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Top 5 Total War Games

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Do you agree? Do you Disagree? Let me know.
What should the next top 5 be?
Should I just stick to playing the game?

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  1. how does running and storing these games off of an SSD effect them.

  2. Honestly, I think three kingdoms really nailed it. Balanced and challenging campaing, amazing graphics, excellent diplomacy system and entertaining battles. Only thing where it fails a bit is the siege battles, which I feel are quite repetitive.

  3. We desperately need Westeros: Total War.

  4. not having Napoleon TW on top broke my heart

  5. My favourite is Warhammer II and then Warhammer I

  6. Hey man i want to buy cheap pc under 400 or 6 what gaming pc would u recommend i wanted to play total war games since i was 14 now im 26 i still dont have good pc 😥 i want to get a pc

  7. Oh wow. In Medieval 2, I encountered a bug which preventing me from finishing the tutorial and refunded straight away. It seems I made a terrible mistake…

  8. After he put warhammer as number 3 i thought: "There are two games that need to be in this top 5, and you haven't mentioned either. This is your last chance". He passed

  9. Yes Rome II was a disastrous game for the first few months and the DLCs are questionable; however, that being said, it's definitely one of my favorites. In comparison to Warhammer, Medieval II, and Shogun, I've always believed TW:Rome has the most intriguing time period. The medieval world is highly complex, and even today is one of the least understood periods of history. Warhammer is… well… fictional of course, and seeing as how I had never even heard of Warhammer until CA made a Total War game about it, I just don't find the lore and unit types as satisfying as real history and real unit types. Shogun 2, I'll be honest, I just never really played much. My point is, for me, Rome II most definitely has the highest playerbase of the non-warhammer games because of its good balance of historical appeal, historical fiction, mechanics, UI, and graphics.

  10. Medieval II is the best strategy game ever made…

    StarCraft Broodwar has entered the chat.

  11. Would agree with the list. 10 years ago I’d have argued for Rome to win but these days I would say Medieval 2 especially when stacking up the expansions

  12. The incest thing in mtw2 just to keep the bloodline is most interesting. Provided you dont fuck your siblings.

  13. Huh, interesting. It's an amazing game, yes. But..Endgame makes the game so bland. Canons are easy mode. It's why Medieval 2 isn't my top slot.

  14. medieval 1 should be at least 5th position.

  15. Honestly would have liked to see Napoleon up there. It is probably my personal favorite, perfecting much of what empire laid the foundation for. Plus the mods for that game are the best (American Civil war and Napoleonic Wars 3)

  16. Really chuffed with your number 1 slot. Couldn't agree more. It was the first total war I played and, broadly speaking, I've been chasing that same high for my entire life. I've come close a couple of times…

  17. I already knew the number 1 and 2 spots were going to be for Rome Total War and Medieval II Total War. They’ve made Total War franchise what it is right now.

  18. Damn…. was half-expecting Napoleon mentioned.

  19. I have easily 500h on medieval 2 and im still shit at it

  20. You know how Rome 2 got the negative backlash back in 2013? Well, at least in 2020 is fixed, so i guess CA needed extra time to patch it

  21. i want Medieval 3 basically the same game just new graphics and a ai overhaul

  22. I played all Total war , litteraly, And for me Warhammer 2 is clearly the best total war. As you said If warhammer 3 is more medievalish 2 . It will be the best game hands down.

  23. 1.Medieval Total War 2+Stainless steal 6.4
    2.Medieval Total War 2
    3.Medieval Total War 2
    4.Medieval Total War 2
    5.Medieval Total War 2

  24. We should ask CA to make a Rome total war and Medieval II remastered, we wouldn’t need any further computer Video games

  25. Ok you may hate me, but my favourite one is Empire. I just love it and it is great. Building the Colonial Empire as the GB as Constitutional Monarchy is the best!

  26. Rome Total War is the best for tve amazing musical score alone.

  27. Warhammer 2 (and 1) is best BECAUSE the battles in that game are by far the most entertaining IMO it just seems like the perfect setting to stretch the total war formula to its greatest extent. Less depth for empire building? I cant disagree but warhammer has corruption and little things that IMO make up for the less detailed empire building.

    My list based on games I've played
    -Empire Total war
    -Shogun 2
    -Rome 2
    -Warhammer 1/2

  28. My top 5 Total War games

    1. Total War: Rome2

    2. Total War: Warhammer 2

    3. Three Kingdoms

    4. Total War: Shogun 2

    5. Total War: Atitla

  29. I was just debating reinstalling M2TW and playing it all over again . . . your list made that decision much easier. I damn near shouted my agreement when I got to your #1!

  30. 1 for me is Shogun 2: FotS
    2 is reg Shogun 2
    3 is Attila
    4 is empire
    5 is Rome 2.

    Never been into Warhammer so don't take offense.

  31. I remember buying Medieval 2 on Disc at goodwill when i was around 12 i played it for hours and hours and it wasn’t until about 3 years ago i realized it was on steam and i bought it IMMEDIATELY!

  32. Top 5 LegendofTotalWar outros:
    5: Fuckers
    4: Fuckers
    3: Fuckers
    2: Fuckers
    1: Fuckers

  33. Nah Rome total war is number 1 because roman period

  34. Medieval 2 is great with the schwert und Speer mod.

  35. I love Total War: Warhammer II but my Laptop can't handle it well and it has a LONG load time. It might be a gem that I enjoy later with other computers. I agree with this list.

  36. Anyone else watching this in June of 2020 and thinking well he was wrong

  37. I played shogun 2, shogun 2 fots, empire, napoleon, attila, warhammer 1& 2, and medieval 2. I think in many ways, shogun fots battles were good in ways no other total war game has been able to truly follow up on, including the visual and sound aspects.

  38. looking at this now TWWH2 would be in the number 1 spot XD

  39. In my opinion:
    5. Atilla
    4. Rome 2
    3. Rome
    2. Shogun 2
    1. Medieval 2
    Empire and Napoleon were quite good too. Not a huge fan of the Warhammer universe but I have to give these games a shot one day.

  40. The best Total war game is Shogun 2 then Warhammer 2, IMO.

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