TOP 15 Best Military War Games on Nintendo Switch -

TOP 15 Best Military War Games on Nintendo Switch

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TOP 15 Best Military War Games on Nintendo Switch
hello friends welcome to my channel. In this section, I have listed the best military war games that you can play on Nintendo Switch. You can find the names and download links of the games below. Please don’t forget to like the video and subscribe to the channel. Have fun. Here are the best Nintendo Switch War Games….

Gamelist and Dowloand:

00:01 intro

00:17 Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

01:14 Commandos 2 HD Remaster

02:22 Toy Soldiers HD

03:11 Dog Duty

03:58 World of Tanks Blitz


05:27 1971 Project Helios

06:16 UnMetal

07:12 Modern Combat 5 Blackout

07:59 Red Wings Aces of the Sky

08:49 Valiant Hearts: The Great War

09:37 Zombie Army 4: Dead War

10:22 Sniper Elite 4

11:26 Civilization VI

12:12 This War of Mine: Complete Edition

NOTE: the order of the games is random

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  1. wow this review is identical to a review i just watched on another channel. Well done on your plagiarism.

  2. Weird pronunciation throughout the video. I can't tell if it's an AI voiceover, or someone whose English is good – but not at native level.

  3. Can you play war thunder on Nintendo switch

  4. Forgot about the Commandos games, wish some would do an HD rerelease of Wages Of War.Glad to see they are keeping Toy Soldiers alive, should have put Cold War with it in a bundle.

  5. I’m pretty sure Modern Combat Blackout doesn’t have 60 player battles

  6. Is there any unnecessary option than winning in game?

  7. you guys should try metro redux if you like shooters, its a survival game after nuclear war.

  8. For me is sniper elite V2 ,3 and 4 .

  9. Please put timeline what games with what and top recommended as well constellation follow-up. Thank you if you can that. I subscribed to your channel

  10. Ifucking hate robot voices. Stop doing it, assholes.

  11. This is actually a great list, usually half of these type of videos are utter garbage but you managed to actually put effort and managed to give a good list.

  12. Yo, I recently lost my scruples playing that court scene in Wolfenstein ll. I finally cleared it, but it almost cost me as I was about to bang the Switch on a hard surface. I was calm prior to getting to that level. Though once that part started, clearing it was a must. I'm just glad I'm back to enjoying the gameplay 🤟🏾😤🤏🏾

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