Ups & Downs From WWE NXT WarGames 2021 -

Ups & Downs From WWE NXT WarGames 2021

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Our Review of WWE NXT WarGames as Simon Miller runs down everything from last nights show.

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  1. Johnny Gargano > Bryan Danielson. In ring at least. Fucking fight me

  2. Did anyone ever explain why Gareth stopped doing the NXT ups and downs?. I miss the mid-week catch-up 🙁

  3. Anyone else thinks Simon is the Thor of Whatculture?

  4. So why does Nxt have better matches stories finishes and much more than the main roster

  5. What happened to El Hijo Del Ric Steiner having only a 33 2/3% while Champa having a 141 2/3% to win 😆

  6. Biggest issue is he'll looks for any reason to criticize wwe and find any reason to give aew a up

  7. Yeah Simon, like you would have shaved your head if you weren't going bald. There is a major difference between losing your hair naturally and someone cutting/shaving it against your will.

  8. Can we get a retro ups and down for the first NXT Takeover Brooklyn??

  9. GIgi Dolin needs to throwing her shit at the crowd just like the person she’s named after GG Allin.

  10. I watch these ups and downs so I don’t have to watch wrestling anymore. Then I just read the comments an see AEW fans get triggered by everything an WWE fans get triggered by everything they comment. it’s gold no wonder nobody is watching wrestling anymore they spend more time arguing in the comments section.


  12. When I watch NXT 2.0, I get more MAIN ROSTER Vibes. Main Roster sucks than NXT therefore NXT is the best.

  13. I love Toxic Attraction 🖤✔️ they are one of the greatest factions in Nxt. Such a performance in my opinion it was great.

  14. Besides the finish which i can agree with how the finish goes. Then I think.. that they are only performers doing the best they can to keep us entertained. They always deserve credit for the work they do.

  15. Mandy's transfer to NXT actually worked, she's having amazing matches.

  16. I'll always look at this and just feel down. I loved NXT, even back when it was Zayn vs Neville. I hate that it never took off. And I hate that it's ending.

  17. Hey Simon. Love your videos. You are hilarious!! My mom thought Bronn Breaker looked like the Steiner Brothers. I looked it up. Rick is his dad and Scott is his uncle. I still don't know how my mom figured that out without looking it up.

  18. I can’t be the only one that thinks Mandy Rose is trash she is sooo basic in the ring and she has like 1 move which is that running knee and she can’t even hit that move properly she got to be the worst NXT champion ever

  19. Anyone besides me notice the men always takes a while to bring in the weapons for War Games? Last year it wasn't until Pat MacAfee came in that the match started to look like a War Games match. This year it was a bit faster where the 5 person in the ring made it look like a War Games match. Can't remember 2019, but I think it was either the 4 or 5 person again.

    The women on the other hand it's like it's mandatory they can't enter the War Games cage without a couple of weapons in tow.

    Though considering how fast Johnny was bleeding once they brought in a chair, I can see why the men are sometimes hesitant. Also has Pete Dunne ever won a War Games? Wasn't he in all of them or almost all of them?

    Also it's Pat MacAfee, Cora Jade and Grayson Waller's first War Games match so what are their thoughts? "I'm going to jump off the top of the cage!"

  20. Also I think the issue with the women's War Games match is because they had to live up to the 2020 women War Games and that was like my favourite War Games match ever among both men and women, so it's was a pretty high bar to beat. Hell it was so popular Io did repeated reference to that match with the trash can.

  21. Kenny omega for sure banging hikaru 100$ convince me otherwise

  22. If you've got time to watch this ppv, just watch one of the old ones instead. They were so much better. Undisputed era vs instert team name war games piss all over this one

  23. Why is Simon miller is acting like a sore AEW fan?

  24. Bro the spot with bron, ciampa and hayes was fire. When I saw it I screamed because I thought Carmelo would be hurt after that. Also the tag team match was banging. Fabian definitely delivered with his performance especially with the spots he performed. And Cora jade with the selling of the dislocated shoulder absolutely perfect.

  25. Glad to see Ups and Downs for NXT again but we just want to say these three things.

    1. We'll miss you on NXT, Auntie Beth!
    2. Cora Jade is our MVP of the night. To fight through that injury and get the pin for the win, give her those flowers!
    3. The chain was saying "I am the chain!" to Bron

  26. Remember when nxt takeover doesn't have any down in up and down???? Yes i did

  27. BLACK & GOLD took the entire W 🏆 🥇 🏆

  28. SATAN HIMSELF fears the man thats Bald by CHOICE 💀 😭 😂 🤞

  29. Should have given it a BROWN DOWN because they didn't have William Regal to announce the War Games as it was the Tradition of the BLACK & GOLD brand 🤦‍♂️.. Major L. 👎

  30. So I still don't get the hate for nxt 2.0, the show was brilliant and giving the women's match a down, because it was not meeting the expectations is somewhat unreasonable, because, as someone who watches both companies with joy, the women matches in aew are miles below them and are hold to a different standard, as they rarely get a down. So either stop comparing that, or use the same standards for both companies.

  31. What a bunch of d****! Lol some things just don't come out correctly

  32. Waller definitely paid his dues in that match he reminds of miz goofy reality tv guy but in the ring he’s good best of both worlds charisma and in ring skills

  33. Cora was such a snore in the women’s war games! 😬😩😴💤

  34. The ref in the thumbnail looks like he just stood on Lego.

  35. Did anyone really think VKM was going to allow the Black & Gold get the win over 2.0? The whole match was set to serve the purpose of burying Black & Gold for good.

  36. Let's hope the new wrestlers find NXT quicker than Veer finds RAW.

  37. thank you simon for standing up for us baldies! love ya fam!

  38. All I want for Christmas is a visual montage of every single "BUNGGG" when Simon imitates the klaxon.

  39. I really liked the Cora Jade storytelling. I think that is how the NXT 2.0 next crop should be sold. Big babyface stuff!

  40. Saying goodbye to the old NXT might be a mistake, but some of the new wave of talent is pretty good.

  41. I'm just bummed we didn't get to see O'Reilly or Gargano take on Roddy for the Cruiserweight Championship. Hopefully, Cameron Grimes gets a shot soon, I would pay big time for a match between them.

    And I'm glad to see Simon also thinks Gacy's gimmick is crap.

  42. Wham Bam and Thank You MAN, Mark Nicholas will be laughing

    thank you to O Riley and Mr. Takeover Johny Gargano

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