Top 10 Best Real Tiime strategy games for Android and iOS -

Top 10 Best Real Tiime strategy games for Android and iOS

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[00:00] Intro
[00:31] #1: War Alert: Red Lords
[01:20] #2: Expanse
[01:46] #3: RedSun
[02:24] #4: Command and conquer: Rivals
[03:11] #5: Mushroom Wars 2
[03:51] #6: Rebel Inc.
[04:35] #7: Galaxy Reavers
[05:21] #8: War of Kings
[06:04] #9: Boom beach
[06:49] #10: Art of War 3

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  1. Art of war 3 is one of rhe best rts game in mobile phone. I wish it'll get more Player base

  2. Yes! Art of War 3 is the best! I am the main U.S. English Commentary for the game. Thank you for the review you did. 👍 Great video. With their new Heroes on the way the action will increase! Let me know if you would like to talk more about Art of War 3. 🤜💥🤛

  3. Ахах, Pay to War 3: Global donat

  4. Just to correct art of war 3 it's free but you got pay to win…. the best strategy game that I ever play but again very expensive game….

  5. How I wish SC could be on mobile 🙁 but nahhh….Activision doesnt give a crap anymore

  6. No conflict of nations or call of war?

  7. Yes Art of war 3 its best strstegi in phon I play this gama and this game so coll reale so coll

  8. art of war is the best stratagy game ever. .then clash of clans 🙂

  9. Молодец! Супер! Вот это Стратег вот это подбор хороших стратегий LIKE!
    Все стратегии кроме Command and Conquer Rivals я играл! И знаю что они ооочень класные!

  10. Command and Conquer rivals was so disappointing.

  11. Art of war is the only rts game available in smartphones rest are just Single tap ai controlled games where you cannot do much.

  12. Five days ago, we have launched a new game – "World War 4 Endgames", which is a vast and indepth game of virtual economy where you play a role of a citizen in a dystopian world following an aftermath of World War 3, where you work for virtual money, train, produce different types of goods, sell goods, buy/sell stocks, travel to different places, and strategically fight in battles to help your country dominate the rest of the world. As players continue to fight against each other for domination for resources, raids, etc. there is also a doomsday concept as the season ends in 100 days. This is available only on Google Play Store, and we hope to get this game reviewed as well as the concept is quite unique with survival twist at the end.

  13. Наши ребята зделали последнюю в этом списке но первую в своем жанре пользуйтесь

  14. 'Risk' is the best and simple real time strategy game. 👌👌👌

  15. Aow 3 is the only game with fully controllable units plus its very realistic!

  16. When i saw the thumbnail i already lnow art of war jad to be here

  17. I dont know whats happening to the developers?!!
    Really… These are the best games you have?!!!

  18. ზურა ასათიანი says:

    Warfare incorporated, try it

  19. A bit late, Thanks for including art of war 3 in this game review! 🙂

    The player base is steadily growing specially with the new upcoming updates and developments 😁

    For those who want to learn to play Art of War 3 I have some guides that are useful in my channel 🙂

  20. Te falto rise of kingdoms, el heredero de age of empires en mobiles

  21. Can’t believe it didn’t include battle plans.

  22. Redsun was refrence to red alert but

    For mobile users

  23. #2 Expance is really similar to DUNE 2000 in playstation

  24. There was a game like mushroom wars but with romans exclusively on iOS and it cost 1 dollar, I want to know the name of the game

  25. East or west art of war 3 will always be the best

  26. I can confirm that command and conquer is actually a very fun game

  27. Try us conflict its the best better than art of war 3 💯

  28. Addictive Game art of war 3 dont know how to stop play it

  29. I really like Galaxy Reavers, it's a great game!

  30. Wow I just downloaded your #1 before watching this

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