Top 3 Napoleonic War Games on ROBLOX -

Top 3 Napoleonic War Games on ROBLOX

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The Top 3 Napoleonic War Games on ROBLOX! Take part in Napoleonic warfare with muskets and cavalry! From the old days of Blood and Iron, to the active community of ROBLOX Men of War, and the massive line battles in ROBLOX Waterloo!

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Men of War –

Blood and Iron –


  1. Europa Invicta? That shit is just over repetitive battles, there are no updates , that artillery looks quite shit and it still hasn't even been released and gory is just an over hyper.

  2. Waterloo go weeeee and BTW Waterloo has 4k battle games soo it better

  3. I like campaigns, my first experience of line battles.
    but I just didn't like the toxicity there.

  4. As a Men of War, Commander. Nice to see an unbiased rating for all of the Main communities/experiences on the platform. Good work keep it up!

  5. Why isn't this guy hitting 100k yet.. He's so cool

  6. As a Napoleonic War fanatic, i've gotta get into these games.

  7. Hey punisky you made me play Wild West back in the day and you inspired me to play it

  8. I like those both but i just dont like joinning discord so everyday what i play on roblox its only blood and iron lol i just feel its so much better

    In my opinion blood and iron its the number 1 game on roblox
    Edit : i change my mind, the best game its Fallen Flag, bot commander game, based on Napoleonic war games to, graphic nise, gameplay nice, but you can't move on your phone, but if it was pc you can

  9. Men of war is the best one on here cause casually playing…..IS INSANE

  10. Ty for shouting out Men of War! (BTW We also have a cool thing other games don't, if you press left CTRL there's a skirmish mode)

  11. good stuff, may I ask what's the music used in this video?

  12. You forgot to mention about roblox battles from Napoleonic company it’s like b&h but better pretty good

  13. Note: none of these games have mobile support (yet) just to let you guys know

  14. I have a question, in the last game, can you join multiple nations or just one?

  15. why do i got a feeling you just trying to advertise waterloo and men of war

  16. Im a Sergeant in the 42nd from the British army in this glorious comunity

  17. I wanna play Blood and Iron but i broke my laptop ;c

  18. The men of war has only 1 server size only

  19. Puns if you see this comment you can come try out the 57e, if you haven't join a regiment yet 😉 (men of war)

  20. Blood and iron is a classic it’s why it’s one of my favourites

  21. Good video, all of it are true! Keep it up Sur :salute:

  22. Maybe Waterloo at home will make the list one day

  23. i'm apart of empire francais and got banned form campaigns

  24. Here's one you did not include which is cool but I do not know you're opinion. Waterloo at home on Roblox you can build forts and you can fight in massive line battles that's not all now I did not make this but look you can join a nation with out having to join a group just get a uniform and hat.and your good

  25. Waterloo best I have code in Waterloo (except on Monday)

  26. i have some tactics on BAI and i haven't tried Men of war yet so i gotta try it

  27. I highly recommend joining a cavalry regiment in men of war, its just so fun and feels so smooth, i recommend playing it in first person because it makes it easier to kill. Am also on Waterloo (Campaigns as you call it), but am not so active because of school, only can attend on weekends, but i play more Men of War honestly.

  28. I mean 4th place would propably waterloo at home (in my opinion)

  29. Can anybody tell what's the music name of his intro? Or the campaigns middle music where battle is being done

  30. I used to be in the 8th Cavalry Regiment of the British Army in Men of War. It was really fun until I became bored and they kicked be out for being inactive lol.

  31. I don't remember this uploaded after westphalia is added

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