Top 3 Napoleonic War Games on ROBLOX -

Top 3 Napoleonic War Games on ROBLOX

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The Top 3 Napoleonic War Games on ROBLOX! Take part in Napoleonic warfare with muskets and cavalry! From the old days of Blood and Iron, to the active community of ROBLOX Men of War, and the massive line battles in ROBLOX Waterloo!

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Men of War –

Blood and Iron –


  1. im from 10e in campiegns vive la france

  2. Hi can i ask?😁
    can my friends join me when i play men of war, because in the men of war game there can only be 1 person in the lobby what if my friends join?

  3. Blood and Iron just straight up copies Mount and Blade Napoleonic wars.

  4. Waterloo At Home is pretty good, I would say better than blood and iron

  5. I think B&I is the best Napoleonic game imo. It’s pretty simple, and you don’t have to join a group, discord, choose a faction, etc.

  6. Blood and iron is my favorite one of these 3

  7. Men of war I feel Is better than campaigns we got cav arty and lienbattle tech and a navy

  8. Ok, 2KGL Heavy Dragoon’s member on MoW, duel enlisted on the HMS Orion. I have to say the Naval capacity is definitely coming to be major however if i’m not completely mistaken, infantry skirmishes will remain the primary focus, while naval combat will influence nations diplomacy, which is quite active in the discord with pretty frequent declarations of war

  9. I’m a rfa in men of war, but I don’t have a keyboard so I just rehab behind the French lines

  10. I would heavily prefer Men of War out of the other 2 games, mainly because Men of War has so much more mechanics, while the other two games are lacking in them.
    Men of War has a finished cavalry system, finished rifle, musket, carbine and hell, now we even have randomized loadouts for sailors, such as the Nock Gun, Type III Boarding Axe, Blunderbuss, etc. Artillery crews are very organized, in which it's heavily based off of how a real life crew would look like, you've got the gunner, wormer, sponger and rammer. While the original purpose of Men of War was to be a naval-only community, Graham (Lead Developer of MoW) was hesitant at first to add any other sorts of combat, but he ended up adding them anyway.
    Let's talk about Waterloo and Europa Invicta now. EI itself is a huge mess, with the only center of attention being France and it's client states. Look at how poorly organized the rest of the EI nations are, and now look at France, it's really unfair how it gets this much attention but other nations do not. EI isnt really picky about letting nations join, and literally every nation thatj joins (a good example would be Montenegro, Ethiopia, Ottomans or any other asian nation) end up dying within a month of it's implementation. It's funny because the community is literally called "Europa Invicta" which literally translates to "Europe Immortal", but why are there asian nations in the community, and why do they fight on Waterloo, an EUROPEAN battlefield?
    That's how horrible these concepts of Waterloo and EI are, and not mention the chants, with the primary ones being French, Prussian, Russian and British, which are directly ripped from Mount and Blade Napoleonic Wars. The rest of the chants for other nations are low quality and ripped from old movies, a good example of this would be the Ethiopian ones, which are literally so low quality and inaudible that you would literally burst out laughing if you heard them.
    MoW is planning to get voice actors for their chants, professional ones, because MoW is smart, unlike EI, MoW does not rip chants from other games outside of roblox and old movies.
    Waterloo gameplay exclusively focuses on line battles, cavalry is experimental, despite EI being older than MoW by a year or two, MoW managed to release a fully playable and smooth cavalry system within a few months. Artillery in MoW is also very smooth and enjoyable too.
    Blood and Iron is a game lost through time, it's mechanics are a bit janky but the game still holds up good today. The gunplay is great, which realistically depicts it's real life counterparts, but I don't like the melee system, which is really janky and not fun at all to use. The cavalry system is plain and simple, but I really don't understand why Dragoons aren't allowed to fire their carbines from horseback? Arent dragoons essentialy mounted infantry? If you only allow them to use their carbine once they dismount their horse they would literally become basic infantry. The Artillery system is also plain and simple, requiring only a ramrod to reload the cannon, which is not historically accurate at all. You're not gonna be hitting shots over 100 studs with a line or light musket, you're only gonna be hitting them with a rifle, which is why this is a great example of historical accuracy.
    Overall, I think Men of War is the best napoleonic-era community on roblox, I would put Blood and Iron on second place because it's a classic and Waterloo/Europa Invicta on third because the battles become boring and heavily repetetive after like 3-4 attended battles.

