Trenches then VS now👍 -

Trenches then VS now👍

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  1. Could you imagine if Europe went to war with Russia (against a foot invasion) and they start re-digging and reusing these very trench lines?

  2. Then: the enemy attacking
    Now: the peaceful with the rest for soldiers

  3. Sadder music shouldve been used these guys lived in a hell none of us can imagine just saying it was whatever you think a bad scenario is x 1000

  4. Imagine man your in ww1 walking in the trenches and just see your dead homies and dead enemies😢

  5. Cousin it is your cousin lets go bowling

  6. Still got pock marks from artillery.

  7. Niko: Showing trenches then vs now


  8. **Roman calling**

    Hey, Niko, wanna go dig trenches with your cousin?

  9. “Guns will rust, grass will grow, and there’ll be nothing left of any of this”

  10. My great uncle was born in 1897(Normandy,France🇨🇵). My great grandmother (his mother)died in 1906 aged 31 from common flu leaving my great uncle aged 9 and his 6yrs.old sister(my grandma) motherless😢. My great uncle was a soldier during WWI and died aged 18 in 1915. He was gassed by the ennemy in a trench. His body was never found😢✝️🕯🙏🏻🤲🌺


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