Top 10 Strategy Games You Should Play In 2023! -

Top 10 Strategy Games You Should Play In 2023!

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Best Strategy Games 2023 PC PS4 Xbox One PS5 Switch
Strategy Games PS4 PS5 2023 Best RTS Games
Best Strategy Games 2023 Best Turn Based Games Tactical
Age Of Empires 4 Company Of Heroes 3 Dune Spice Wars Farthest Frontier Humankind Knights Of Honor II Sovereign Old World The Last Haven The Valiant RTS Tactical Strategy 4X RPG City Builder Management Offline Online

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In this video I show you the Top 10 strategy games you should play in 2023, most of them are available on PC, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X S and Nintendo Switch, hope you find this video useful!

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0:00 Intro
0:14 Dune Spice Wars
1:06 Age Of Empires IV
1:44 Humankind
2:38 Knights Of Honor II Sovereign
3:34 Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord
4:33 The Last Haven
5:09 The Valiant
5:47 Old World
7:04 Company Of Heroes 3
7:38 Farthest Frontier
8:30 Honorable mentions
9:23 Outro

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  1. It would be awesome if someone makes a Terminator RTS game…

  2. "it's still in development but until people find my shitty channel, it will be in full release".
    Dude you're fucking hilarious!! xD Amazing commentary. Very real and honest. Thank you ! Subscribed!

  3. mr hit man you know of any american civil war or ww2 strategy games

  4. Spice Wars is really fun, shines in multiplayer.

  5. Age of empire 4 is amazing + spellforce reforced

  6. I can't recommend humankind, even if it looks really really good. Idk why, but same as automation games satisfactory, its not my taste. I can really recommend Anno 1800. Intuitive, completed dlc, cool game.

  7. Dont get humakind lol get civ 6 its way better

  8. yo dude, no way u dont know how AOE a.i's work and you criticise it ..

  9. Tounssi ?????? 🤩 Thats a freaking nice surprise .. niveau 3alami hbibi keep on the brilliant work

  10. السلام عليكم
    اذا نزلت لعبة من البي سي قيم باس كيف انزل عليها مودات نزلت بانرلورد ومب عارف انزل عليها مودات

  11. finding a good looking lady in this game is harder than taking castles loool

  12. Dude I guess, I've found your shitty channel :))

  13. General Teod2023❤ usa vs rus💥✌️👍🏼

  14. "Real fkn quick" is my son's go to line when hes saying real fkn quick.

  15. This humor is for sure an arabic one 😂 greetings from egypt 😃

  16. Beyond All Reason, Supreme Commander Forged Alliance Forever

  17. What are the best games for large scale turn based battles preferably of the Medieval era? I used to be into table top gaming and enjoyed Warhammer Epic battles so something like that would be good. I like turn based so you can pause to decide tactics rather then things getting out of control without you noticing.

  18. Yo
    You forgot 0AD,
    for an indie free to play RTS with multiplayer its been a great game for me.

  19. We need a reborn of cnc generals 2, goat games 😥

  20. Best strategy games for early access, farther frontiers boiss

  21. didnt know you are from Tunisia , hehe keep up bro , amazing videos <3

  22. The bill burr reference and you talking however you wanna was dope tbh

  23. I love to play War Selection a little-known indie RTS who deserves more visibility ! 😊

  24. WARNO, Steel division 2 are worth maintaining

  25. You’re forgetting battle cats that is classified as a strategy game

  26. Lords of Magic is still my favorite, while the graphics are obviously out of date. The game its self makes up for that greatly.

  27. Rise and fall civilisations at war was one of the best in strategies history

  28. Great content Hitman. Would love to help you out with editing your videos.

  29. Iron harvest is better than all these games

  30. Escola Da Moeda Mágica - AVA A.I BOT says:

    i like your jokes. keep going brother from anoter father.

  31. This is not a shitty channel. This was my first view but I really appreciate the time and effort you put into it. Keep going 🙂

  32. The other way, the other side of the coin, is to game the developer's game-plan.
    = within the plot, storyline, movie-"logic", flow…
    = resist levelling-up
    = keep increasing capabilities and abilities
    = make the game force you to increase level (advertised statistics-stats, announced position, published capabilities)
    = game level 6 is the usual limit before the game-engine sabotages gamer
    = keep building… increase defence before increase attack, increase baseline of weapons except depend on brute-force items like damage or armour – psychology of cavemen
    = within those concepts, the game-engines will force an outcome and make you increase level.
    = at level 3, they send the usual hordes, … your baseline is easy up to level 6.

    Flood up capabilities and abilities without others knowing. Life-hack of Hokkiens. Vector charts overlay on hierarchy chart. Make vectors.., flood upwards, use parallel vectors, merge vector only when need to oops the other guy.

  33. age of empires II is the best strategic game I've ever played , and maybe Red alert 2 comes after it.

  34. I hope you enjoy watching this video as much as I loved making it! 😜👍

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