Top 10 best realistic military shooters on PC -

Top 10 best realistic military shooters on PC

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In this video we’re running down the top 10 best realistic tactical shooters on PC. If you’re into your immersive military FPS games, and we mean really into them, then you’ll want to give this video a watch. We’ve got new FPS games like Insurgency: Sandstorm and World War 3, and old favourites like ARMA 3 and Full Spectrum Warrior.

Be sure to let us know in the comments if there are any hardcore shooters you’re particularly fond of that we missed. Enjoy!

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  1. rainbow six trash is not a tactical game it's csgo 2 now

  2. Never even occured to me that rainbow six was a realistic shooter

  3. Go through the game without getting shot. Then you're winning…

  4. Have you ever been in the military and served in conflict? 'Realistic war game' can only be judged by squaddies/veterans.

  5. i think he have any personal hate for call of duty

  6. Every game has this one thing that isnt realistic:
    Everyone has one eye
    Istead of the sight being in the middle
    It should be a little to the sides because that is what it i slike in real life

  7. The main games are not there
    -Call of duty

  8. Me : Yes, download it plz, i rlly want play it
    My laptop : plz no, i will die if you download that


  10. I love ww3 but noone else plays it. has basically no community. beats the f**k out of cod.

  11. I want an extremely realistic shooter with extremely detailed graphics, and literally NO hud at all

  12. WW3 is apparently dead… look at steam reviews!

  13. "It's all about realism" said as a dude gets quickscoped. Look, I love Insurgency: Sandstorm, but it is not quite an "ultra realistic" FPS. It is for sure more realistic than CoD or Battlefield, but still definitely not Arma or Squad. If anything, I'd put it in a similar zone as Rising Storm 2: Vietnam. I haven't played WW3, but from what I heard (but don't quote me on this, again, I never played it), it will essentially be a Battlefield game with realism levels similar to that of Insurgency: Sandstorm or RS2:V. As for Sniper Elite… why is this even here? I would honestly consider it to be less realistic than CoD on Hardcore.

  14. how can i download world war 3 if it is in early acces

  15. and where is…call of duty modern warfare

  16. Arma 3 is a brilliant game. However the physics, AI, servers need work.

  17. Sniper Elite LMAO! What about Post Scriptum? Hell Let Loose ? The original Operation Flashpoint ?

  18. A played a game called “Not real life”. It’s more realistic than real life though

  19. Hey, very well put. Finally a video that doesn't recommend CS:GO ffs <3

  20. where can i download ,,American Army" ? it is on Steam ??

  21. "realistic military shooters" -> guys let's show sniper elite 4 -> what the…

  22. Mujhe…chahiye…

  23. Surprised hell let loose, rising storm 2, or post scriptum Didnt make the list

  24. All the fun I missed while being on console🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ I am so glad I made the switch

  25. Arma 3 thats it thats all besides that arma 2 besides that arma….

  26. I look up for the first game 00:12 never found it What is the name of that game? Thx

  27. The best realistic war game is world war 2 ITS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOODDDDDDDDDDDDD I WANT YOU TO PLAY IT

  28. They DID NOT put Verdun on this list 😂😂 i played the game on PS and it literally has ps1 graphics it’s complete sh!t and I don’t even think y’all understand what milsim means.

  29. What is the most realistic war game you've played?

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