Ukrainian Kids Act Out War After Russians Destroy Village -

Ukrainian Kids Act Out War After Russians Destroy Village

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When kids are surrounded by war, it’s no surprise they act out what they see. Six-year-old Valentyn told CBS News that he and his friend Andrii want to protect what’s left of their Ukrainian neighborhood after Russian forces destroyed most of it. The boys have dug trenches, created missile launchers out of scrap pieces of wood, and have learned to salute. Likely the biggest trauma of their young lives is played out in violent games of make-believe.


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  2. мясо готовится к отправке под Авдеевку.

  3. In 2015 I served in the russian milatary and boy we went trough brutal harssment.

  4. This is the same as American war and Syrian civil war nowadays, but it’s more terrible and the media hasn’t expose yet.

  5. Man these kids know how to dig and build

  6. The same things happened in Serbia in ww1

  7. Im so happy that my country is in peace

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  11. Another propaganda of the Kiev regime.

  12. перемога буде 15 травня! ура!

  13. No matter what kids will be kids. They might not have fully developed minds but they sure have big hearts.

  14. When Palestinian kids will fight back don't ask to "CoNDeMn"

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  16. Yeah i prefer makhno over Bandera because this is child abuse

  17. Ukraine kids soldiers heroes, Arabic kids soldiers terrorists

  18. This be what the average Ukrainian solider looks like by 2025

  19. I live in Canada and I do this every single day I want to be in the army when i’m older❤

  20. Now imagine the German kids in 1946 💀

  21. How is this any different than hamas and them teaching kids about acting war!??????? Hypocrisy

  22. I respect this, but if Palestinian kids do this, apparently’Isreal has the right to defend themselves’

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