Top 10 NEW WAR GAMES of 2021 -

Top 10 NEW WAR GAMES of 2021

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War in video games is a common theme, but only a select few make it their entire focus. Here are some war games to look forward to.
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Platform : PC
Release Date : August 27, 2021

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2
Platform : PC PS4 Xbox One XSX|S 4 June 2021
Release Date : PS5 24 August 2021

Medic: Pacific War
Platform : PC
Release Date : 2021

War on the Sea
Platform : PC
Release Date : February 3, 2021

Iron Conflict
Platform : PC
Release Date : 8 January, 2021

Platform : PC PS4 PS5 XBOX ONE XSX|S
Release Date : March 2, 2021

Hell Let Loose
Platform : PC July 27, 2021
Release Date : PS5 XSX|S October 5, 2021

Halo Infinite
Platform : PC XBOX ONE XSX|S
Release Date : December 8, 2021

Call of Duty: Vanguard
Platform : PC PS4 PS5 XBOX ONE XSX|S
Release Date : November 5, 2021

Battlefield 2042
Platform : PC PS4 XBOX ONE PS4 XSX|S
Release Date : November 19, 2021

Platform : PC Stadia
Release Date : 17 August 2021


  1. Sprocket looks like Garbage, falcon high as fuck

  2. 7:30 stfu it was completly fair criticism you are just a chill chicken

  3. The thing about bf2042 is that it doesn't have a campaign, and I probably like the campaigns more than the actual Multyplayer

  4. I made the mistake of buying Hell Let Loose, cannot stand that game, a tedious walking simulator. But it has some tedious memories attached to it.

    I know people who rant good things about it, but personally meh. Give me Battlefield anyway..just not BF1!

  5. the best thing about the enlisted is that it is made from the same developers that makes war thunder so they use the same tank mechanics and especially the damage model

  6. Modern warfare 2 multiplayer needs to be remastered. It would sell so well

  7. How can you be "the best world war II game" when you are including things that really did not exist at the time, like red dot sights? COD has been slowly going downhill since Modern Warfare 3.

  8. people like to watch the snaps of gameplay rather than the trailer.. so they can get better idea

  9. This was the video (more like the comments) that made me realise Jake Baldino is not Falcon

  10. I'm afraid they will ruin vanguard just like BF2042 and cyberpunk2077. Please don't ruin it

  11. Seeing a trailer, or some recorded gameplay is something, and actually playing the game is something else, in most cases you will be either disappointed by poor graphics, poor mechanics, or both. Nothing so far can come close to the quality of Battlefield games. Period.

  12. Hell let loose is probably the best ww2 shooter I’ve played on console , and most immersive tbh.

  13. I'm sorry but this guy's voice is too Disney Channel for me he doesn't sound like he's a gamer at all

  14. It always sounds like he's trying to be a radio personality on iHeartRadio trying to appeal to the masses

  15. Medic: Pacific War. A game about 'Doss' at Hacksaw Ridge…

    3:12 The enemy soldiers don't look Japanese they look European…

  16. I notice that your letters and numbers under the videos have become smaller and smaller..
    Almost impossible to read on a smartphone.

  17. Cod and bf have really gone off the deep end.

  18. jbo mater could you write the name of the game even smaller

  19. I have been plying battlefield for 10+ years. Sad to say 2042 is unplayable. I started playing Hell Let Loose yesterday. I look forward to their future developments!

  20. What makes Enlisted an MMO? Are BF and CoD also MMOs? It's just a multiplayer FPS, no?

  21. Call of duty vanguard 🤦🏽‍♂️👎

  22. They would get so much money if they just brought back black ops2 same everything maybe update graphics but change nothing of the controls. It was and is one of the best ever multiplayer games out there and keep the zombies same don’t change it into anything of how these games are today. I would seriously buy it for 100 dollars if i had to. (It getting alot of money is my opinion)

  23. Android gamers: oh my god I want to play pc games
    pc gamers: damn I wish I could play mobile games
    xbox players: I wish I could play ps5 games
    ps5 players:..

  24. It’s so sad that bf 2042 sucks, if they were going to lunch a bf after so many years, they should take the time so it would be ready at launch, I never thought that a CoD (MW) would be a better reference to moder war gar and realistic games than Battlefield

  25. Too bad vanguard is pretty much similar to the crap stain on my worn out Lonsdales

  26. Halo is more an arena shooter than war game imo and he’ll let loose looks like the only actual good war game I I’m playing bf4 cuz 2042 seems like it is still in beta


  28. Battlefield 2042 is ok it could be better though

  29. Call of duty vanguard and battlefield 2042 are ranked higher than halo infinite… that didn’t age well

  30. 6 days in falluja absolutely shits all over every other war game. Looks incredible.
    Edit: why is halo on this list 😂😂😂😂😂

  31. Man I’m so tired or WW2 and modern warfare games there’s so many cool battles and stealth missions and all kinds of idea for ww1 or like Musket warfare or just anything else lol but don’t get me wrong these games still look awesome and I love all eras and am fascinated by them just wish I could do a trench raid or or take part in the various battles of the Great War

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