Top 5 Worst Total War Games -

Top 5 Worst Total War Games

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Do you agree? Do you Disagree? Let me know.
What should the next top 5 be?
Should I just stick to playing the game?

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  1. Unpopular opinion: Attila is better than Rome 2

  2. Thrones of Britannia is amazing to me ngl

  3. Well… I found Troy less good than thrones of Britannia that get 2 quality with management of food and super map. And I would have switch Attila with Rome 2 that is in my opinion the biggest total war disappointment. I think if empire get a mod that change it to Napoléon (or the opposite) that would be wonderful
    but mostly I found your critics accurate

  4. Five kindoms in my opinion is the worst total war game

  5. But what's about Warhammer 1 I even have more fun playing Attila and I mean Warhammer has such little campaign difference (units fire thoug) and I think it's like shogun 1 and 2 where the second one is much better than the first

  6. Worst top5 TW games:
    5. no
    4. no
    3. no
    2. TW: Troy
    1. Thrones of Britannia

  7. ok so this is a comment for the top 5 total war fileatures you want back and it on the pre game speech like I remember invading britan in Rome total war and I had my main army bleed while my second fresh army was on it way over and I had the fresh unit transfer over for my like almost dead veteran units and I have like a half full army but at most a unit had half its staring units so I move them back to the edge of britan next turn I moved them over the water and my hear drops when a enemy army crosses behind me and attack the odds where like 99% failure and they had a large army and the speech was something about they out number us but not our will or something but it was so epic knowing it was gonna be a epic last stand of units I've had from the start and I made a circle of what ever infantry j had and my missle units skirmishes and ran into the circle but I managed to rout thier left flank and when the rest of the enemy army made contact I moved my left flank behind and rushed my missile troops in after a unit collapsed and some archers killed the general amd they all routed I needed up taking like 50 casualties with like 200 deployed and killed like 700 units with like 800 deployed it was fucken epic

  8. Attila's not a great game for empire building, but its a great game for empire destroying. The WRE collapses a bit more easily than it should have in most of my games, but other than that i like the apocalyptic feeling.

  9. Atilla is great why would you put it on this list

  10. Tbh, Atilla is one of my favorites, it shows perfectly the nature of time it is set, the "world" is collapsing, barbarians are invading, people are migrating, the climate is changing and your objective is to survive, it would be unrealistic to create a prosperous empire in these conditions, in this game, surviving another year is already a great victory.

  11. empire total war is my favourite, but i agree with you, the AI is dumb, sieges are the worst, it's buggy, when i send my units to charge they move other direction, but i still love it, is the only game that i can control mexico with mods, and 3 really big enjoyable maps, also the campaign is a bit great, but with mods is one of the best for my opinion

  12. "Age of Charlemagne is the best DLC in the series" – Has mixed reviews on steam lol.

    as of 2020, Troy would take the #1 spot imo.

    Especially since ToB now has very positive recent reviews.

  13. No reason to play Shogun 1? Mongol invasion my dude!

  14. I think I'd have said Rome II before Attila

  15. Top 5 worst games
    1. Rome
    2. Shogun 2
    3. Medieval 2
    4. Shogun 2 fots
    5. Attila

  16. I actually think that Total war Medieval 1 is one of the best total war games ever , to this day.

  17. this is bollocks. im calling the police on you

  18. I honestly see Attila as a remake of Rome total war-Barbarian invasion
    It would be great that would been have the same
    A expansion of Rome 2 total war (His name would be Rome 2 total war- The Fall of the empire) or something it would be great, even if it's just some minor changes
    but…a great total war game?, nah

  19. I know ETW is broken in many ways… but it will always have a special place within my heart. It was the first total war game that I bought, and because I enjoyed it I bought medieval 2. It was the gateway into this wonderful experience that I cherish so much. Anyway I just want to say that your videos are awesome and I love watching your strategems play out

  20. How can you put the original game on this list! Fall of the samurai is a good gunpowder game but the 1860s weapons make it very different to Empires or Napoleon. I think lots of TW players don't like or want to use the different tactics needed for those games. I enjoy a good bit of fire by rank personally 🙂

  21. Empire total war is that special kid that really want to makes us happy.

  22. Total war games are on your list of the worst TW games just because they are too old and outdated….congratulations. Accoding to your logic you are a better fighter than Bruce Lee because Bruce Lee is already dead. You are genius. America need You!

