOILERS

    at the end of the campaign when BT-7274 self destructs and blows the planet, I think that they should include a game mode into that planet on what happens next. It could be like some scanners picked up a weird signature in the planet and had sent down some scientist to check it out. Then days later without a response they send down some marines, pilots, and titans to check out what happened to the scientist.
    This could kinda be like zombies in COD, but instead of the regular zombies, it could be with the aliens from the planet who have lived underground and have to come to the surface to live, or else the regular creatures have evolved to live in the harsh environment.
    They should then have a little campaign for this, or have something like what "Ghost" had in "extinction" which I think would help people not lose interest into this game as fast, and to give it a more exciting vibe.
    That's my opinion on something that they could add onto the next DLC which I think would get a lot of people interested!
    Thanks for reading and give a thumbs up if you agree! 👍

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