Top 5 Worst Total War Games -

Top 5 Worst Total War Games

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Do you agree? Do you Disagree? Let me know.
What should the next top 5 be?
Should I just stick to playing the game?

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  1. Empire is perhaps my 3rd favorite. (TW:WH beating it out)

  2. I hope, so so so so badly that they make a good game around the ToB period, it's one of my favourite time periods

  3. 5th and 4th wrong way around! Absolutely! Even though Shogun introduced us the whole genre, it was bad. BAD. At least compared to Medieval, which had fixed most of the bugs. I just had to get this off of my chest before continuing the video. And yes, I loved them both. Unfortunately I don't know where my original cd's are, and I can't play them anymore, but hey, there's Shogun 2 and Medieval 2, which are nicely improved.

    Edit: Never saw Thrones coming, because I didn't remember it…. tells something very important, I think…

  4. I played 2 Britannia Campaigns to victory. (Short). They were probably the 2 easiest factions (Circerin and Gwiend). For whatever reason, loyalty wasn't a huge issue. Every once and a while a character would get disloyal and I would either kill him, secure his loyalty OR if I didn't have money, give him an estate, or make him a general and send him on a suicide mission.

  5. My top 5 best are
    1. Empire Total War
    2. Napoleon Total War
    3. Shogun 2 Fall of the Samurai
    4. Medieval 2
    5. Rome Total War

    Haven’t spent much time with the others, But Empire just cant be topped in my opinion.

  6. How about this, I disagree but you still get a like.

    My personal ranking from good to bad:

    1) medieval 2

    2) rome 1

    3) shogun 2

    4) empire

    5) rome 2

    6) thrones of britannia

    7) attila

    8) napoleon

    9) medieval 1

    10) shogun 1

    I don't play fantasy so ignored the warhammer games, three kingdoms and troy.

  7. I agree with you that Attila and Britania are the worst games!

  8. Me, who flat out refused to play Medieval 2 at first as a kid because I loved the first one so much, after finding out Legend of Total War ranks Rome II above Medieval: "This is an age of darkness…"

  9. Medieval 1 is really good. Unlike the games after it, it actually captured the feel of being a king moving your armies on a map. TW games certainly lost something when they ditched the 2d paper map after it.

  10. WoW I honestly didn't even know the number 1 existed with how well Warhammer has done.

  11. Empire has way too many bugs and crashes, also IA is completely f***ed

  12. "The AI isn't playing the same game as you" definitely agree, one of the least enjoyable parts of Total War. I understand AI needs some money cheats et al so you can't just snowball too much once you get to a certain size, but when fullstacks somehow appear in your heartlands it's just tedious.

  13. Napoleon is a wierd one, no idea why it exists, why its not a expansion to Empire
    Napoleon is not better then Empire, nor is it more popular. Empire is top 4, while Napoleon doesnt make it to top5.

  14. Attila's has many awful issues with it but I don't get why everyone that hates it always points out the historical setting of the game. It's like hating on Shogun 2 because it has too many warring factions…Rome falling, chaos and extreme change was part of that time period xD if you hate that time period, obviously you won't like the game.

  15. I seriously don't understand the general hate towards Britannia. I understand there are many things lacking with respect to other TW games, but it's simply a more focused game, I think. More focused on the battles and army movements. I thoroughly enjoy Britannia battles, more than in most of the other games. I think it's a nice game to focus on your strategic capabilities and challenge yourself in legendary difficulty. (Also, the "civil war simulator" issue has long been fixed…)

  16. 5 Thrones of Britannia
    4 Thrones of Britannia
    3 Thrones of Britannia
    2 Thrones of Britannia
    1 Empire Total War (just kidding, Thrones of Britannia)

  17. Funny thing about attila being number 2 is he got me into total war when I found his videos as western Rome. First TW game I played and still love it. The DLC is pretty abhorrent though.

  18. Medieval is a great game which I would love to be able to play again. Just don’t bother with the battles which are too dated. It would work well on a mobile though.

  19. no doubt, don't even need to wathc the first, it's thrones of britannia

  20. I think attila is under rated. I get maybe it should have been a dlc to rome 2 not it's own game. But Its the only one that I still play today. Heavily moded now tho

  21. Empire and Attila are my favourites 🤣

  22. I belive tob was pretty good :)) but defently lacked content

  23. I'd put Rome 2 as being worse than Medieval. Medieval is just simple and old, Rome 2 is poorly designed.

  24. Lol I love Attila, the one I've played the most.
    Felt like the campaign functions were good, and the modding possibilities are good as well, except that the world map can't be edited ;(

  25. Attila is my favorite Total War title of all time actually
    1: epic cut scenes
    2: awesome mods (cmo I got it mainly for the mods!)
    3: unique time period

  26. Empire, a favourite of mine. It had its flaws, but damn was it cool at some of the other places.

  27. My guy must be trippin balls thrones of Brittiania is the second best total war behind Attila

  28. I do not stop explain people that Throne of Brittania is the most undererstimated game of the franchise. Its very atmospheric, balanced and so on but just didn`t meet the expectation of the community who wanted one more grand game. I always feel myself frustrated on the big campaing map in all total war games cause it seemed to me that it`s too unaccurate, for example when in Rome 2 you have whole Greece consisted of just 3 provinces. But in ToB gameplay is focusing on some specific region which is well worked out in details like it was in Medieval 2 Kingdoms.

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