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Unknown Error – War Games

Barcode Recordings
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Released on Barcode Recordings 22nd August 2011


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  1. @nme30 Yh i love unknown error i just haven't herd him for a while you can tell he has changed his style of music since the yearning tho ae?


  3. @Suckmyprick34 omg u f,king nooob. dont talk trash and hear ur House , b!tch

  4. @Suckmyprick34 hmja , stfu low bob . I hear Dnb 10 years and more , this is a verry good work , not a "chartbraker" just a Good job. u cant compare CV with this 😉

  5. @Suckmyprick34 ur mother is shit, why u say shit? omg, u can say its not good, but shit is low. Shit is other….

  6. @Mindof6ix Yeah I hear it man, Sounds like someone taking fire, then a Locust says "Moving"

  7. @SektorTheMachine There's a very recent link (today -02-20-12) on barcode recordings' fb-page with a recent release containing this very tune

  8. this is the best tune i have heard from unknown error avin it!

  9. Fucking Disgusting dark and dirty-bass D&B at it's finest! Just how I like it!

  10. always come back to this to be assaulted 😀

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