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Top 5 Total War Games

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Do you agree? Do you Disagree? Let me know.
What should the next top 5 be?
Should I just stick to playing the game?

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  1. I really miss the fight animations that were in Shogun 2.

  2. Wh2 has not enough campaign depth. Is that a fucking joke?

  3. This video is so rough compared to how refined your lists got over time. You ought to remake this video with the improvements and tricks you learned, mate.

  4. Yes! Both Rome games are on here!
    Mmmm juicy!
    I never got tired of rome 1 and 2.
    Especially Rome 1, I tried getting cinematic marches and army formations then I did it on Rome 2 as things were Abit better looking 🙂
    Also glad medieval 2 is good for number 1 cuz I watch alot of pixelated apollo

  5. What i hate. Realy hate about rome II is. That Rome is a Piece of shit when in Hand of ki. They dont come out of Italy even After 100 turns

  6. I’m not sure how you could say “ warhammer 2 is basically a dlc for warhammer 1” and say warhammer is a top total war game. Warhammer is the biggest stain on total war and why all the new games suck because they want these stupid hero mechanics and arcade like battles AND mixed with the flat out releasing warhammer 2 as a game instead of an expansion. The other 4 made sense though.

  7. Shogun 2 in its entirety (Base Game + Rise + Fall + Other DLC's) = number 1. IMO.

  8. Medieval 2 is the perfect example of a Developer who made a breakthrough game (Rome TW), took on feedback, and built something great after. Everything since has never hit the same heights in terms of fun and creativity. My big gripe now is the fact you can choose exactly how develop a character or agent which leads to a broken meta that if you dont choose then you actively gimp yourself whereas in med 2 your character's actions develop them which means if you want them to be a certain way then you have to make them act that way.

  9. Rome 2 was shit. Warhammer is shit. It all has gone to shit once they introduced this unit collision shit in Empire. Rome 1 and Medieval2 are still the best.

  10. 5 I don’t care
    4 I don’t care
    3.Rome 2
    2. Rome 1
    1. Medevil 2

  11. Pretty well top. But , for my opinion, Rome is the best.

  12. Warhammer is #1 for me it really got me back into it and got me into Warhammer. #2 is Rome 2 for me i played it way after launch and loved it. Attila was #3 for me because i hate the Huns lol

  13. Sup man happy new year I'm not new to total war games but I'm not really good at it either i have total shogun 2 ok in library but man now I really want to try Medieval 2

  14. Only bad thing that still pisses me off bout medieval 2. Those dam inquisitors can go to hell

  15. Are you playing Thrones of brittania in the background?

  16. I really wished they would have focused on improving the AI and Diplomacy of Medieval 2 (religion) or Rome 1 (Senate/politics), instead the "arcade" abortions that came out from Rome 2. – they never felt the same anymore

  17. If we ask Legend now he would tell us that TW:W2 is THE BEST TW GAME EVER MADE

  18. Best game in the series with shogun 2 as close second, my own list in order by best to worst

    Medieval 1

    Shogun 2

    Medieval 2

    Rome 1

    Shogun 1

    Three Kingdoms


    Warhammer 2

    Rome 2



    Warhammer 1


    Thrones of Brittania

  19. Warhammer 2 is at the top for me shogun is number 2

  20. watching in early 2021:
    Legend: I feel Warhammer 2 could be higher but it has still a ways to go…
    Warhammer 3 gets announced
    Me: Sorry I can't hear you over the cries of giant demons fighting war polar bears!

  21. I know this is a dated video, but I don't think any of the TW titles since then have changed the top 5 rankings (and YT is throwing random TW vids at me atm).

    I agree with Medieval 2, Rome 1 (which indeed can compete with M2 for #1, they're almost interchangeable), Shogun 2, and Rome 2 (always considered it underrated though understandably so).

    I disagree with Warhammer 2. It's not that it's a bad game but I cannot place it above Shogun 2 and Rome 2. The style of combat, the types of visual and audio effects, the campaign play, the lack of naval battles (yes, I know that can be considered a positive but choosing not to include them when they did at one point have a good formula for naval battles is still unacceptable), and the overall fantasy theme are all reasons that Warhammer TW games cannot surpass a truly quality game in Shogun 2 (and imo Rome 2, I'm sure many would disagree on that one).

