Ukraine Using US ATACMS Missiles Against Defended Russian Bases? (WarGames 178) | DCS -

Ukraine Using US ATACMS Missiles Against Defended Russian Bases? (WarGames 178) | DCS

Grim Reapers
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We look at how ATACMS missiles could be used to penetrate heavily defended Russian airbases.

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  2. With Current Hills excellent additions to DCS, any chance of some all arms Ukraine based missions with the relevant air, sea and ground assets? We have Chally 3, Leopard and now Abrahams along with accurate soviet armour, also workable Inf although none smart Arty is a little sparce, would look great as well now with 2.9 rolled out.

  3. With Current Hills excellent additions to DCS, any chance of some all arms Ukraine based missions with the relevant air, sea and ground assets? We have Chally 3, Leopard and now Abrahams along with accurate soviet armour, also workable Inf although none smart Arty is a little sparce, would look great as well now with 2.9 rolled out.

  4. Ukraine it's fazi, nazists. How you play for him?

  5. From my understanding the malds can appear to be a bunch of different us aircraft on enemy radar.

  6. Good video. Mission would probably be considered a failure, but thats the point of an unscripted mission

  7. Only US variable swept wing aircraft had computer controlled wings by sweep computer. The Soviets/Russians used fixed sweep positions, so the Fencers only have 3 sweep positions like the MiG-23, landing, cruise and supersonic.

  8. I wonder if the decoys had been launched earlier, would the Su-35's attacked them instead of the Su-27's and Su-24's like the S-300/400 did? Meaning using those decoys as anti-air as well as ant-SAM decoys.

  9. Has GR thought about doing a video on MALD tactics (over/above simple ingress straight to the SAMsitestuff)?

    Concept? or Concrete Balloon?
    You tell me.

    a) INCREASE SAM MISSLE-DRAIN RATE in a large conflict area:
    Problem Statement : burn a MALD for just ONE Grumble… ah hell no, lets go for 2 or 3 Sams per MALD!!
    Testcase : Set up the typical Risk overlapping Sam ranges (consult Kortana, or maybe use one of her previous Hanoi From Hell-type maps)
    Have the MALDs ingress into Sam#1-radar-circumference at a point near its overlap with a neighboring SamSite#2.
    MALD FLight path to arc into SAMSite#1 for 10 km (or estimated point where Sam is deployed against it) then arc into Circumference of SamSite#2 (hopefully before missile #1 closes on it.)
    Hopefully you'll get a launch from both Samsites on a single MALD, increasing the depletion rate.
    IFF you can slalom back/forth across the radar intersection region, see how many Sams you can draw from the two sites.
    Also, this may test/find-weaknesses in the Sam deconfliction coding between two sites (not sure if DCA is smart enough to include fire-control deconfliction code??)

    b) Make 2 MALDS look like a very scary JASSM/LRASM launch… suck up extra SAMs due to 'perceived higher threat'
    SAME ProbStatement as before. Different MALD tactic.
    (here I'm assuming a SAMsite like an S400 would perceive an incoming JAS SM or similar high-tech attack to be more dangerous, therefore, expend extra SAM or two to ensure a hit on it… assumes that DCS allows the pre-programming of mid-flight-path changes, perhaps changes in EW broadcasted 'camouflage' )
    Testcase : Single SamSite.
    Fire off a string of MALDs (2 or 3). Alignment should be single-file, vectoring directly toward the Samsite.
    Front MALD should broadcast a bomb-truck radar return.. something scary like a F15-SE
    Trailing MALDs should maintain stealthy-as-possible profile UNTIL
    – Lead MALD peals off, as if it just fired off it's load… head-for-the-hills mode of egress.
    – Trailing MALDs should alter EW-radar-return to be like that of a JASSM (make it a lightly too-vsible JASSM, so the radar takes the bait.
    These trailers should drop to low altitude and act like JASSMs homing in on the radar…maybe that threat will draw a few extra missiles.

    Variations on the theme?
    Have a tree-skimming MALD keep it's lowest profile, then suddenly broadcast a one of a couple threat' profiles:
    B-52 or B-1
    … see which profile draws any extra missile designations.

    I dunno…. just early morning thoughts.

  10. Just to note, S400 max intercept speed is 3.2 mach, atacams is a ballistic missile with terminal speed over 3.5 mach, any intercept by s400 is a miracle. S400 is a freshly painted s300. It might be different with a new missile that was in plans but its far away from being available, late by years

  11. Fun gameplay, but its awesome it has nothing to do with real Ukrainian tactics, its easy to be suicidal sitting in front of monitor and restart your life at will. What makes me cringe a bit it exploits the war in portraying events in a fashion that has nothing to do with reality. Yeah, all disclaimers are given but this feels sour.. and all tech characteristics especially of russian ( and chinese in other videos) capabilities are taken out of russian and china propaganda. Waiting for a video where Putin’s Burevestnik will destroy DC, as well as other wunderwaffe, who cares it only exists in Kremlins cartoons

  12. Seems the latest satellite images revealed that there was a pantzir destroyed at byrdansk. Wonder if it was active.

  13. Great video GR, great video indeed.

    I suspect that they are going to increase the number of S-300V's being deployed in the AO to prevent this from happening as the S-300V is an ABM system primarily. Still a bit embarrasing that the Russians allowed one of their heliports being attacked by TBM's.

  14. Another great video – with regards to the comments when the S400 launched at a target outside of it's range – it must take into account the predicted intercept point, which given the range & speed of the target would have been within the range of the missile. So it can fire outside the missile's range as it wouldn't actually need to go that far anyway.

  15. "they're pretty easy to shoot down", apparently not, judging by the annihilated russian airbase

  16. russian pilots have less than half the training flying hours than western pilots same with chines skill levels should be lower they also have alot less combat experience. atacams has been successful in Ukraine without decoys being used so russian tech is clearly op

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