Top 10 WW2 Games of All Time -

Top 10 WW2 Games of All Time

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  1. You want to know what I think? Boomer has been Incapacitated and can no longer translate enemy conversations.

  2. There was a ww2 roblox map I played when I was younger, I’m pretty offended that it’s not on here.

  3. What thoughts are in my mind now: good games are made nowadays, LEGENDARY games were made in the past.

  4. World war heroes is 1 of my favourite games

  5. 8:15 i played it. It is very fun game and it is little bit scary.

  6. Day of defeat looks like the call of duty mobile game as an actual resembles to it.//

  7. Lol the fact that day of infamy isn’t mentioned here smh

  8. can someone find the mobile game that was ww2 it was on ios i played it alot cant find it anymoire it had band of brothers or brothers in arms in it i think ea was involved maybe
    i remember there was a campaign mode and then a multiplayermode

  9. Brother in arms kind of looks like Medal of Honor vanguard

  10. I wish there was remastered versions of the first 3 cod games

  11. Very happy that brothers in arms is getting the respect it deserves

  12. we need a remastered version of the old call of duty games exaplwe call of duty 1 cod 2 and cod 3

  13. Hidden & Dangerous 2,Call of duty 2,Call of Duty-united offiensive,Medal of Honors,Mortyr etc… those are the real games of WW2.

  14. The best ww2 games are : Medal of Honor Pacific Assualt and more ,
    Cod 2 and Cod world at war,
    BIA, the best of them is Hells Highway,

  15. Can anyone reccomend me a game similar to the brothers in arms series

  16. i know someone who overshadowing cod world at war multiplayer mode as the best multiplayer

  17. Putting Red Orchestra 2 at number 8, is actually criminal. Don't even @ me.

  18. How is enlisted not here and hell let loose…

  19. Call of duty 2 big red one is my all time favorite I wish for a next gen remaster it was my childhood game always be my favorite game

  20. My dad have download this game but i don't know which one it's ww2 best

  21. war thunder is not ww2 game…it has modern vehicles

  22. 3:38 but back then cod was literally made for giant battles and you wasn’t a one man army that’s what cod is today

  23. World war 2 soldiers watching you play a video game based on the worst years of their life like: 🗿

  24. Wow, you haven't played enough games. There more war games out there far better than those you listed here. Good games, but so old. wow.

  25. For me:

    cod waw
    moh european assault
    cod ww2
    moh vanguard
    cod 2

  26. What about cod ww2 it’s a ww2 game and in my opinion I think it’s a good game

  27. I feel disrespected that you didnt put cod WW2 it is the best ww2 video gamd

  28. My favorite wwll video game is world war polygon and wwll call of duty.

  29. You know… you gotta give video games some credit when it comes to awareness of history in the younger generations. I know I’m not the only young person who was introduced to and became interested in history after playing some WW2 game in the early 2000s. These games inspired me to watch historically educational movies and read into historical events, even to this day.

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