    (Note the fantasy theme really isn't a huge deal breaker for me, but it nevertheless still remains a factor as it does change the overall complexion of gameplay).

  22. Am I the only person who hates medieval 2?
    Also napoleon is my favourite so I'm probably wierf

  23. It’s now 2021 has your opinion changed since we’ve had more releases?
    I do not have a top 5 I only have a top 4 based on the games I own and have played 4. Total war Rome 2 Bought it last year played a little and added a few mods but it’s at 4 until I play it fully, 3. Medieval Total war used to own it and from memory did enjoy it I think?????!!!! 2. Total War Shogun recently bought/played and finished the Mori campaign now going through The Mongol Invasion it’s my number 2 as it’s one of the two Total war games I own at the moment but really I do not like it but I though I’d start at the beginning and buy and play though each one in release order. 1. Total war Rome I remember being really into Romans and ancient battles so this game was the greatest thing I’d ever owned but I am no longer 12 and no longer own this and haven’t played this for over 5 years but my memory still holds this as the best
    Of course my top 5 will change when I get around to buying and playing the better Total war games

  24. 5. Shogun II Total War (only complaint I'd have is the lack of unit variety)
    4. Napoleon Total War (performs really well, battles are very intense but lacks unit variety similar to Shogun II, highly reccomend LME 4 mod for tons of different start positions or Darthmod)
    3. Total War Attila (including Charlemagne and Justinian just makes it amazing)
    2. Warhammer II/Mortal Empires
    1. Medieval II Total War (Stainless Steel and the plethora of mods just makes it better imho)

  25. If it's your personal opinion, I wished you ignored the "reviews" on steam.

  26. One of the major grudges I have with Medieval II is that your generals have to be relatives of the king (sultan etc) of your faction. Other than that, I really enjoy this game.

  27. Total war Rome 2: exists
    Battlefield 4: Ah! Finally, a worthy opponent. Our battle will be legendary! XD

  28. Medieval 2 was a good game, but I could never get into it as much as I got into Rome. I just love that time period. Also the unit variety between factions was pretty limited in medieval 2.

  29. Best total war game:

    Manor Lords.

    jokes aside:
    1) medieval 2
    2) rome 1
    3) shogun 2
    4) empire
    5) rome 2

  30. I hope the next historical will be medieval 3 on a new engine and the next fantasy should be lord of the rings or game of thrones.

  31. I’d be shocked if in mid 2021, Legend didn’t have warhammer 1&2 at the top slot.

  32. Bruh napoleon total war,
    Where is napoleon
    Where is Grouchy and his 30.000 men

  33. Hey guys, I need help.
    I am thinking about buy a Total war game. I have never played one so I don't know which I should buy.
    I think about shogun 2 or Napoleon.
    Can somebody help me?

  34. I am sorry but medieval 1 was a great game. Sure it isnt as polished as medieval 2 but man, the atmosphere of the first was 10/10, it really made you feel like a king rulling his kingdom.

  35. do you think medieval 2 will get remastered version?

  36. Med2 used to be my favorite, I hate the fact that CA has made weird spinoffs to the idea of a medieval total war yet they don’t seem to care for it. Currently my favorite is Warhammer2, even my dad plays coop with me. He goes dwarfs and I go Skaven. I know its a strange combo but honestly its the most fun I have had in any totalwar, seeing the weapons teams mow down greenskins or humans while that sexy skaven track is blasting just sends chills down my spine. If there is one thing I miss from med2 was its long combats, I love watching units in combat, thankfully I can slow time.

  37. Two years later my personal list would be (of the ones I've played):
    1. WH2 (easily)
    2. Rome 1
    3. Shogun 2
    4. Rome 2 (with Dei)
    5. Napoleon (preferably with Darthmod but still #5 without it)

    Medieval gets an honorable mention because I understand why people love it but I just never got into it, might try again some other time.

  38. Looking at his channel now, I think we know what is the number 1 game.

  39. Let me know what you want next in the comments below. Top rated top 5 will be next unless it's fuckn stupid

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