Trained Civil War Regiment DOMINATES In War of Rights! -

Trained Civil War Regiment DOMINATES In War of Rights!

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  1. This game looks beautiful, pc has so much more games then consoles

  2. Just noticed that they use actual confederate flags for the rebels, although you would probably see the battle flag more

  3. fucked up cause all the so called black people were on the front line

  4. But everyone who fought in the Civil War is now dead. So how can they be playing

  5. YOU should make more vids on this game <3

  6. WOOOOOOOO!!! Yeah baby, that what we been waiting for that’s what it’s all about. WOOOOOOOOO!!!

  7. 4:13 It's adorable that they're trying. But even the most boot fucked recruit will have facial ticks at the inaccuracies.
    Line vs formation during a celebrating vs battle. And he gives an order, RIGHT after putting the soldier at ease, lol.

  8. If they add entrenching tools in this game it would make this even more interesting than it is before

  9. Then you buy the game, and realize i'ts a bunch of kids running everywhere

  10. I’m at a loss for words. This is absolutely brilliant.

  11. Does this game have any black regiments? Just curious!

  12. When they drill, why don't they assign numbers wherever they line up so when they ready a line, they know their assigned order?

  13. Harpers Ferry is where they used to make guns

  14. When adult plays war video games, they recreate realism wif social respect and tactical strategies… when kids plays war video games, they recreate trolls and care more of individual RTK then team play. LOL

  15. I bet there is a lot of N bombs thrown around in this game

    -Unlocked: M60

  17. this is probably like the iRacing of fps.

  18. “Nothing makes me wanna kill people more than religion”
    The Spanish Inquisition felt that

  19. Combining religion and organized murder. WHY is humanity so fucked?

  20. it would be cool if they made a chess board that you and a friend could actually use

  21. Why is there power lines in a civil war game

  22. this graphics. This doesn't look like a modern game.

    this looks like a movie, its so good! This needed more recognition.

  23. This is taking a reinactment to a whole another level

  24. damn this is something that i feel like everyone would like to do at some point being in an army and charging into the enemy's muskets

  25. This is awesome. Arms 3 is probably my all time favorite though

  26. I’m slightly bothered by the fact a few shots were fired from behind a fellow soldiers head when in line. I’d be reprimanding someone for that.

  27. Excellent video! This looks like a great time.

  28. I wish the people who made this game made like a ww2 one

  29. Oh man. This game needs actual veterans. Guys that know drill movements and proper nomenclature.

  30. Why did u have knife bayonets
    Not the socket bayonets

  31. I love how someone is playing a bagpipe at the backround.

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