UK and US troops join NATO soldiers for war games in signal to Putin after Finland announcement -

UK and US troops join NATO soldiers for war games in signal to Putin after Finland announcement

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UK and US troops join NATO soldiers for war games in signal to Putin after Finland announcement

NATO has put on a show of strength in Europe in a message to Vladimir Putin as thousands of soldiers from 19 nations take part in war games across the continent. The Swift Response 22 exercises in North Macedonia involve 4,500 troops from the US, Britain, France, Italy and other allied nations and are taking place against the backdrop of Russian aggression against perceived Western expansion. There are similar military drills being held across five locations in Europe this month, to show Finland what they will soon be joining.  Swift Response involves parachute drops, helicopter-borne air assaults and sees French paratroopers and an Italian working to a British chain of command.  Exercise Hedgehog is also taking place on the Estonia-Latvia border this month featuring 18,000 NATO troops in the biggest military exercise in Estonia which takes place every four years.  Today, Finland announced it intends to start the formal application process to join the military pact, more than doubling NATO’s presence on Russia’s borders from 754 miles to 1,584 miles. The decision is a spectacular backfire for Putin who invaded Ukraine in part through fears of Volodymyr Zelensky joining the US-led alliance. Over the past 10 days, soldiers from Albania, France, Greece, Italy, North Macedonia, Montenegro, the UK and the US have taken part in the exercises in North Macedonia, which have included parachute jumps at several locations around the country. North Macedonia formally joined NATO in March 2020. The small Balkan country of 1.8million people has an active military of about 8,000 personnel. ‘I think it’s a fantastic demonstration of what we can do as an alliance and our ability to project combat power if asked to do so and how quickly we can do it,’ Maj. Gen. Peter B. Andrysiak, U.S. Army Deputy Commanding General for Europe and Africa, told reporters after an hourlong display in North Macedonia. The purpose of the exercises is to showcase the ability for large ground combat operations for member states and allies. Earlier, Russian state TV accused the US of erecting a ‘new iron curtain’ in Europe in a furious response to Finland announcing its intention to join NATO. This morning, president Sauli Niinisto and prime minister Sanna Marin said they want to join the security alliance ‘without delay’, with Sweden set to follow suit within days, drastically ramping up tensions between Russia and the West.  The Kremlin had previously threatened it would secure ‘the entire destruction’ of the country and ‘the most undesirable consequences’, and today said it would ‘be forced to take retaliatory steps’, both ‘military-technical and other’. A Number 10 spokesman said the UK is ‘fully committed to NATO’s open door policy’ and said the only threatening behaviour in Europe has been Russia’s invasion.  When asked what he would say to Russia, Niinisto replied: ‘You caused this. Look in the mirror.’  After the announcement, Russian state TV’s Olga Skabeyeva said: ‘The main beneficiary here is America and Biden. And the main aim is a new iron curtain from the Barents to the Black Sea.’ Meanwhile Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the move was ‘definitely’ a threat to Russia and warned it would make Europe more unstable.  He said Finland had made ‘unfriendly steps’ against Russia and it was a cause for regret and a reason to impose a symmetrical response.  Asked whether this presented a threat to Russia, Peskov said: ‘Definitely. NATO expansion does not make our continent more stable and secure.’ Sweden is expected to follow Finland with its own bid which could come as soon as next week, with a parliament debate on Monday followed by a special cabinet meeting where the formal decision to apply will be taken, Daily Expressen said. A special committee will announce Finland’s decision on a membership bid on Sunday although it could take until October before the country is formally admitted to the pact. The major policy shift which completely rewrites Europe’s post WWII alignment comes a day after Boris Johnson signed security pacts with Helsinki and Stockholm pledging Britain would come to their aid if they come under Russian attack.  In…

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