Total War: PHARAOH - Announce Trailer -

Total War: PHARAOH – Announce Trailer

Total War
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Can you stand against the collapse of a civilisation?

Immerse yourself in ancient Egypt at the zenith of its power and experience the events that threaten its destruction in Total War: PHARAOH – coming October 2023.


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  1. Bru literally let the beetle that was rolling poop crawl onto his hand like it was just a chill Monday

  2. gun powder ERA or nothing at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. The dung was meant to represent the actual contents of the game

  4. I've heard this total war hasn't got many players reason being is the fan base doesn't want this game we want a new (EMPIRE TOTAL WAR) & (MEDIEVIL TOTAL WAR) or we going to riot!!!!!!!

  5. These two beetles caused me more emotions and experiences than all Hollywood films of the last decade

  6. if only game – engine – felt as good as this trailer

  7. global war, with historical epochs, and expansions on the globe, also esoteric ones: atlantis, babylon, agartha …

  8. 80 bucks? Are you guys out of your minds!? lol

  9. Okay. So the scarab happens upon an already balled up wad of dung. What you are suggesting is that someone or something this going around bronze age Egypt and balling up dung and just leaving those around haphazardly. Who or what are you suggesting did this?!

  10. The way he felt a natural kinship with the beetle, they both knew the other had lost everything save their life.

  11. The most accurate game trailer ever made. That dung beetle is CA, and it's pushing Total War Pharoah.

  12. When an Announcement Trailer brings more profit than the game xD

  13. Strategy fans ⚔ who have followed CA since the first Shogun & Rome, I invite you to try a new game, for lovers of historical content:

    Seeing the great news of the launch of Manor Lords, I will only say: This game is going to be the game of the year of strategy 2024, the best thing is to see the direct thrust to the heart of CA Studio, demonstrating that a single person developed this game is to be praised and puts Total War in focus, let them continue here making their copy paste of the Troy with total war sagas sold as complete games* when the truth is different for neglecting their great community that gave fame to the entire franchise, if it was all of us , strategy fans, history fans, who have neglected us by giving us poor quality content for this reason, we must support Manor Lords, it is the way for CA Stdio to wake up and work better, it is the way to see a day Medieval 3 or at least that its main studio in Sofia makes a game according to the high range and historical quality as well as what was done in Warhammer, quality gentlemen for historical fans!, death to heresies, long live true quality content, Long live Manor Lords! For The Emperor! See you in April, let's support quality games not because of the name but because of their content!

  14. Its about time to move to consoles. MEDIEVAL 2, Rome, Rome 2 and this would sell insane numbers… They wouod double their income off all those old games if they brought them to console

  15. F… you games. No more. No respect for the customer and no quality product? Bye bye $

  16. Where is the Scorpian King when you need him….FFS!!!!

  17. Is there a trick in Total War to gain territories without fighting?

  18. I'm not very up to date with games, does anyone know if it supports Xbox Series S?

  19. When I first commented on this trailer I got ostracized in the comment for saying how stupid releasing this game after troy was and bronze age battles are boring compared to other ages.. Well the people have spoken, this game is an overpriced mess no one bought. So screw any historical buff morons who don't understand it's a VIDEO GAME and it's a bad business decision regardless of your preferences.

  20. Смотрит такой фараон на жука говноеда и понимает,что СА обосрались с игрой)

  21. And six months later they lower the price by twenty bucks. What a failure of a game, not to mention an even bigger failure of a company

  22. Please stop making more content for Pharaoh and start making the games that Total War fans have wanted for years. And I'm not talking about some "saga" rubbish

  23. Boy picked me up a dung Bettle and i flew away – me

  24. What happened to the beetle? Hes dead and ascended as khepri.

  25. Looking back at this trailer from 7 months it looks very beautiful for a total war game trailer

  26. Odd trailer but glad to see Egypt back in focus for total war

  27. So I take it this game is mostly about dung beetles fighting over camel poop.

  28. From Samurai and Warrior Monks battling to beetles…

  29. This trailer is so unbelievably stupid… I love it

  30. We need medieval 3 total war and empire 2 total war

  31. i like how 75% was about a dung beatle

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