Ups & Downs From WWE NXT WarGames 2021 -

Ups & Downs From WWE NXT WarGames 2021

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Our Review of WWE NXT WarGames as Simon Miller runs down everything from last nights show.

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  1. "Saying goodbye to the old NXT and saying hello to the new NXT". Sorry Simon, I don't think that I'll do that. If the stars of the old NXT are going over to AEW I guess that it's time for me to give AEW a chance.

  2. I thought the main event was awesome, and it was probably my favorite wargames match. Maybe 2nd favorite after the first one.

  3. All I know is if oriley does leave and decides to go to AEW there better be a swerve coming to start a feud between UE and The Elite….ESPECIALLY IF RODERICK LEAVES…..could be a revival of NWO like storylines.

  4. Pay pover. Did Simon lose agency over his facilities at the start of the video?

  5. the tag team match was great I expected you to talk more about Fabian Aichner great performance in the ring the guy is absolutely amazing …. for me that was unfair review

  6. What happened to doing weekly ups and downs of NXT? I've gotten on YouTube countless times searching and then just felt empty when I could not find a video

  7. Wait a minute, WarGames was last weekend? Well I guess that shows much I've lost interest in WWE. And I actually went to a WarGames once.

  8. Anyone else not know half the people Simon Miller mentioned in this video

  9. that womans match was trash. the whole ppv was a snooze fest. nxt20 is just garbage.. how can you consider this decent wrestling or a good ppv?

  10. Ups: Ciampa and Gargano and everything they did. Johnny coming out to Rebel Heart, incredible.
    Downs: Literally everything else NXT has to offer now.

  11. I think they are trying to turn joe gacy into new bray wyatt

  12. If gargano leaves then I’m done with NXT because to me that signals that all old school NXT guys will be gone in the next 2 months

  13. But women's war games match is awesome..🙌that's where they shine best

  14. 2.0 is basically a better version of Raw with more intriguing characters and better matches. They took out its essence and what made it different.

  15. U can tell Vince is behind Tiffany Stratton 🤣🤣

  16. If you shine your dome eventually you can call it home…… Amen my brother…. Amen

  17. We cant see the bad bits that get a down cuz youtube blocks them…so i guess all ups?

  18. Bro the referee looks so terrified in the thumbnail

  19. I just want to point out that the finish of the hair vs hair match was a razors edge into a head scissors. Coincidence? Wrestling is great 🙂

  20. WWE doing War Games matches are an insult to the original concept of the match. The concept, of course, was submission or surrender, and there was a top to the cage. And finally, there was bloodshed. WWE has prostituted this classic match just to have the damn match and it always sucks. Long live the NWA and WCW!

  21. He needs the name REX STEINER…. BACK!!!!!!! And since Vince owns WCW rights… theme music….STEINERIZED!!!

  22. NXT: "Let's make Bron look like a super strong badass at this PPV"

    Bolt Cutters: "Hold my beer"

  23. Trick almost impelled Greyson Weller with the chair when he threw in over the cage into the ring.

  24. I will never understand how you can call an event "Wargames" and be cool, all the while giving War Machine a horrible name because "PG and stuff." WWE is a special kinda stupid.

  25. Hey man NXT Wargames was great awesome show non stop pro wrestling action non stop from top to bottom 5 ups 0 downs for me 4 ups to 2 downs that's a bit harsh compared to what you see on the main roster on Raw and Smackdown just my opinion.

  26. For someone who has NO ISSUE nitpicking every small thing in WWE (as opposed to AEW), there are so many discrepancies and errors in this video its almost funny

  27. All of the chairs, tables, garbage cans etc cluttered up the women war games match The extra stuff took me outta it and couldn’t enjoy it.

  28. Okay I'm going to say this and I know that a lot of ya'll are going to disagree but AEW really needs to be careful with all this WWE/NXT Talent pick up. I'm Just Saying.

  29. It should be a bald tag team named shine your dome

  30. Next time Von Wagner can ride his woolly Mammoth to the ring, for his heel switch.

  31. It's not hard to tell that Vince McMahon has his hands all over this event. Clearly was trash 🗑️. HHH had it LITT to bad VKM always fucks everything up

  32. Agreed Simon the women’s war games match seemed so rushed towards the end. It felt anti climatic..

  33. Personally I would have had bron’s team betray him leading to his team losing against ciampa and having bron still booked as the Babyface

  34. Couldnt get hyped for that event, didnt even watch it.. Give me back the old NXT

  35. Vince sucked everything that was good out of nxt

  36. How quickly do you think this video is going to be demonitized for "man slapping man meat?"😂😂

  37. What about GiGi's black bag? Did they ever even open it? Did I miss it? I'm confused.😆

  38. "You could do a lot worse than this"

    Yea, Raw and Smackdown.

  39. Ciampa had Attire Of The Night 😩❤️❤️

  40. You should just give a big thumbs up for LA Knight, because watching him makes me want to work for WWE myself just to push this man. Also, if they ever lose Ciampa and don't use him on the main roster, they'll mess up. He's so intense, him vs. Reigns would be nuts

  41. Shout back Simon. Your bald brothers love you for representing ❤️

  42. Johnny Gargano > Bryan Danielson. In ring at least. Fucking fight me

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