Top 10 WORST Star Wars Games -

Top 10 WORST Star Wars Games
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Top 10 WORST Star Wars Games
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In space, no one can hear you scream…for a refund. These are the absolute worst titles to be set in the galaxy far far away; the most terrible game to besmirch the name of Darth Vader, the concept of lightsabers & the very notion of x-wings & tie-fighters.Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 WORST Star Wars Games.

#10. “Star Wars Episode The Phantom Menace” (1999)
#9. “Star Wars Force Commander” (2000)
#8. “Star Wars ObiWan” (2002)
#7. “Star Wars Demolition” (2000)
#6. “Star Wars Jedi Arena” (1983)
#5. “Star Wars Flight of the Falcon” (2003)
#4. “Star Wars Episode I Jedi Power Battles” (2000)
#3, #2 & #1: ???

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  1. I dont agree with more of half of this list

  2. If you look past the fact that the kinect rarely worked IN GENERAL not just for this gae then star wars kinect is fairly decent. but how dare you insult the song "im han solo" that is a work of art along with hologram girl

  3. You should check out other ports like the force unleashed 2 for ds.

  4. Phantom Menace didn't deserve to be on this list, it's a decent game although not a masterpiece

  5. How dare they 7:58 super bombad raceing is the best star wars game ever

  6. Only based on a single scene isn't always going to translate well to a video game (3:54). Just a bad idea for a game even in the 1980s (3:58)

  7. Everytime someone mentions Kinect Star Wars I always think of that meme from JohnTron!!

  8. Kinect Star Wars doesn’t belong on #1, that game was a massive part of children’s childhoods

  9. Where is "Star Wars Battlefront" series created by Electronic Art?

  10. I literally said before watching this video, “imagine if Kinect Star Wars was on this list… not that it’s bad, but it does have some complaints…” next thing I know, “#1, Kinect Star War.”

  11. The Phantom Menace game was definitely a guilty pleasure for me, I liked it purely for the nostalgia value. 👍🏻

  12. sounds like someone just doesnt like Episode 1. Obiwan, Phantom Menace, and Jedi Power Battles were amazing when i was a kid. when you make this list, you need to think about how it was at the time it came out, not to today's standards.

  13. 1. Kinect Star Wars
    2. Yoda Stories
    3. Grievous Escape Getaway
    4. Jedi Power Battles
    5. Flight of the Falcon
    6. Galaxy of Heroes
    7. Rebel Assault
    8. Teras Kasi
    9. Star Wars Battlefront 1 Dice
    10. Jedi Fallen Order

  14. Was The Phantom Menace the worst? Because you can commit a war crimes & kill children including lil Vader

  15. Phantom Menace
    Jedi Power Battles
    and Rebel Assault aint bad

  16. Angry video game nerd should take on these Star Wars games on may 4th (which would be may the 4th be with you day, or Star Wars day)

  17. Kinect star wars dancing was the best thing in star wars, simply because of how stupidly amusing it is

  18. The Badness On Games Is Not Because Of Graphics.

  19. 4:30 you need to remember, this is Atari… they couldn’t rlly do much

  20. How does this list even make sense… Jedi arena is better than Jedi power battle??. Are you kidding me Jedi power battles is a full fledged game that actually has enjoyable moments compared to a pong clone.. I might just go ahead and make my own list lol 😆

  21. i like star wars the clone wars republic heroes

  22. Masters of Teräs Käsi? More like Masters of terASS käsi. Get it? Lol

  23. 2:12 Watchmojo you are high as fuck for even saying that techno version of Darth Vader’s theme was bad I think it’s really catchy

  24. Lego Star Wars mobile. Their is a section physically impossible to run. In ep 3 revenge of the Sith. Without hacks or some type of cheat. I’ve only beat it five times.

  25. C'mon, Rebel Assult and Republic Heroes looks fun!

  26. Wait, 3 years ago? Did this come out after the Solo movie? Cus if so that combined with the mandalorian definitely explains why Darth maul and adult boba fett are alive at the same time

  27. Shoutout to TBBT for doing "Empire Today" and trying to make it look cool. But that game is to cringe for them to do it.

  28. i liked the techno imperial march


  30. I like Jedi power battles on the Dreamcast.

  31. Jedi power battles omfg that game was so good! How dare u!!!! You get to me my boy plo koon

  32. JĎoģ {241st Imperial mechanised Battalion} says:

    Force commander, masters of tera kasi and demolition weren't that bad

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