Top 3 best RobIox war games -

Top 3 best RobIox war games

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Top 3 best RobIox war games
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  1. I can't believe an oldass game like COD 2 is far better than repetitive roblox ww2 games gaylines.

  2. well i had a better game its gore and ww1 combined

  3. Operation overlord is dead so yeah dont play it

  4. Overlord and d-day are same. Sad cuz people dont know that.

  5. My great great grandfather was there but I didn’t know his name

  6. Hmmmmm i think you forgotten dead line he is just sitting there waiting for the kill

  7. i love d day in roblox i suck i miss the shoot the machine gun he's in on PC but in phone di't not shoot

  8. War on the eastern frontline has left the chat.

  9. girls left the chat

    Boiz joined the chat

  10. Shell shock: did someone say something?
    Ages of Warfare 2: nah, heard nothing
    Trenches: same

    Some other decent war games

    Entrenched, Blood and Iron, and Warlords

  11. Shell shock has left the chat. Centaura has left the chat.

  12. recommded play Entrenched 2 centaura 3 operation overlord
    Entrenched is a game of ww1 they got many maps and its fun u can make ur own trench
    centaura its ww2 it has 3 maps but its very bloody game but u cant make trenches only some of trenches in map and ur roblox charatcer can be deaf if ur too close the an explosion very fun game
    operation overlord ww2 its D-day very fun game play it
    but my fav game is centaura and entrenched

  13. Bro i use roo love d dad but they removed getting flags from behind which made the game more boring

  14. As a roblox D-Day player who is a proish and play like a like 50 hours a week the game is good and the game is no longer under review so d-day players play again pls

  15. Bro. You literally just put the most popular ones. There are so many better games. Frontlines d-day, centaura, Vietnam War RP, Day of infamy. You‘re just another one of those cringe D-Day Fanboys

  16. I recommend Guts & Blackpowder
    Basically napolenic era zombies

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