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Welcome to my Top 5 Best Total War Games! In this video I go over my personal top 5 best Total War games, this list is completely subjective and should not be seen as a review of any kind, it is based purely on personal experiences.



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  1. I would love to see how a total war game would work as a world war 1/2 experience.

  2. “High hopes for three kingdoms”
    Laughs in abandonware

  3. The fact that there is so much disagreement about the best TW game, speaks highly of the series. What other game series can say the same?

  4. Total war warhammer 2 was the first one I played since the original. . . I will never forget playing vampires, being disappointed because I didn't see any ranged units in the roster. . . . but then, in my first battle I saw the giant bats, literally flew over the enemy frontlines and dropped directly on their ranged units. got about 800 hours in that game over the years.

  5. Just finally got Shogun with Date and was looking for the best TW game. Looks like I'm already playing it lol.

  6. i hate some rankerslike you no offense i dont hate you i just dont like this ranking as ITS ALL BASED ON NOSTALGIA i just want to know which total war game is the best not how nostalgic it is. Rome 1 was my first total war game but if i made a ranking it wouldn't even make top 8

  7. mr donkey i am now two years into my transition into becoming a woman, and it is all thanks to you. you pushed me to do this and ive never felt better.

    thank you mr donkey. thank you.

  8. Ever since i was a child i was obsessed with Samurai and Japan.

    I was introduced to Shogun 2 about 2 weeks into my freshman year of college. My buddy had it on his computer and i fell in love immediately buying it once i had the money. While it has rarely stayed consistently at the top of my played games. It has always been there as a favourite to play.

  9. I agree with you completely Shogun and Shogun 2 are pretty much the best total war games ❤️

  10. 1. Medieval II
    2. Attila
    3. Shogun 2
    4. Rome 1
    5. Napoleon

  11. So hey I’m looking to get another total war game I currently have Rome 2, shogun 2, Attila, total war warhammer 2 and total War napoleon and I don’t know what else is good for any suggestions?

  12. Warhammer is great, a different approach with hero units and a fantasy setting, something the series definitely need. The Vortex campaign was hard because of how aggressive fast acting you needed to be, I played the Maleketh campaign three times before I was able to beat it.

    I really hope a middle earth Total War is next.

  13. Where hve you hotten the info that berserkers never was a thing?

  14. I still play Empire and Medieval 2. Empire because of guns and progression (towns and tech development). Medieval 2 because campaign can be challanging for much longer.

  15. The music of Rome 1 is one of the things that make that game the best TW IMO, it never tried shogun and I have it free!

  16. I am proud that the fact Creative Assembly is a British company based in England and Not America for once ,

  17. I'm one of those oddities that like all of the Shogun 2 campaigns, though it did take me a while to warm up to FotS (choosing Tsu as my clan and not understanding at all the gun battles, taking too long to actually attack and expand, and how terrible the starting economy is). In particular I enjoyed how agents and economy really mattered, something that has not been nailed so well with more modern titles, and RotS and FotS rewarding you so much for actually building up your economic provinces (something vanilla Shogun 2 really screwed up). Attila is under-rated but also undercooked (fertility and Attila, bleh), so I can get the dislike, but it is my favourite "modern" TW. M2 is also up there, as I'm one of the oddities that likes the agent side of things and M2's more organic growth of agent numbers tied to size and development (no shitty little barbarian horde able to field as many agents as one of the Roman empires, or the Sassanid swarm drowning my agents due to one-province nothings able to field as many as us by themselves).

  18. War without artillery is merely a brawl.
    Empire IS Total War.

  19. Its a crime not to put kingdom come deliverance here

  20. Saying the creator of the video is passive aggressive is an understatement.
    He's imagining viewers making fun of his review while he's working on the video?

  21. Rome was my first strategy game, I played it first when I was 13. It's in my top 5 Tw games as well.

  22. Actually, historical realism makes the game better, plus that you can always upgrade and make better units if you have more resources.
    I mean, it's kinda like how roman armies were so well equipped, they had a lot of resources they kept extorting from everyone !
    Until they started sucking at diplomacy, being incompetent and making enemies everywhere.
    Then the obvious happened.

  23. Nebeprisivaizdotinklaraštininkaujantis says:

    Rome total war was my first total war game and Jesus it just felt so clean and straight forward definitely #1

  24. gave you the like just for " i don´t give a shit"

  25. The answer is Three Kingdoms, and its because CHINA WILL PREVIAL! now all you westerners can go home 😛

  26. I bought Medieval II: Total War, Kingdoms and Empire: Total War. I regret buying Empire but love playing Medieval II: Kingdoms.

  27. Hmmm.. Shogun 2 lets me have an army of warrior nuns and ninjas with frag grenades..

    But Medieval 2 lets me have Hobbits as meat shields vs Trolls..

    Maybe they both get first place, for me. lol

  28. why not total war + Call of duty infinite

  29. Shogun 2 is such a tightly designed game and has relatively few glitches for a TW game (lol), which is why I think it's so replayable. Every victory feels earned and every loss feels like it was your fault rather than cheesy AI or a game breaking bug. My dream TW is the design and quality of Shogun 2 with the scale of Medieval 2 or Empire.

  30. I grew up since medieval 1, spent most of my high school time and nostalgia on Rome, Medieval. Ruined my college years on Empire! (most massive scale campaign), then try Napoleon bit without sucked into. Years have passed, Im looking for a game to play and found the recent steam's giveaway, I then tried Shogun 2 for the first time, and damn! hell break loose. Turned me from a person who dont know who the F Oda Nobunaga is, into a total samurai warfare+ jidaigeki maniac. Spent 1000 hours eversince and tried all the DLC, mods, all the clan. I even listen to japanese history audiobook in background while playing Shogun 2. I'd say Medieval 2 is my personal best TW, but Shogun's is an anomaly. Idk why but somehow its brutally addicting.

  31. Is Warhammer the sake série? I really don't understand this game license there is more than 10 episodes

  32. Lol I used mobile BI was first I played😂 never heard of it have you?

  33. am i the only one who got bored of shogun 2 in less than a day?

  34. the main problem playing these is actually getting them to play tho !!!

  35. 5:27 oh, so thats your whole reason for putting it that high, you never played it, just a mod. Delete this video dude

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