US Army Causes WORLD WAR 3?! - Call to Arms: Modern Battle Simulator -

US Army Causes WORLD WAR 3?! – Call to Arms: Modern Battle Simulator

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The United States army has caused world war 3 to occur against Iran and it is all out warfare! This is of course just a meme from the World War 3 memes that were trending on Twitter and Tik Tok the other day. It is a video simply for fun, and has nothing to do with real world politics. This was made using the Call to Arms Modern Battle Simulator.

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  1. I’m sorry Daley but you really don’t know what your talking about at the beginning your making it seem like Iran can match with the us

  2. Daily you can repar the tanks by putting a solgger with a repar cit

  3. Nice video but it wouldn’t be a world war if there’s only two teams

  4. If a tank gets stuck it is used left, before man get on top of your tank and drop a grenade in the hatch. Most hatchs do have locks but if the track is shot out and they have no one near bye they most like are good to surrender before someone useses thermite.

  5. how much is this game and what systems (Xbox, Ps4, PC)

  6. Mmmmmm muh freebrams doesn’t snipe t80

  7. This is the link for this video U.S marines causes world war 3

  8. As of 2020 at this point what are the factions playable in campaign and or editor? Are the British a faction?

  9. Lol watching this, yeah, it really does show how absolutely terrible these AI are, and some balance issues.

    LAW to the ass of a BMP at like 3 feet. 0 dmg. LOL. Then the AT guy doesnt keep firing at the BMp, yeah, lets worry about the tank 200m away, instead of the tank 2 inches away.

  10. Lots of people find serious things funny which is not happy to see

  11. You should continue with red rising series Daley.

  12. Can you make one without your commentary i just wanna hear them fight

  13. Last time American soldiers came around IRAN they cried and they pissed them themselves
    They don't have the balls to fight with IRANIANS so don't worry about ww3

  14. Plz make a world war 3 Series. That would be freaking awesome.

  15. After World War 3 the world's going to end

  16. Iran 🇮🇷 actually has no real like formal allies.

  17. To be honest were more likely to go to war with china than Iran
    Which would be worse

  18. Can u do a tutorial on how to set up ur game like this

  19. Daley when u said that this is a men of war assault squad 2 spin-off I just wanna say they are made by the same people that made men of war assault squad 2

  20. wait is this channel the same speaker as dailyproductions?

  21. I have been meaning to get this game on steam as soon as the supposed 2021 late 2020 content releases so I can get it in one bundle. I have seen a few videos and it looks amazing. Geo Political is a good game too.

  22. This was really chaotic , all units at once really ends the fun , realistic theater , and ends the video more faster , could’ve been a little more organized but I did like what you were going for Iran vs U.S incident

  23. Only the USA will be at break of war n make jokes bout it

  24. Lol they’re really fighting in an oil plant.

  25. LMAO 15:27 they know what our government wants, this seems unapologetically intentional but idk, super hilarious either way

  26. Is this game when setting up like the gem editor in men of war?

  27. This starts as a tank battle and evolves a infantry battle

  28. Most of these guys are special forces because of the weapons

  29. The Iranians lost two whole truck loads of men in opening moments of battle

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