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U.S. fails North Korea-like war games

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Could the U.S. secure North Korea’s nuclear weapons if the regime falls? A new war games scenario is not so optimistic.


  1. Republics, democracies are a horrible way to govern a country and always turns into a dictatorship or oligarchy

  2. Do you know how much shit America would receive for doing that with some sites near crowded areas? The UN and probably every health organization would flip out on us.

  3. Ok so it would take 90,000 troops, BUT NOT ALL OURS

  4. We have allies and they would surely send some troops we would not be the only ones

  5. after the war, about 24 million north Koreans will go rogue and fight the u.s. Cause they worship there leader like a god

  6. I was meaning in the extreme. the USA would bomb those sites if they knew the DPRK was trying to move it out.

    " UN and probably every health organization would flip out on us." when was the last time the UN ever did anything except the Korean War. and even then that was U.S led.

  7. Wait… So 56 days for 90,000 troops to take over a country defended by millions of troops is bad? Okay CNN. Whatever you say.

  8. YES ! any one of 28 countries .. RIGHT .. So basically with that argument, if USA wants to capture nuclear sites in case of failed Russia China and India, it looks like it will take USA 56 days and 90,000 troops .. GREAT ANALYSIS . GG.

  9. as much as I would love for us to just nuke north korea, it definitely wouldn't be the smartest idea. we have to play this slow, and be the bigger country. the whole world is watching, and we can't afford to let anybody side with north korea.

  10. That's unprepared troops though, We would send in special forces like DEVGRU to find the nuclear weapons while regular forces just fought. We would also have help from South Korea Chine and NATO helping.

  11. If we go to fight NK I'm only 16 and I know it's not like cod hahaha or anything BUT I WANT IN I WANNA FIGHT I know how to shoot I have an ar15 but the only thing I don't have is military tranjng I wish I could enlist right now so bad

  12. The US isn't going to be alone if Korea did something with a nuclear bomb. The world would crush Korea

  13. If Korea did something nuke,then the whole world will assist it to CRUSH the U.S because most of the nations have grudges against it.
    Korea,japan,iran,the whole muslims,pakistan,russia,india……..blablabla.

  14. WAIT haha Our FIRST move is to send in OSPREY's???

    HAHA LMFAO who came up with that stupid idea? NK hard targets would be relentlessly bombarded from the air and sea before any US boots stepped on the ground. As for what happens afterwards, the US military just needs to stick to what it does best: attack and destroy. Then get the hell out of there. Let our allies, the UN, and IMF deal with the nation building. If they want a peaceful region, the UN can do some heavy lifting on its own for once

  15. What a JOKE! They wouldn't use these tactics. If anything they'd hit them with weather weaponry etc. Thus, having seemingly "natural" events take out most of the country right off the bat. On the same note, China, Russia, Iran etc. can do this as well to the USAcorp. So it's still the M.A.D. scenario anyway you look at it!

  16. And it would be just as illegal and bollocks as the Vietnam one the US was so sure to win 🙂

  17. Hmm yeah not that easy, Korea has China, China has Russia, Russia has Pakistan, etc, etc.

  18. Let's call this what it is, speculation from intelligence gathered by America. America isn't exactly the best at gathering accurate intel. Remember Iraq and the supposed WMDS? How about the estimate it would take 3 weeks to crush Iraq and the soldiers would be home in time for supper? This was a tiny country that had no useful allies and America still lost and is now bankrupt, the citizens are divided making the country even weaker, etc. This has disaster written all over it.

  19. you dont have to win. bomb all farms. bomb all cities. bomb all roads.
    america has the ability to do that easily with stealth planes. the people will flee out of the country. the government will be toppled. samilar shit like Iraq and vietname.

  20. Hmm LOL, yeah but china, Russia, is in the UN too.

  21. I hate to break it to the impatient American people but wars aren't won in a day they can take up to 5 years normally and depending on demographics and logistics it could take 250000 to 300000 soldiers …… deal with if that's what it takes to win a war then so be it victory at any cost

  22. china's not going to do anything to their largest consumer there economy would be gone and Russia, Russia just blows allot of smoke they won't do

  23. They never thought that if America Surges these Countries, They may just Launch their Weapons of Mass Destruction to get them out of The Ground and/or into the air. Then we have the beginning of a Thermonuclear War. I think America should Re-Think what they're doing… Some Leaders do Crazy Stuff when they have nothing to loose…

  24. yea but that 5000 was lost over a span of about 12 years….ya know? N. korea does have a huge military, but their airforce and artillery and such is incredibly outdated.

  25. God it's not all of Korea! It's just the North.

  26. I'm sorry but I can't name a actual war the US has won. Using WMD on Japan is kinda cheating. Throw all the nukes away and attach the bayonet. Men meet on the field of battle, no drones allowed!!

  27. No offence to the military, just the people on the hill can manage a postal system. How can they plan anything. Please

  28. Nice conversation comment you have. Your are a idiot if you believe what you see on tv Mr. Sheep. Calling me names doesn't make you any smarter. You just showed the world I'm right. The US has never had a successful war and are full of people like you. Why don't you research a little history. Land of the coward, home of the slave. So you are the "idiot" my friend.

  29. Just nuke them, there all screwed up in the head anywise.

  30. It's easy to say "nuke them", but they are also considering civilian casualties

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