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Titanfall 2 – The War Games Gameplay Trailer

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New devastating moves complement new battlegrounds in this new content for Titanfall 2, The War Games.

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  1. If only phase rewind worked as fast as that portrai it in the trailer,and,and…umThats it,really nothing else to complain about from this game

  2. woo, we can now finally carry three weapons lol

  3. This game makes me shit myself each time I come up behind somebody.

  4. Oh great, yay, more money being thrown at the multiplayer Sarcasm

  5. Respawn certainly knows how to make a solid trailer.

  6. loved war games in the 1st game! shame not many played it because it was paid dlc originally

  7. Ohh i have so many nice memories of getting owned in this map back in titanfall. Now i can get shit on all over again.

  8. damn…they're supporting the Fuk outta this game. Bravo.

  9. is the online playerbase dead for this game? I want to get it

  10. Employee 1: How can we make a fun FPS experience for our first game? We need to look at major titles for reference.

    Employee 2: How about Call of Duty?

    Employee 3: I'm thinking Halo

    Employee 1: Or maybe Battlefield

    Me: Slaps all 3 of them Titanfall 2…

  11. The best part about these trailers is that all the stuff in it actually happens in game. If anything, the trailers are pretty tame compared to actual gameplay

  12. i wonder how long it took them to make this trailer

  13. Is it weird that this is the first FPS I've played online?

  14. I really wish this game hadn't come out like 2 weeks after BF1 and gotten the attention at release it deserved :/

  15. how about stopping with the remastered maps and add new maps,titans,guns,classes

  16. if anyone was wondering.. yes people do still play this game! including myself! i Love Titanfall 2.

  17. It takes so goddamn long to update my Titanfall 2

  18. Ah the memories of the days playing on this map.

  19. every dlc to this game looks so sick , and I DONT even own this game.

  20. As someone who is in the market for a good shooter I only have one question… Is Titanfall 2 worth the money?

  21. Respawn should stop making these trailers, it's making other games look so bad.

  22. God this game looks so fucking fun but I always miss it whenever it goes on sale ;_;

  23. I have to say good on respawn to keep on supporting the game this far past launch. And with such good content

  24. They sure know how to make a trailer look good. It’s a shame I don’t enjoy the game.

  25. Just bought this game. It's only 20$ on amazon

  26. That's not a new map …..Where is the new map ??

  27. I saw that Ogre model in the Wargames intro, this sooooo confirms Ramm

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