Trying the War Games in Mapchart -

Trying the War Games in Mapchart

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  1. hmm interesting what bits your phone is??🥴🥴🥴

  2. Heyy how can I take a certain land like you?? Pls tell me

  3. Why the world like this just dowload world province

  4. I think war games is underrated
    It’s pretty good

  5. NFL war games map is underrated, but the hearts of iron 4 map is the best one for these types of videos

  6. Type iv while searching maps
    Then try the europa universalis

    U can only find it while searching iv not something else

  7. Idea: Use subdivisions map for real life borders

  8. Google vid but use subdivisions better border

  9. Any Mapchart Map<<<<<<Hearts of Iron IV
    For making empires and even you can make real map of old countries perfectly like Austria Hungary and German so even Subdivisions is not useful

  10. Of course all is dude thinks he's better 💀💀💀

  11. They should make the war games map less blocky and make it like a normal map just with random subdivisions so you can do wars and stuff

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