  23. Troy beated thrones of brittania for me so fast, that made me think that ToB is actually good

  24. Man this depresses me. I bought Britannia and Empire is the total war game I've played the most

  25. I though you will include kingdom one lol, nice top 5 dude

  26. 14:31 "I know for a fact, that it's [this review] is not getting hundreds of thousands of views…"
    We've come a long way 🙂

  27. Hate everything except Shogun 2 and the Warhammer games

  28. I like empire, I thought it was different

  29. The idea that Atilla makes this list but Rome 2 doesn't is wild. Rome 2 was literally unplayable at launch

  30. I never played Atilla, just by looking at its graphics I already knew my computer, and virtually all other office computers, wasn't going to handle this game, and it's virtually the same with all post-Shogun 2 games.

  31. I hate empire cause half the units I place disappear while in napoleon I feel like they do a good job and making the troops not dissapear also napoleon total war AI is actually pretty good and use good stradegy while in empire the AI in empire literally is shit

  32. Eh, I kinda liked ToB because it explores a time period that I like. From a gameplay perspective, I didn’t really mind it honestly.

  33. Agreed with each assessment, Shogun and Medieval TW aren't bad games they're just dated. I still play Shogun TW from time to time, it's kind of like playing a boardgame for a change of pace.

    Atilla was the first TW game I didn't pick up at launch (and I started playing TW before Shogun 1 Mongol Invasion came out). It's not as bad a game as I thought, but it's definitely not one of the better ones.

    I bought Empire at launch but it's actually one of my least played titles. In part because of the time period (just never appealed to me as much) and in part because early reviews of all the bugs and issues put me off it. Especially with Napolean TW being around there isn't much to draw me back into Empire at this point.

    Thrones of Britannia was the first TW game I never purchased (Troy being the second, and considering everything I've seen and heard from Troy it's not a good pattern for the Saga games).

    *Oops I just realized I did lie about Troy. I almost didn't pick it up but I did grab it for free off epic store on that one day free deal. That said, I haven't opened it once and don't intend to anytime soon. I simply grabbed it for the sake of having it.

  34. Man, Attila hurts to see here, because it's the only total war game that has the guts to do something interesting in being an empire survival game. I love that it goes for that, but it's not particularly good at being that game. I really want it and its ideas to get a proper successor.

  35. I think I need to get ToB, sounds like my kind of masicism

  36. I completly agree with you expect Attila and empire , I know why you hate them empire is pretty damn easy and attila Exactly the opposite ، so the balane is destroyed but your completly wrong because they are good very good but not the perfect thing if you want really enjoy.

  37. what you mean no get hundred thoundsands of views? you got over 400k views

  38. Medieval 1 was my first. Brilliant childhood memories on a chunky old pc.

  39. I like Thrones of Brittania because it was my first TW game so its kinda special. 🙂

  40. IMO TW Warhammer 2 needs to have a spot on the list because it needs another total war game in order to be good. The Maelstrom campaign is terrible, alot of youtubers actually recommended not to do the maelstrom rituals(the core mechanic of the campaign btw) because the punishments you get from doing them are not worth the rewards, so the only good campaign is mortal empires and in order to play it you need to buy TW:WH, and that makes TW:WH 2 a terrible game as a standalone(Not to mention the insane amount of DLCs and the Price that it costs to buy all of them and both basegames)

  41. Fuck you, Attila is better than Rome 2 you are dishonest

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