Top 15 Upcoming RTS Games 2024 | New Real Time Strategy Games -

Top 15 Upcoming RTS Games 2024 | New Real Time Strategy Games

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RTS or Real-Time Strategy has been home to iconic titles such as StarCraft, Age of Empires, and Command & Conquer. As we step into the gaming landscape of 2024, let’s explore the exciting developments and upcoming releases that promise to redefine the RTS experience.

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  1. Please. Add naming of game in Video Description. For easy coping.

  2. Glad i came across your channel, some good ones to look forward to playing 😊 subbed 👍

  3. I played the test beta for broken arrow. I LOVE THE GAME. I played over 60 hours.

  4. Re Manor Lords, well maybe the game will be great, but it won't be a record global hit or anything.

    Why? Cos these vids especially on YouTube are always relevant ro our Western eyes, but it won't have the same meaning to Asian players simple as that. How many of you here in Europe play say, Chinese history based RTS? Not many.

    Less culture dependent or fictitious world e. g. Age of empires / WWII or fantastical setting better chance commercially.

  5. 00:57 Wow 😮😍, the game like War Thunder on RTS style.

  6. dustFront looks great, other games are nothing

  7. Can't wait to waste hours on this one. There's something special about indie RTS games that the big studios just don't get.

  8. Sanctuary: Shattered Sun

    Supreme Commander, you've changed, slightly. Sorta, not really.


  9. cant wait for tempest rising and broken arrow.

  10. Why not label the numbers in desc or chapters lol

  11. falling frontier is also on the way slated for a 2024 release (i think)

  12. I like how you named the time stamps with Game names instead of numbers, cause just noting the game by a number would be pretty stupid, especially when, in little time and with expending little energy, you could have just edited it to say the games name, then when people are browsing over the time stamps, they would see what the game name is, pretty easy and again, great to see you put the extra effort in, like, it's not like it's difficult or anything …

    and in the comments section, I see, even a youtube user has politely named the games for you, whoa! like, thanks to him and a big F.U to the cuck who created this shitty content … find another hobby and don't quit your day job champ, your channel is pure rubbish

  13. There is not a single RTS that will ever be better than halo wars 2 and battle for middle earth. They made them so perfectly.

  14. Ah, the good ol' days of RTS. Cossacks 3 really managed to revive that classic feel with modern polish. This video brings back memories, thanks for the nostalgia trip!

  15. Are any of these on the Xbox console, because to me it seems unfair that only PC users get to play these games.

  16. Manor Lords demo, even if it focused only on city building was one of the best gaming experience I had, since a long time. Hope that the dev kept his word of making a game that HE enjoy first and not trying to content every one's wishes like other devs.

  17. Only games to lookout for: Tempest Rising, Broken Arrow, and Manor Lords

  18. Im looking for a game like warpath ace shooter that isnt p2w, hope something comes along…if anyone has suggestions lmk

  19. Ancestors Legacy 2 is my most anticipated

  20. is just me or first 3 suck for good for this er!!

  21. Ratten Reich looks like it can let you be really micro heavy which for my tastes is great

  22. Question- Does it matter what lvl you place your Oarsmen Quarters?

  23. Why include a thumbnail of a game not in the lineup?

  24. Sanctuary: Shattered Sun sounds and looks a lot like Supreme Commander. Hope it won't burn my processor while playing it.


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