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Top 5 – World War 1 games

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With Battlefield 1 set in World War 1 we thought it would be a good time to take a look at other games that take place in this horrific setting. As it turns out the greatest and most brutal war of them all didn’t get that much attention when it comes to video games. Here’s our top 5 World War I games!

5. Battle of Empires: 1914-1918

Real Time Strategy games based on the First World War are few and far between, but the recent Battle of Empires is quite enjoyable. The game contains multiple campaigns that are devoted to the countries that had a leading part in this worldwide conflict. One of the highlights is the option to play the campaign cooperatively. This way it seems like you are one of the generals on the battlefield yourself!

4. Red Baron

A lot of the games that are based on the First World War are flight games and Sierra’s Red Baron is one of the best. The game, based on the legendary German pilot Manfred von Richthofen, is definitely the most well known. In 1990 this game shook the world with its realistic graphics and great gameplay. They tried to resurrect it back in 2013 on Kickstarter but unfortunately the project went down in flames.

3. Toy Soldiers

In the Xbox 360 Arcade exclusive Toy Soldiers you control one of two armies of miniature toy soldiers on a World War I diorama. Besides realistic battlefield landscapes there are also less intimidating settings like a children’s bedroom. It’s a great mix of action and strategy that lets you control soldiers but also fighter planes and tanks. Too bad the sequels didn’t expand on this amazing concept..

2. Valiant Hearts: The Great War

Ubisoft made a great tribute to the victims of the First World War with Valiant Hearts: The Great War. The game shows a couple of playable characters from both sides of the war and tells an engaging story that unfortunately ends way too soon. The artstyle is beautiful and the game is full of extra trivia that creates a full realistic picture of the war. This should be part of high school education if you ask us.

1. Verdun

Verdun is probably the most authentic shooter set in the trenches of the first world war. The game, named after one of the biggest battles during that time, puts up to 32 players against each other in four game modes that capture the war beautifully. Especially the historically accurate weapons and equipment and the detailed and realistic modeling of injury and gore make this a game that remembers the war in a respectful way.

Honorable Mentions:

Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol
Hogs of War
Snoopy Flying Ace
Victoria II


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