Tons Of New Modes! Apex Legends War Games Event Patch Notes & Trailer Reaction! -

Tons Of New Modes! Apex Legends War Games Event Patch Notes & Trailer Reaction!

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Tons Of New Modes! Apex Legends War Games Event Patch Notes & Trailer Reaction!
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Full details here:

The new War Games Event features five rotating takeover modes with never-before-seen modifiers, a new rewards track, and new skins.

Play five rotating limited-time takeovers over two weeks. Shields regenerate in Shield Regen, round time is reduced whenever a Legend dies in Killing Time, automatically retrieve fallen banners in Auto Banners, compete for top loot in Ultra Zones, and get a free respawn in Second Chance. Plus check out the store to get bold new cosmetics. Everybody loves a little Mayhem — get out there and make Maggie proud.

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  1. Swear the event ain't even out yet and I'm already dissapointed, just recolours and some kinda silly gamemodes.

  2. i never understand reaction videos, just react to it yourself. why do you need someone else to watch it for you?

  3. What’s the point of the modes if you can t unlock badges!

  4. With Wattson shield regen you will recover exactly 100 shield health in 8 seconds. As anybody else, you’ll only get to 96 shield health (yeah, I know it’s not that big a difference but whatever).

  5. congrats on 400k by the way. really nice growth lately

  6. Game: shields passively regen
    Me, who just unlocked watts today: yo wtf

  7. All the different modes were only shown on Kings Canyon in the trailer
    Do you think the event will be limited to that one map?

  8. So I wanted to point out I just watched the video on the Nessie and possibly having to do with worshiping simulacrums, and then a video game ad popped up with a song about forcing people to worship AI in the background.

    The ad was for outriders and the song was “We Appreciate Power”, just in case anyone wanted to know 🙂

  9. Awesome! More recoloured skins we're expected to pay full price for!

  10. I thought the gaming merchant was that one guy with a fluffy combover and he used too do top 5s but I guess it’s not gim

  11. What do you think about the lifeline shield nerf?

  12. I know I’m reaching here, but does anyone wanna play some apex with me? I have a friend and we’re trying to get to diamond but we need a third player.

  13. What happens if the lobby doesn’t kill each other in the killing time GM

  14. I need Wattson cosmetics if they ain't giving her any meaningful changes

  15. "Shields regenerate"
    Octane Mains: "Today's a good day, to cheat death"

  16. Well thats disappointing, was kinda hoping for more than reskins and minor tweaks to collect data. Hopefully season 9 wont be so forgettable

  17. With the octane game play I don’t know how you do it I’m trying to get 2k I don’t go school cause I’m dislected and I get billed but this puts me up I would really like if you would play with me so you could get me 2k

  18. I really thought mate was going to look like Itemp because of the accent. Mans is wolverine

  19. Where is the livestream you didn’t keep it on YouTube???

  20. Okay hear me out
    Why is he actually so cute

  21. I am subscribed and have the bell on and I like but I don't know what the apex coins giveaway is about if it is even real

  22. I want to play apex but I can't because of my ps4 it won't let me play any game

  23. I may be able to get 4K damage and 20 kills during this event finally 🤔

  24. I am sorry but TMG looks like the toy collector from Toy story 3.😂😂😂

  25. I was hoping for a day or two with ALL of these modes in one game. Would be hilarious

  26. I want that lifeline skin sooò bad

  27. Would be perfect if they left it permanently and keep adding more modes to it and we also need another trap op like caustic but with landmines or tripwires

  28. You sound abit like Harry hill…
    Where you from in the U.K.?

  29. Welp they're all takeovers so I guess I'm gonna have to go ruin people's ranked games screwing around in those instead.

  30. Bruh, you NEED to get a nicer background and camera setup… it’s really letting your videos down IMO… everything else is great like

  31. エイムショットレジェンズ says:

    Wattson in ringflare mode: I can cheat to.

    Wattson in shield regen mode: wait.. your cheating! where's the respawn devs when you need them!

  32. there's a thing to scan on the blue firing range targets

  33. Please no one buy any skins of lazy recolors until Respawn addresses the glaring issues and bugs affecting the game.

  34. They should have put all 5 of those game modes together in to one thing that would be so fun and chaotic

  35. the killing time should be in the game as a feature. It could help speed up slower matches

  36. Me being a switch player now who needs a pro a controller after playing from season 0-2 and regretting I didn't play in worlds edge but me still dominating in the game

  37. Now no one will complement my Lifeline iron crown skin since everyone will have that even cooler re-color

  38. War games was a Titanfall 2 map everybody loved

  39. This is not what i expected you to look like bro.

  40. Would be cool if they fixed day 1 problems instead of just making more skins, and cash grabs

  41. I would love that armor regen thing. But i wonder if that won't make the game too campy. We'll have to wait and see.

  42. Why did I only get to play 2 modes during this event.

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