Top 5 BEST Total War Games Of All Time - Best of The Best in 2020! -

Top 5 BEST Total War Games Of All Time – Best of The Best in 2020!

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TOP 5 Total War Games Of All Time – Best of The Best in 2020!

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In this video we go over my favorite top 5 Total War games over the years, this was a very difficult list to make as the top 3 are all neck and neck for me however I wanted to create this video during this current Steam sale to perhaps shed some light on some hidden gems and also perhaps remind of the epic older titles that this series have produced! Please let me know what YOUR top 5 titles are in the comment section and why!

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  1. my fav total war games are
    5. Troy
    4. Three Kingdoms
    3. Shogun 2
    2. Warhammer 2
    1. ROME 2

  2. As someone who has played total war since shogun 1, my top five list:

    5. Atilla (I have a soft spot for it, purely for the dread like ambience it creates)
    4. Warhammer 2 – purely for variety and different styles of gameplay.
    3. Shogun 2 – A wonderful game. Enough said.
    2. Rome (1) – The game that brought total war into the light of many gamers.
    1. Medieval 2 – Two reasons, modding support and had and still has the best gameplay mechanics overall (from recruiting to AI and the crusades and Americas). Plus pope assassinations lol.

    Total War lately is getting bogged down in yearly releases and its suffering imo, Troy and 3k are good examples of total war trying to streamline mechanics to broaden the appeal and in doing so, dumb down the game to a shamefur dispray. Ladders appearing out of nowhere during a siege?

  3. I totally agree with this list! Thank you ! The mechanics of Medieval 2 continues to be so fun to play, hope they make something like this with modern graphics!

  4. This is a fantastic video, big balls for putting shogun as low as you did but I think you have some phenomenal points. Here's one fact: I SUCK at these games lol but I love playing them. Great stuff, subscribed.

  5. There should be a remake of Empire and Napoleon!!!!

  6. my top 3 is 1 Rome 2 2 Empire 3 Warhammer or Napoleon

  7. Ugh I have no idea how to download the ww1 mod

  8. I want Paradox and CA to marry and have babies.

  9. 5 shugun 2 / 4 napoleon / 3 medival 2 / empire / rome 1 and 2

  10. Maybe it’s cause I started with rome 2 but I have all other total wars and played all of them and I’ve put the most hours and had the most enjoyment playing rome 2, could be nostalgia though like when I say oblivion is better than Skyrim

  11. Attila taught me a good, yet sad, lesson. …I suck at super in depth TW games.
    …But I’m the guy who loved taking over the world in Empire with all its mods.
    Medieval II was awesome. Can’t disagree!

  12. Medieval 2 100% agreed, but where's Empire in the number 2 spot? With Darthmod is simply amazing if not the best. Also Rome 1 deserves a spot in the list, just for the jump that was from the previous titles.

  13. Total war rome is the best for low pc like mine

  14. Thanks for ATTILA!)

  15. As for me:
    1 – ATTILA
    2 – Rome 2
    3 – Warhammer 2
    4 – Warhammer 3
    5 – Medieval 2

  16. i dont like medieval 2 graphics is very old

  17. 1 empire
    2 napoleon
    3 three kingdoms
    4 Rome 2
    5 Rome

  18. 1. Rome Total War
    2. Shogun 2 Total War
    3. Medieval 2 Total War

  19. It’s tough to rate due to time span of each release but in terms of initial and everlasting affection personally:

    5. Attila
    4. WH1/2
    3. 3 Kingdoms
    2. Shogun 2
    1. ROME 1

  20. I think my favorite Total War game would have to be Rome: Total War with the Barbarian Invasion expansion. It might just be because it was the first Total War game I played when I was like 7 and was playing on a Laptop that could hardly run it lol. But it was so much fun and I was TRASH at the game. It's easily the total war I put the most amount of hours into and I played it for years. I think I stopped playing it around age 12 or 13, because I lost my stupid CD disc (back when they actually mattered). I would play all summer long on my breaks and during winter breaks. I even asked my dad for a better laptop so I can play it with higher settings (finally got a new laptop at age 10). Of course the laptop was the family laptop tho and it wasn't just mine (I have three other brothers). I eventually feel out of PC games because our laptop broke and I started to only play on my Xbox. It wasn't until 2014 when I built my first gaming PC and Total War: Rome II was the first game I bought for it. Rome II was fun but it wasn't like the first time I played Rome: Total War.