  11. im in the French regiment in campaigns and what he said YOU ARE MISSING OUT ON CAMPAINS

  12. I cannot play campaigns due to my age and I don't think 200 ping will do me any good :sob:

  13. i play this blood and iron since i was a kid but i play blood and iron, men of war, campaigns when i was a kid wowe

  14. With the last one "campains" you need to join a special group to actually play because this game is only played in giant coordinated battles

    I was in the Empire of France group and played that game was more line battle focused however we do not play it anymore as we have our own map still best

  15. campaigns is too confusing, i enter the discord and i get a code yet i cant join the game like wth

  16. i think men of war could be a great game but like, you have to join discord to play the godam with a fun class

  17. Can you play this on mobile tho because I am disappointed if not😔

  18. That is a great job on the video not going to lie. Great work and thank you!

  19. I highly roccemend joining the grenadiar company bcz it will enter the main battle first one to charge on the enemy and high accurasy of fire and morale will go down so slowly

  20. blood and iron easily the best. simple gameplay, many maps, and no need for discord and groups and stuff.

  21. Campaigns doesn't have players anymore and I really want to make it popular again

  22. (This is my opinion) I think Blood and Iron is the best napoleonic war game on roblox. Like you said, there are no gamepasses to buy except cosmetics which don't change any gameplay making every class easy to access for everyone. The classes also give special buffs to the players surrounding them making group formations not entirely useless. There is also no complicated process to join any faction or regiment since they are all there in the game making it easier and faster to have organized battles since joining a regiment and class is that easy. It also doesn't have to be organized appealing to more casual players who just want to have fun without getting into the hassel of joining discord servers while also having a fun historical flare. Some people may say that the 1 life thing is bad, but I disagree. Most games that have infinite lives water down that feeling of adrenaline. While others have many gamemodes the only objective in Blood and Iron is to kill the enemy before they kill you. The stakes feel higher because when you die there is no going back to help your mates unless you wait for the round to end making that feeling of surviving and killing during the round much more satisfying. This also makes players more motivated to get better at the game.

    Sure the game has many problems. There are many annoying bugs, the graphics are a little dated, the servers are much smaller then other napoleonic games (Though larger servers can have a toll on some peoples computers) and I do admit the average player in Blood and Iron has the IQ of a rock. But when organized battles are made in Blood and Iron, it's a blast to participate in them. All of the maps are from real napoleonic battles and the bugs are getting fixed over time. The developers have not abandoned Blood and Iron and are still adding little and major edits. The game makes it so both hardcore role playing players and the more casual players can still have fun in the same game. Blood and Iron is the father of all roblox napoleonic games just like how Mount and blade is the father of all regular napoleonic games and I think its important to respect the it's legacy's they have on the more polished descendants. Maybe its just my personal bias since it was the first napoleonic game i've played and it has a special place in my heart, but hear me out.

    I know I wrote a whole essay about my opinion so if you did read the whole thing, heres a cookie 🍪 🙂

  23. The best napoleonic wars is Mount&blade warband napoleonic wars , roblox is just a ripp off of original warband NW

  24. a napoleonic game call fallen flag V2 in roblox is a awesome napoleonic game

  25. Do revolutionary
    I know a rev war roleplay, but i forgot the name

  26. i really wish there were a mobile musket game on roblox, but i guess it won't happen for a long time

  27. Can someone tell me the code for the Game campaigns? Its a 6 letter code. ):

  28. I search something just to find blood and iron cause roblox keep deleting my favorite

  29. Damn, been in the community for straight 8 months… Can't stop staying in it!

  30. The funny thing is men of war is called marque of war and now as naval Tec

  31. Why does it never get to be on Xbox or mobile

  32. I have not played men of war, but I have played blood and iron and campaigns. Here is an honest review of the two games.

    Blood and Iron:
    I don’t hate or love sole survivor games, but as long as the server isn’t toxic, it’s a pretty solid game! This game requires you to stick together and have good teammates however, and rifles, muskets, and flintlocks are pretty lousy at aim and reload. But other than that, If you become a great team leader or a master at aim, this games pretty good for you!

    Final score: 8/10

    I had a bit of controversey with this game (waterloo rant incident) and this game has a gamebreaker in it. It requires discord. Why discord? For regiments. Thats allright, but the real gamebreaker is that the game uses timezones. So unless you do a night shift or you have a bunch of school skip passes, or if the game becomes mobile supported, there is almost no way you would be playing this game. The actual game is quite decent, you do fight in lines, but If you lag or you computer is older than ever, then I don’t think this game is anything great for you. But otherwise, the game is ok. Not really worth it to sacrifice school or work to play this game. But on summer break or winter break you got yourself some luck.

    Final score: 6/10

    I don’t hate the games. I just have some problems.

  33. hey for the people that would like to join a regiment in men of war i recommend the 57e

  34. I saw singingassain is he in 94e in the clip or has he always been in 94e cause I'm in 94e with him

  35. Imagine: your mobile device burning as you try to play these games and move at 1 fps!

  36. Unfortunately Men of War died before naval tech released because of lack of updates in terms of land. MoW focused on naval the men started to get bored, also Im in USA MoW but now withdrawing from MoW to have an own community, at this community we dominate the whole Asia with a fearsome reputation(also we contributed why MoW asia died because most of the enemy officers and members fled to us since were unbeatable).

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