    I think my top three Total War games so far are Shogun 2, Rome: Total War, and Warhammer 1 & 2 (in no particular order). I haven't been able to play Medieval II but I am going to go through and play it while Warhammer 3 comes out. I REALLY REALLY wish creative assembly would re-haul Warhammer 3 diplomacy, city building aspects, and siege battles. IF they could do those three things, then Warhammer II would easily be my favorite Total War because I just love the Warhammer Fantasy universe and the unit rooster diversity. But the diplomacy in Warhammer is like playing with a wet sponge and the siege battles are just auto-rolls because they are so boring (unless balance of power is way off). I like how Warhammer has magic but it can be a spam fest, and the choas invasion is just a battle of attrition. But, in short, what I'm trying to say is Warhammer has its set backs, but Warhammer 3 could easily be my favorite Total War game if they fix aspects of it other then the typical AI overhaul the need. I'm hoping but not holding my breath lol.

  21. We need a Medieval 3 so bad. With all the best stuff from recent games. But without superhero generals, and oddball ahistorical units. And no bloody fire arrows.

  22. Thats it, am fetching M2TW from steam now as we speak

  23. Great detailed overview… If that isn't an oxymoron!

  24. My Top are

    1. Shogun 2 Fall of the Samurai
    2. Napoleon
    3. Rome Total War 2
    4. Three Kingdoms
    5. Medieval 2
    6. Attila

  25. My favourite one its Total War Warhammer 2, ¿reasons? pffft, cuz its the only one i played.

  26. Attila seems universally hated in the groups I run with. To each their own, but damn Attila?

  27. I can't play Warhammer II because my comp isn't good enough, but just the idea of it makes me fiend for a new computer. I play Shogun 2 and Medival 2 right now just to maintain myself, but one day… Warhammer II will be mine.

  28. I was positively surprised that Attila made your list, it's my personal favourite

  29. My top 3:
    1) Rome 2 (I love this time period)
    2) Warhammer 2 (Heroes and magic)
    3) Attila (Best historical TW, but the fall of the empire is sad)

  30. Can I ask for a total war game
    Who's pretty optimize and doesn't lag that much?
    Except medieval total war 2

  31. Attila deserves the spot on this list, it’s awesome from a historical perspective

  32. 1.Three Kingdoms
    2. Warhammer 1/2
    3. Rome II (Complete edition)

  33. I really love your taste bro! Finally, there is someone who is not just like other normal people or youtubers.
    It's hard to see someone put Attila in such high rank and ahead of Rome2 or Shogun2 in the lists.
    I also like Attila so much, probably my favorite of total war seies.
    I gonna say you have a good taste! SUBSCRIBE!😘

  34. friendly advice, when you are talking mute the cinematic voices, it actually killed immersion

  35. i agree with your number 1! i was gona rebuy it since i got an actual gaming pc but its like 90aud atm so yeah gona wait

  36. My personal top 5 total war games are :
    1)Medieval 2: Total War
    2)Total War:Shogun 2 + Fall of the Samurai
    3)Rome:Total War
    4)Total War:Attila
    5)Napoleon:Total War
    Did not include Warhammer as I have never played it

  37. There's two elements to any strategy game, there's micro which is troop and active ability management and setup and then there's macro which is economy, expansion, defense and technology. Whether the game is slow or not does not affect the strategy of the game. A slower pace game just means you have more time to make your decisions. Faster pace means there will be more of a challenge to the game, you want a game to have enough time to make calculated decisions but not so slow that it becomes boring and predictable. I don't agree with your list but as you said it is subjective. I would without a doubt put warhammer total war 2 in the top because it has taken the total war franchise to places it has never gone before with a ton of unique mechanics, intense and strategic battles, interesting and relevant tech trees and upgrades, magic which is completely game changing and an unmatched roster of units filling a ton of strategic roles never seen before such as flying units. The only real disadvantage is that it doesn't have as interesting siege battles as most total war games and it lack unit formations which is actually quite a big deal although they did this to stay true to the warhammer tabletop. My second favourite is Empire total war because there has never been a total war game where they put so much work into actually researching history, putting real historical figures and their achievements into the game for all the different countries represented and even making every nation speak their native language. It was amazing. I know lots of people think this game was buggy and see Napoleon total war as an improvement of this game but I disagree with that. There was a lot more heart and work that went into this game.

  38. my top 3 Napoleon, Empire, Rome remasterd

  39. If u love medieval so much,just knock some total war attila and play Medieval 1212 AD and automatically will make you filled with tears of happiness

  40. the guy that plays total war for the battles:

  41. Medieval 2 was the first one I played. I continued to play it on and off until I finally won a campaign some 3 years ago. Think I first bought it in 2006. I've played a couple of the others on this list but none have really done it for me. Actually, one that did isn't on the list and that's Rome II. I really tried to give Shogun 2 a proper go but I just couldn't get into it. Perhaps it was the setting, I don't know. Same with Napoleon.

  42. Comment 133: I was actually hoping to find a game better than medieval 2 but it might just be the e best sandbox . I really enjoyed Napoleon , and Shogun 2. I’m staying away from warhammer currently but I might try Attila now

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